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Effects of ketosis in dairy cows on blood biochemical parameters, milk yield and composition, and digestive capacity

adipose tissue suggested increased content of milk fat and changed milk fatty acid composition, and also caused decreased milk protein content ( 6 , 25 ). Several authors reported that ketosis decreases both milk lactose yield and lactose percentage ( 4 ), and high availability of blood glucose and a cow’s positive metabolic energy status are always translated into high milk lactose yield and lactose percentage ( 18 ). A high milk fat : protein ratio is considered to be a signifier of a high risk of ketosis in dairy cattle ( 2 ). Research described cut-off points for

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Long term results of radiotherapy in vulvar cancer patients in Slovenia between 1997–2004

different treatment groups due to small number of patients in each group and consequently a low power of the test. The influence of positive lymph nodes, ECE, size of primary tumour and completeness of surgical resection on survival and LC were analysed. Arbitrary cut off points for positive lymph nodes and ECE (negative versus positive), size of primary tumour (up to 4 cm versus ≥ 4 cm) and completeness of surgical resection (complete R0 versus incomplete R1/R2) were used. The data regarding the side effects of the radiotherapy treatment or surgery were not

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Individual and contextual factors of nulliparas’ levels of depression, anxiety and fear of childbirth in the last trimester of pregnancy: intimate partner attachment a key factor?

screening instrument, the cut-off scores of 12/13 usually designate major depression, whereas scores from 9 to 11 indicate mild depression levels in need of further assessment ( 31 ); Cronbach α=0.83. 2.3.3 Anxiety The Zung Anxiety Scale ( 32 ) consists of 20 items that test the participants’ autonomic, motor, cognitive and other anxiety symptoms. For each item, the participants choose one of the following answers: a little of the time, some of the time, good part of the time, most of the time; Cronbach α=0.76. 2.3.4 Fear of Childbirth Fear of childbirth: a 6

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Determination of dosimetric parameters for shielded 153Gd source in prostate cancer brachytherapy

, the spherical tally cells were placed at distances ranging from 1 to 40 cm from the source center at 1 cm intervals. These spheres were made of air and their radii were defined according to a joint report from AAPM and European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO). 22 The amount of air kerma was scored by F6 tally (in terms of MeV/g). Throughout this project the energy cut off for photons and electrons was defined as 1 keV. Each simulation was performed for 1.4 × 10 9 particles and the maximum type A uncertainty of Monte Carlo simulation in these

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Effects of polymyxin B on clinical signs, serum TNF-α, haptoglobin and plasma lactate concentrations in experimental endotoxaemia in sheep

the preservation of peroxidase activity of haemoglobin procedure, which is directly proportional to the amount of Hp (Tridelta Development Ltd., Ireland). The lowest measuring interval of this test has been determined as 15.6 mg/L by the manufacturer. Tumour necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) was measured in serum by a solid phase sandwich ELISA (product no. AbC 606 Eurobio AbCys S.A., France). For TNF-α, a cut-off point of 129 ng/L represented 96% sensitivity and 93% specificity. Measurement of lactate was performed in plasma taken from potassium oxalate/sodium fluoride

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Case Study of Mental Skills Training for a Taekwondo Olympian

) Session 2: Psychological Testing The aim of the second session was to categorize the athlete’s overall psychological state. This session lasted 90 min and took place in the afternoon following morning training and 1 h after lunch. The session started off on a positive note by discussing the athlete’s motivation and why she believed she had won a gold medal at the Olympics. Afterwards, the differences between the player’s performance at her first Olympics, and gold winning performance during the other Olympics were discussed. Kim commented that one of the main reasons

Linear revitalization – problems and challenges. Discursive article

. Such examples should be remembered, especially when compared to good examples. The need for the revitalization of such strip-barriers will arise sooner or later but will be costly and complicated. It is better therefore not to allow such problems to arise. Another specific example of linear revitalization, due to its unusual history, is the new development along the former Berlin Wall which for political reasons cut this European metropolis in half for nearly three decades. The terrain surrounding the Wall became a barrier in many contexts: spatial, social

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Methodological study on single grain OSL dating of mortars: Comparison of five reference archaeological sites

of the mortar: – extremely resistant, hard mortars were taken using a core drill of 50 mm in diameter designed for wet cutting (generally Gallo-Roman mortars or mortars from narrow joints where other ways of sampling are difficult to carry out) – more fragile mortars were sampled by means of a chisel and a hammer – highly brittle mortars were scraped off from an inner part of a wall after removing a surface layer, all the procedure being performed under dark light conditions (a dark area or an impervious canvas) The use of a core drill

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Multiparametric MRI - local staging of prostate cancer and beyond

. 35 In addition, a more recent study suggests that thresholds differ between low-(Grade Group 1–2) and high-grade (Grade Group 3–5) cancers, with the former having a positive predictive values (PPV) of 90.4% for ECE at 12.5 mm and the optimal cut-off for the latter being 5 mm. 26 This finding was further confirmed by Matsuoka et al . who reported significantly increased upstaging in low- versus high-grade cancers when the same threshold (10 mm) was applied. 44 Given that lower apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values in prostate cancer correlate with higher

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A few factors in understanding French town planning

currently represents 25 % of the national GDP. The divide that has always existed between the capital city enclosed within its walls (or now the “périphérique” ring-road) and the surrounding region has widened further in recent years. The centre, with its prestigious development projects and a flourishing property market, most of it available to well-off first-time buyers, stands in contrast with the suburbs, where feelings of relegation, insecurity, mediocre facilities and devalued accommodation, mostly rented, are accumulating. In this respect the French model is

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