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Slavcho T. Tomov, Grigor A. Gortchev, Latchesar S. Tantchev, Todor I. Dimitrov, Chavdar A. Tzvetkov and Savelina L. Popovska

, Barlow D, Lethaby A, Tavender E, Curr L, Garry R. Methods of hysterectomy: Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. BMJ. 2005;330(7506):1478. 14. Olive DL, Parker WH, Cooper JM, Levine RL. The AAGL classification system for hysterectomy. J Am Assoc Gynecol Laparosc. 2000;7(1):9-15. 15. Gortchev G, Tomov S, Tantchev L, Velkova A, Radionova Z. Da Vinci S robotic surgery in the treatment of benign and malignant gynecologic tumors. Gynecol Surg. 2010;7(2):153-7. 16. Rock JA, Jones HW, editors. TeLinde's Operative Gynecology. 9

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Ceren Topgül

. Hartung, Anne, Veronique Vandezande, Marc Swyngedouw, and Karen Phalet. 2009. Partnership Preferences of the Belgian Second Generation: Who Lives with Whom? Paper presented at the Seminar on Multi-attribute Analysis and Projection of Ethnic Populations. Jevnaker, Norway, June 3-5, 2009. Hooghiemstra, Erna. 2003. Trouwen over de Grens. Achtergronden van Partnerkeuze van Turken en Marokkanen in Nederland. [Cross-border Marriage. Background to the Partner Choice of Turks and Moroccans in the Netherlands]. SCP-publicatie 2003/4. Den Haag: Sociaal en

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Alexandar A. Iliev, Georgi N. Kotov, Boycho V. Landzhov, Lazar S. Jelev, Iva N. Dimitrova and Dimka V. Hinova-Palova

, Jelev L, Landzhov B, et al. Neuronal NOS immunoreactivity in the myocardium of the rat during the postnatal period. Compt Rend Acad Bulg Sci 2016;69(7):921-6. 27. Kotov G, Iliev A, Landzhov B, et al. Postnatal changes in the morphology of the myocardium in rat ventricles. Arch Anat Physiol 2017;2(1):11-7. 28. Iliev A, Kotov G, Landzhov B, et al. A comparative analysis of capillary density in the myocardium of normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats. Acta Morphol Anthropol 2017;24(1-2):19-25.

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Krzysztof Buśko and Monika Lipińska

. Sports Med , 1994, 17 (5), 277-282. Wit B., Buśko K., Mróz A., Kłossowski M., The using of bioelectric impedance (BIA) and near infrared spectro-photometric (FUTREX) determinations of body composition in males of variable physical activity - a comparative analysis. Biol Sport , 2001, 18 (4), 321-334. Houtkooper L. B., Going S. B., Body composition: how should it be measured? Does it affect sport performance? Sports Science Exchange , 1994, 7 (5), 112-118. Oppliger R. A., Nielsen D. H

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Karol Król and Barbara Prus

, Rola graficznych prezentacji danych w popularyzacji statystyki . „Wiadomości Statystyczne” nr 7, pp. 49–61. Kowalska-Musiał M., 2009, Metody wizualizacji danych sieciowych . „Prace Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu” Nr 86, Wizualizacja wyników badań marketingowych: podejścia, metody i zastosowania , pp. 223–231. Kowalski P., 2012, Mapa jako praktyczny interfejs serwisu internetowego . „Archiwum Fotogrametrii, Kartografii i Teledetekcji” Nr 23, pp. 159–168. Król K., 2015, The description and comparative analysis of chosen tools

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A. N. Tsvelykh and E. D. Yablonovska-Grishchenko

the marker in populations // Doklady Akademii nauk Azerbaijanian SSR. - 1984. - 40, N 9. - P. 70-73. - Russian : Султанов Э. Г. Песня птиц как маркер популяций. Sultanov, E. H. Th e comparative analysis of Fringilla coelebs song in the Caucasus and localities near Moscow // Doklady Akademii nauk Azerbaijanian SSR. - 1988. - 44, N 6 (N 11 - corrections). - P. 62-66. - Russian : Султанов Э. Г. Сравнительный анализ изменчивости песни зяблика на Кавказе и в Под- московье. Sultanov, E. H. Th e song as the criterion of spatial

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Gunārs Lācis, Isaak Rashal and Viktor Trajkovski

., Pidra, M. (2006). Comparative analysis of genetic diversity in Prunus L. as revealed by RAPD and SSR markers. Scientia Hort. , 108 , 253-259. Beaver, J. A., Iezzoni, A. F., Ramm, C. W. (1995). Isozyme diversity in sour, sweet, and ground cherry. Theor. Appl. Genet. , 90 (6), 847-852. Bianchi, V. J., Sansavini S., Fachinello J. C. (2004). Microsatellite markers for identification of Prunus spp. rootstocks. Scientia Agricola , 61 (3), 303-306. Callen, D. F., Thompson, A. D., Shen, Y

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Michał Juszczyk, Agnieszka Leśniak and Krzysztof Zima


Conceptual cost estimation is important for construction projects. Either underestimation or overestimation of building raising cost may lead to failure of a project. In the paper authors present application of a multicriteria comparative analysis (MCA) in order to select factors influencing residential building raising cost. The aim of the analysis is to indicate key factors useful in conceptual cost estimation in the early design stage. Key factors are being investigated on basis of the elementary information about the function, form and structure of the building, and primary assumptions of technological and organizational solutions applied in construction process. The mentioned factors are considered as variables of the model which aim is to make possible conceptual cost estimation fast and with satisfying accuracy. The whole analysis included three steps: preliminary research, choice of a set of potential variables and reduction of this set to select the final set of variables. Multicriteria comparative analysis is applied in problem solution. Performed analysis allowed to select group of factors, defined well enough at the conceptual stage of the design process, to be used as a describing variables of the model.

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Elżbieta Sojka

Multidimensional Comparative Analysis of Demographic Growth of Voivodeships in Poland

The article presents results of a multidimensional comparative analysis of the level of demographic development of voivodeships in Poland in years 1999-2006. Hellwig's synthetic measure of a development pattern was applied and on its basis the classification of voivodeships into homogenous typological groups was carried out with regard to demographic development.

The results of the research have pointed to a significant influence of socio-economic factors on the extent of advancement of given voivodeships in reaching a modern type of population reproduction.

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Ilko Vrankić, Mirjana Pejić Bach and Mira Krpan

References 1. BCC Research (2012), “Embedded Systems: Technologies and Markets”, available at: markets-ift016d.html (8 August 2012). 2. Bierman, H. S., Fernandez, L. (1993). Game Theory with Economic Applications, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley. 3. Dey, D., Fan, M., Zhang, C. (2010), “Design and Analysis of Contracts for Software Outsourcing”, Information Systems Research, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 93-114. 4. Fudenberg, D., Tirole, J. (1992