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The palaeogeographical background of Late Devonian storm events in the western part of the Holy Cross Mountains (Poland)

(hurricanes, tsunami and others) and their sedimentary records: Introductory notes and new concepts for shallow water deposits. Sedimentary Geology 199, 1-11. Cant, D.J., 1980. Storm-dominated shallow marine sediments of the Arisaig Group (Silurian-Devonian) of Nova Scotia. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 17, 120-131. Carss, B.W. & Carozzi, A.V., 1965. Petrology of Upper Devonian pelletoidal limestones, Arrow Canyon Range, Clark County, Nevada. Sedimentology 4, 197-224. Della-Favera, J.C., 1982. Devonian storm- and tide

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New Mississippian trilobite association from the Brno vicinity and its significance (Moravian Karst, Czech Republic)

-598. Thomas A. T. & Lane P. D. 1984: Autecology of Silurian Trilobites. Spec. Pap. in Paleontology 32, 55-69. Tilsley J. W. 1977: Trilobites (Proetacea) from Viséan reef limestones at Treak Cliff, Castleton, Derbyshire. Mercian Geol. 6, 155-170. Weller J. M. 1959: Treatise of Invertebrate Palaeontology. Part O, Arthropoda 1 (Trilobitomorpha). 1-415. Zakowa H. 1971: Zone Goniatites granosus in the Galezice syncline. Inst. Geol., Práce , 1-137 (in Polish).

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Depositional conditions on an alluvial fan at the turn of the Weichselian to the Holocene – a case study in the Żmigród Basin, southwest Poland

-2147. Smith, N.D., 1970. The braided stream depositional environment: comparison of the Platte River with some Silurian clastic rocks, North-Central Appalachians. Geological Society of America Bulletin 81, 2993-3014. Szczepankiewicz, S., 1959. Dolina Odry między Wrocławiem i Brzegiem Dolnym [The Odra valley between Wrocław and Brzeg Dolny]. Czasopismo Geograficzne 30, 263-286 (in Polish). Szczepankiewicz, S., 1966. Zagadnienie „południowego przełomu” Odry [The problem of ‘southern gap’ of Odra river]. Czasopismo Geograficzne 37, 269-287 (in

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Age and sedimentological features of fluvial series in the Toruń Basin and the Drwęca Valley (Poland)

. In: Aber JS, ed., Glaciotectonics and mapping glacial deposits. Canadian Plains Research Center. University of Regina: 232–250. [36] Salamon T and Zieliński T, 2010. Unusual development of sandur sedimentary succession, an example from the Pleistocene of S Poland. Geologos 16(2): 83–99, DOI 10.2478/v10118-009-0007-9. [37] Smith ND, 1970. The braided stream depositional environment: comparison of the Platte River with some Silurian clastic rocks, North

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Charred conifer remains from the Late Oligocene – Early Miocene of Northern Hesse (Germany)

Basin, Germany. Palaios, 20: 463–478. GERARDS T., DAMBLON F., WAUTHOZ B. & GERRIENNE P. 2007. Comparison of cross-field pitting in fresh, dried and charcoalified softwoods. Iawa J., 28: 49–60. GLASSPOOL I.J., EDWARDS D. & AXE L. 2004. Charcoal in the Silurian as evidence for the earliest wildfire. Geology, 32: 381–383. GLASSPOOL I.J. & SCOTT A.C. 2010. Phanerozoic concentrations of atmospheric oxygen reconstructed from sedimentary charcoal. Nat. Geosci., 3: 627–630. GLASSPOOL I.J., SCOTT A.C., WALTHAM D., PRONINA N. & SHAO L. 2015. The impact

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Granulometric and facies analysis of Middle–Upper Jurassic rocks of Ler Dome, Kachchh, western India: an attempt to reconstruct the depositional environment

Lithostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, and Palaeoenvironment. Journal Geological Society of India 89, 259–270. Al-Hurban, A. & Gharib, I., 2004. Geomorphological and sedimentological characteristics of coastal and inland sabkhas, Southern Kuwait. Journal of Arid Environment 58, 59–85. Allen, J.R.L., 1986. Pedogenic calcretes in the Old Red Sandstone facies (Late Silurian–Early Carboniferous) of the Anglo-Welsh area, southern Britain. [In:] V.P. Wright (Eds): Paleosols: Their Recognition and Interpretation , Blackwell, Oxford, 58–86 pp. Armstrong-Altrin, J

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Wiesław Krzemiński

Edition) 84 : 768-771. KRZEMIŃSKA E., CORAM R.A., KRZEMIŃSKI W. 2010. A new species of Megarhyphus, an interesting discovery from the Lower Jurassic of England (Diptera, Anisopodidae). Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition) 84 : 693-695. KRZEMIŃSKI W., KRZEMIŃSKA E., WOJCIECHOWSKI D. 2010. Silurian synziphosurine horseshoe crab Pasternakevia revisited. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 55 : 133-139. KRZEMIŃSKA E., KRZEMIŃSKI W., DAHL CH. 2009. Monograph of fossil Trichoceridae (Diptera) over 180 million years of evolution

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The palynology of the Ordóñez Formation (Pennsylvanian) in the Chacoparaná Basin, northern Argentina

.R. 2012. Paleoambiente y paleontología de la Formación Andapaico (Paleozoico superior, Precordillera Central, Argentina). Andean Geol., 39: 22–52. DI PASQUO M., VERGEL M.M. & AZCUY C.L. 2010. Pennsylvanian and Cisuralian palynofloras from the Los Sauces area, La Rioja Province, Argentina: chronological and paleoecological significance. Internat. J. Coal Geol., 83: 276–291. DOWNIE C. 1963. “Hystrichospheres” (acritarchs) and spores of the Wenlock Shales (Silurian) of Wenlock, England. Palaeontology, 6: 625–652. FOSTER C.B. 1979. Permian plant

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Past environments of Sardinian archaeological sites (Italy, West Mediterranean Sea), based on palynofacies characterization

palynofacies analysis of a Silurian (Llandovery–Wenlock) marine succession from the Precordillera of western Argentina: Palaeobiogeographical and palaeoenvironmental significance. Mar. Micropaleontol., 126: 50–64. GASTALDO R.A. & HUC A.Y. 1992. Sediment facies, depositional environments, and distribution of phytoclasts in the Recent Mahakam River delta, Kali-mantan, Indonesia. Palaios, 7: 574–590. GASTALDO R.A., RIEGEL W., PÜTTMANN W., LINNEMANN U.G. & ZETTER, R. 1998. A multidisciplinary approach to reconstruct the Late Oligocene vegetation in central Europe

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Trace-fossil assemblages with a new ichnogenus in “spotted”
(Fleckenmergel—Fleckenkalk) deposits: a signature of oxygen-limited benthic communities

M. (Kováč M. & Plašienka D., Eds.) 2002: Geological structure of the Alpine- Carpathian-Pannonian junction and neighbouring slopes of the Bohemian Massif. Comenius University, Bratislava, 1-84. Barras C.G. & Twitchett R.J. 2007: Response of the marine infauna to Triassic-Jurassic environmental change: ichnological data from southern England. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 244, 223-241. Benton M.J. & Trewin N.H. 1980: Dictyodora from the Silurian of Peeblesshire, Scotland. Palaeontology 23, 3, 501

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