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Zbigniew Kasprzykowski, Artur Goławski and Cezary Mitrus

-ecological form. Ekol. Pol. A 17: 29-72. Goławski A., Kasprzykowski Z. 2004. Comparison of bird fauna of the Volga and the Vistula rivers during autumn migration. Berkut 13: 103-109. Goławski A., Szynkarczyk S. 2000. Early autumn observations of waterbirds on the middle Dnestr river in 1999. Berkut 9: 107-110. Jakubiec Z. 1978: [ Morpho-ecological differentiation of aquatic-swamp birds ]. Wiad. Ekol. 24, 2: 99-107. (In Polish). Karkaş and Kılış A. 2004. The birds of

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Ladislav Lahučký, Daniel Bajčan and Pavol Trebichalský

(Poľnohospodárstvo) , vol. 54 , 2008, no. 2, pp. 54-64. LAHUČKÝ, L. - VOLLMANNOVÁ, A. - TOMÁŠ, J. - TÓTH, T. 2005. vertical cadmium migration in some soil types. In Agriculture (Poľnohospodárstvo) , vol. 51 , 2005, no. 8, pp. 429-435. LAHUČKÝ, L. - TOMÁŠ, J. - VOLLMANNOVÁ, A. - BAJČAN, D. 2007. Vertical manganese migration in some soil types/subtypes. In Agriculture (Poľnohospodárstvo) , vol. 53 , 2007, no. 2, pp. 90-96. LINKEŠ, V. 1997. Monitoring of soils from Slovak republic - present state of

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József Gyurácz, József Góczán, Péter Bánhidi and Ágnes Lepold

. Ellegren H. 1993. Speed of migration and migratory flight lenghts of passerine birds ringed during autumn migration in Sweden. Ornis Scand. 24: 220-228. Fowler J., Cohen L. 1986. Statistics for ornithologists. BTO Guide No. 22, British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford. Hansson M., Petterson J. 1989. Competition and fat deposition in Goldcrests (Regulus regulus) at a migration stop-over site. Vogelwarte 35: 21-31. Hilden O. 1982. Winter ecology and partial migration of the Goldcrest

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“We Blend in with the Crowd but They Don't”

(In)visibility and Icelandic migrants in Norway

Guðbjört Guðjónsdóttir

, migration research and intersectionality’, Nordic Journal of Migration Research, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 102-110, DOI: 10.2478/v10202-011-0032-y. Benson, M & O’Reilly, K 2009, ‘Migration and the search for a better way of life: a critical exploration of lifestyle migration’, The Sociological Review, vol. 57, no. 4, pp. 608-625, DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-954X.2009.01864.x. Berg, AJ 2008, ‘Silence and articulation-whiteness, racialization and feminist memory work’, NORA-Nordic Journal of Women’s Studies, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 213-227, DOI: 10

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”Dearest Little Wife”

The Gender Work of Polish Transnational Families in Past and Present

Marie Sandberg

York. Burawoy, M, Blum, J, George, S, Gille, Z &Thaye, M 2001, Global ethnography: forces, connections, and imaginations in a postmodern world , University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA. Burrell, K 2009, Polish migration to the UK: after 2004 , Ashgate, Farnham. Conzen, K 1996, ‘Thomas and Znaniecki and the historiography of American immigration’, Journal of American Ethnic History , vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 16-21. Danmarks Statistik 2016, ‘Indvandrere i Danmark 2016’. Available from: < http

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Frédéric Docquier

References Angrist, J. (1995). The economic returns to schooling in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. American Economic Review, 85(5), 1065-1087. Arslan, C., Dumont, J.-C., Kone, Z., Moullan, Y., Ozden, C., Parsons, C.R., Xenogiani, T. (2015). A new prole of migrants in the aftermath of the recent economic crisis. OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers, 160, OECD Publishing. Bertoli, S., Fernandez-Huertas Moraga, J. (2013). Multilateral resistance to migration. Journal of Development Economics, 102(C

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Zorodzai Dube

’s Story of Jesus. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books. Peberdy S, Crush J (1998) Trading Places: Cross-border Traders and the South African Informal Economy. SAMP Migration Policy Series 6. Cape Town: Idasa/SAMP. Reed J (1999) Galileans, Israelite Village Communities, and the Sayings Q. In Meyers E (ed) Galilee through the Centuries: Confluence of Cultures . Winona, IN: Eisenbrauns, pp. 89-108. Reed J (2002) Archaeology and the Galilean Jesus: A Re-Examination of Evidence. Harrisburg, PA: Trinity International Press. Sanders EP (1993) The

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Radosław Kozik

References Anthes N., Harry I., Mantel K., Müller A., Schielzeth H., Wahl J. 2002. Notes on migration dynamics and biometry of the Wood Sandpiper (Tringa glareola) at the sewage farm of Münster (NW Germany). Ring 24, 1: 41-56. Busse P., Kania W. 1970. Operation Baltic 1961-1967. Working methods. Acta orn.   12 : 231-267. Chalimoniuk B. 1992. [ Post-breeding migration of the Common Sandpiper (Tringa hypoleucos L.) at the middle Vistula. ]. M. Sc. thesis, WSR-P Siedlce. (In Polish

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Nicolantonio Agostini, Guido Premuda, Ugo Mellone, Michele Panuccio, Daniela Logozzo, Enrico Bassi and Leonardo Cocchi

References Agostini N. 2001. Spring migration in relation to sex and age of Marsh Harriers Circus aeruginosus in a central Mediterranean island. Ardeola 48: 71-73. Agostini N., Coleiro C., Corbi F., Di Lieto G., Pinos F., Panuccio M. 2001. Comparative study on the autumn migration of Marsh Harriers (Circus aeruginosus) at three sites of the Central Mediterranean. Vogelwarte 41: 154-158. Agostini N., Coleiro C., Corbi F., Di Lieto G., Pinos F., Panuccio M. 2002. Water

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Ibrahim Wed Abdel Latif and Przemysław Busse

References Akriotis T. 1998. Post-breeding migration of Reed and Great Reed Warblers breeding in southeast Greece. Bird Study 45, 3: 344-352. Alerstam T. 1990. Bird migration. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge. Ash J.S. 1981. Bird-ringing results and ringed bird recoveries in Ethiopia. Scopus 5: 85-101. Baha El Din S.M. 1998. Towards establishing a network plan for protected areas in Egypt. NCS, EEAA, EU/GOE project/SEM/D4/22D/027A: Egypt. Baha El Din S.M. 1999