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Tomasz Dorożyński and Anetta Kuna-Marszałek

References A.T. Kearney, FDI Confidence Index (2015). Ali F.A, Fiess N., Macdonald R. (2010), Do Institutions Matter For Foreign Direct Investment, ‘Open Economic Review’, vol. 21(2). Anyanwu J.C. (2012), Why Does Foreign Direct Investment Go Where It Goes?: New Evidence From African Countries, ‘Annals Of Economics And Finance’, vol. 13(2). Asongu S.A., Kodila-Tedika O. (2015), Conditional Determinants of FDI in Fast Emerging Economies: An Instrumental Quantile Regression Approach, ‘African

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Karolina Czechowska

References Bezpośrednie inwestycje zagraniczne w latach 2001-2010 - ogólne tendencje , 2011, Ministerstwo Gospodarki, Department Analiz i Prognoz, Warszawa. BRIDDELL E. T., 2010, A Guide to Global Real Estate Investment Options , BNY Mellon Asset Management. Doing business in a more transparent world. Comparing regulation for domestic firms in 183 economies , 2012, a copublication of the World Bank and The International Finance Corporation, Washington D.C. EICHOLTZ P., GUGLAR N., KOK N

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Beata Glinkowska and Viacheslav Chebotarov

References Akt prawny “Tryb wjazdu na tymczasowo okupowane terytoria Ukrainy oraz wyjazdu z nich” of 4 June 2015, , accessed: 12.01.2018. Calof, J., Beamish, P.W. (1995), Adapting to Foreign Markets: Explaining Internationalization , “International Business Review”, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 117–130. Duliniec, E. (2004), Marketing międzynarodowy , Warszawa, PWE, 2004. Glinkowska, B. (2015), Innovations in the Sector of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) , “Management

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Andrea Festa

References BALDWIN R., FRANCOIS J. and PORTES R. (1997). The costs and benefits of eastern enlargement: The impact on the EU and Central Europe. Economic Policy 24, 125-170. BARRELL, R. and PAIN N. (1999). Domestic institutions, agglomerations and foreign direct investment in Europe. European Economic Review 43, 925-934. BEVAN A. and ESTRIN, S. (2004). The determinants of foreign direct investment into European transition economies. Journal of comparative economics 32 775-787. BEVAN A., ESTRIN, S

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Tomasz Bieliński, Magdalena Markiewicz and Ewa Oziewicz

), The Investment Development Path Revisited: Some emerging issues, [in:] Dunning, J.H., Narula, R. (eds.), Foreign Direct Investment and Governments: Catalysts for economic restructurin g, Routledge, London and New York. Dzwonnik, M. (2018), Chiński gigant zainwestował w Gdyni 3,5 mln dol. A to nie koniec , 2016,,87648,20482467,chinski-gigant-zainwestowal-w-gdyni–3–5-mln-dol-a-to-nie.html (accessed: 18.08.2018). Ebbers, H., Zhang, J. (2010), Chinese Investments in the EU , “Eastern Journal of European Studies”, Vol. 1, Issue. 2

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Kunofiwa Tsaurai

References Abdouli, M. and Hammami, S. (2017), Exploring links between FDI inflows, energy consumption and economic growth: Further evidence from MENA countries , ‘Journal of Economic Development’, 42(1), 95–117. Abidin, I. S. Z., Haseeb, M., Azam, M. and Islam, R. (2015), Foreign direct investment, financial development, international trade and energy consumption: Panel data evidence from selected ASEAN countries , ‘International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy’, 5 (3), 841–850. Amri, F. (2016), The relationship amongst energy

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Tomasz Dorożyński, Janusz Świerkocki and Wojciech Urbaniak

References Antràs P., Yeaple S. R. (2013), Multinational Firms and the Structure of International Trade, NBER Working Paper 18775, Asiedu E. (2001), On the Determinants of FDI to Developing Countries: Is Africa Different, ‘World Development’, 30(1). Azémar C., Desbordes R. (2010), Short-run Strategies for Attracting Foreign Direct Investment, ‘World Economy’ 33 (7), pp. 928-957. Bartels F. L., Napolitano F., Tissi, N. E. (2014), FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa: A

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Arshad Ullah Jadoon, Yangda Guang, Anwar Ahmad and Sajad Ali

(1), 23–34. Nelson, C. R., Plosser, C. R. (1982), Trends and random walks in macro economic time series: some evidence and implications , ʽJournal of Monetary Economicsʼ, 10(2), 139–162. Pfaffermayr, M. (1996), Foreign outward direct investment and exports in Austrian manufacturing: substitutes or complements? ʽReview of World Economicsʼ, 132(3), 501–522. Prim, A. L., Amal, M., Carvalho, L. (2016), Regional cluster, innovation and export performance: an empirical study , ʽBAR-Brazilian Administration Review ʼ , 13(2), Sargent, T. J., Wallace

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Milan Šušićv

aspects and common policies. Banja Luka: Faculty of Economics OECD (2016). Foreign Direct Investment for Development, Paris, Retrieved, February 14, 2018. Demirbag, M., Tatoglu, E., Glaister, K. W. (2008). Factors Affecting Perceptions of the Choice between Acquisition and Greenfield Entry: The Case of Western FDI in an Emerging Markets. Domazet, A. et al. (2008). Analysis of reasons and causes of insufficient interest of domestic and foreign investors in the privatization

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Jiří Mazurek

., Spiegel M. (1994), The role of human capital in economic development evidence from aggregate cross-country data, ’Journal of Monetary Economics’ 34 (2), 143-173. Βorensztein E., De Gegorio J., Lee J-W. (1998), How does foreign direct investment affect economic growth?, ’Journal of International Economics’, 45, 115-135. Easterly W., Rebelo S. (1993), Fiscal policy and Economic Growth: An empirical investigation, ’Journal of Monetary Economics’, 32, 417-458. Economist Intelligence Unit (2016).