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Foreign Direct Investment Between Asian Developing Countries and the EU Member States: The Role of Integration Processes

References ASEAN Economic Community, ASEAN Foreign Direct Investment Statistics Database Faes-Cannito F., Gambini G., Istatkov R., (2012), Intra EU share of UE-27 trade in goods, services and foreign direct investments remains more than 50% in 2010 , ‘Eurostat. Statistics in Focus’ 2012, No 2 FDI Statistics FTA Agreements Foreign Direct Investment Statistics - Statistics Explained, Investment www

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Examining the Influence of Some Macroeconomic Factors on Foreign Direct Investments

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Capital Movements Between the European Union and Turkey Within the Integration Processes

Theory of European Integration, Alen&Unwin, London CEIC data basis EC (2013), Commission Staff Working Document. Turkey 2013 Progress Report. Accompanying the document Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council. Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 2013-2014, Brussels, 417 final Ekinci E. (2006), Foreign direct investment, [in:] P.H. Rosenblatt, M. Terterov (eds.), Turkey: A Business and Investment Review, GMB Publishing Ltd., Rosenblatt&Company, London Hakura (2006

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Intra-Eu Capital Movements: Ten Years Of Poland’S Experiences As An Eu Member In The Global Context / Wewnątrz-Unijne Przepływy Kapitałowe: Doświadczenia 10 Lat Członkostwa Polski W Unii Europejskiej

References Acocella N. (1998), Theoretical Aspects of Mutual Relations Between Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Trade with Special Reference to Integration Theory, [in:] J.Witkowska, Z.Wysokińska (eds.) Dynamic Interdependence between Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Trade in the Context of the European Integration Process with Special Reference to Central and East European Countries. Comparative Aspects, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, Łódź. Cantwell J. (1987), The Reorganisation of European Industries after

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What Drives Economic Growth in Some CEE Countries?

transition in CEE. Economic Modelling , 36 , 99-107. 11. Hlavacek, P., & Bal-Domanska, B. (2016). Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Central and Eastern European Countries. Engineering Economics , 27 (3), 294-303. 12. Hughes, H., & Weisbrod, B. (Eds.). (2016). Human Resources, Employment and Development . New York: Springer. 13. Hussin, F. and Saidin, N., 2012. Economic Growth in ASEAN-4 Countries: A Panel Data Analysis. International Journal of Economics and Finance , 4 9(1), 119-127. 14. Mankiw, N. G., Romer, D

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The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Turkish Economy 2010–2016

Millennium. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2015: 15-28. 16. IŞIKSAL, H. “Turkish Foreign Policy, the Arab Spring and the Syrian Crisis: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back” In Işıksal, H., and Goksel, O. (eds.) Turkey’s Relations with the Middle East: Political Encounters after the Arab Spring. New York: Springer, 2017. 17. HYMER, S. On multinational corporations and foreign direct investment. The Theory of Transnational Corporations. London: Routledge, 1960. 18. IMF REPORT FOR SELECTED COUNTRIES AND SUBJECTS. IMF World Economic Outlook

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Foreign Direct Investment in the New European Union Member States and Developing Countries of Asia under Conditions of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis: Comparative Aspects

References The EU and South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC), Foreign Direct Investment Statistics, ASEAN Secretariat, D. A. Julius (1990), Global Companies and Public Policy. The Growing Challenge of Foreign Direct Investment , Printer Publishers, London K. Kalotay, S. Filipov (2009), The global crisis and FDI in new Europe , Expert article 383, Baltic Rim Economies

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Vector Error Correction Model on FDI and their Impact in the Republic of Macedonia

References Asiedu, E. (2006). Foreign direct investment in Africa: The role of natural resources, market size, government policy, institutions and political instability. World Economy, 29 (1), 63-77. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9701.2006.00758.x Assunchao, S., Forte, R., & Teixeira, A. A. (2011). Location determinants of FDI: a literature review (No. 433). Porto: Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Economia do Porto. Bastable, C. F. (1897). The theory of international trade: with some of its applications to economic

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The Analysis and Assesstment of International Capital Flows in the Form of Foreign Direct Investments and Foreign Direct Divestments: The Cases of Latvia and Poland

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Foreign Direct Investment Flows and IMF Lending Programs. New Empirical Evidence from CESEE Countries

.2852/436533 IMF, 2014. 25 Years of Transition Post-Communist Europe and the IMF. Regional economic issues special report . Jensen, N. M., 2004. Crisis, Conditions, and Capital: The effect of International Monetary Fund agreements on foreign direct investment inflows. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 48 (2), 194-210. doi: Laeven, L., and Valencia, F., 2013. Systemic banking crises database. IMF Economic Review, 61 (2), 225-270. doi: Marchesi, S., and Thomas, J. P., 1999. IMF

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