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Sovereignty and Democracy: Overcoming Supranational Mutual Double-Binds from the Eurozone

References • Afionis Stavros, 2009, ‘European Union Coherence in UNFCCC Negotiations Under the New Treaty of Lisbon (Reform Treaty).’ Sustainable Development Law & Policy , IX(2): 43-47. Accessed March 18, 2016. . • Castaldi Roberto, 2012, ‘The Dangers of Unbundling the Federal Union’, in CSF Comments . Accessed March 18, 2016. . • de Grauwe Paul, 2013, ‘Debt Without Drowning.’ Project Syndicate . Accessed

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History of a (Limited) Success: Five Points on the Representativeness of the Committee of the Regions

’, available at: Cooper Ian, 2012, ‘A ‘Virtual Third Chamber’ for the European Union? National Parliaments after the Treaty of Lisbon’, West European Politics, XXXV(3): 441-465. Cygan Adam, 2014, ‘The Regions Within Multi-Level Governance: Enhanced Opportunity for Improved Accountability?’, The Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, XXI(2): 265-280. Davies Gareth, 2006a, ‘Subsidiarity: the wrong idea, in the wrong place, at the wrong time

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Constitutional and administrative paradigms in judicial control over EU high and low politics

Identity from the Perspective of WTO – The Spillover Effects of the Union’s Internal Market in the International Trading Area’, in De Waele Henri and Kuipers Jan-Jaap (eds), The European Union’s Emerging International Identity , Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden, 73-100. • Schmidt Vivien A., 2012, ‘Democracy and Legitimacy in the European Union Revisited: Input, Output and “Throughput”’, Political Studies , LXI(1): 2-22. • Schmidt Vivien A., 2015, ‘Forgotten Democratic Legitimacy: “Governing by the Rules” and “Ruling by the Numbers”’, in Matthijs Matthias

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The ESM and the Principle of Transparency

Law Review, LXXVI(5): 817-844. de Lhoneux Etienne and Vassilopoulos Christos A., 2014, The European Stability Mechanism Before the Court of Justice of the European Union. Comments on the Pringle Case, Springer. de Witte Bruno and Beukers Thomas, 2013, ‘The Court of Justice approves the creation of the European Stability Mechanism outside the EU legal order: Pringle’, Common Market Law Review, L(3): 805-848. Grimmelikhuijsen Stephan, 2012, ‘A good man but a bad wizard. About the limits and the future of transparency

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Conventional Direction to Unconventional Measures: Using Quantitative Easing to shape Eurozone Fiscal Capacity

. • Banerji Angana, 2015, ‘Jobless in Europe’, Finance & Development , LII(1): 26-28. • Berg Jesper, Clerc Laurent, Garnier Olivier, Nielsen Erik and Valla Natacha, 2015, From the Investment Plan to the Capital Markets Union: European Financial Structure and Cross Border Risk-sharing , CEPII Working Paper No. 34, December. • Bibow Jörg, 2015, Making the Euro Viable: The Euro Treasury Plan , Levy Institute Working Paper No. 842, July. • Blanchard Olivier and Leigh Daniel, 2013, ‘Fiscal consolidation: At what speed?’, http

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The Interpretive Function of the CJEU and the Interrelationship of EU and National Levels of Consumer Protection

in Italia e Germania, Saggi di diritto comemrciale , Giuffrè, Milano. • Heiderhoff Bettina and Kenny Mel, 2007, ‘The Commission's 2007 Green Paper on the Consumer Acquis: deliberate deliberation?’, European Law Review , XXXV(5): 740-751. • Hondius Ewoud, 2006, ‘The notion of consumer: European Union versus Member States’, Sydney Law Review , XXVIII(1): 89-98. • Howells Geraint, 2005, ‘The scope of European consumer law’, European review of contract law , I(3): 360-372. • Howells Geraint, forthcoming, “The European Union’s influence on

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The Functions of Constitutional Identity Performed in the Context of Constitutionalization of the EU Order and Europeanization of the Legal Orders of EU Member States

and Constitutional Form , Oxford University Press, Oxford. • Closa Carlos, 2005, ‘Deliberative Constitutional Politics and the Turn towards a Norm-Based Legitimacy of the EU Constitution’, European Law Journal , XI(4): 411-431. • Dworkin Ronald, 2001, Taking Rights Seriously , Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. • Faraguna, Pietro, 2015, ‘A Living Constitutional Identity: The Contribution of Non-Judicial Actors’, Jean Monnet Working Paper no. 10. • Van Gerven Walter, 2005, The European Union: A Polity of States and

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Monetary and Fiscal Arrangements for the Eurozone: Some Unconventional Proposals

EU , CEPS – Notre Europe. • High Level Group on Own Resources, 2014, First Assessment Report , Bruxelles, December 17. • Juncker Jean-Claude, Tusk Donald, Dijsselbloem Jeroen, Draghi Mario and Schulz Martin, 2015, A Deeper and Fairer Economic and Monetary Union Combining stability with fairness and democratic accountability, The Five Presidents’ Report , . • MacDougall Donald, 1977, Report of the Study Group on Public Finance in European Integration , Brussels

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Some considerations on the relationship between economic and social cohesion and implementation of the cohesion policy

.04.2015). • Baun Michael and Marek Dan, 2014, Cohesion policy in the European Union , Palgrave Macmillan Publishers, London and New York. • Benner Chris and Pastor Manuel, 2014, “Brother, Can you Spare some Time? Sustaining Prosperity and Social Inclusion in America’s Metropolitan Regions”, Urban Studies , LII(7): 1339-1356. DOI: 10.1177/0042098014549127. • Camagni Roberto, Capello Roberta, 2015, “Rationale and Design of EU Cohesion Policies in a Period of Crisis”, Regional Science Policy & Practice , VII(1): 25-47. DOI: 10.111/rsp3.12047. • Citizen

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Reflections on the ‘Administrative, Not Constitutional’ Character of EU Law in Times of Crisis

Eleftheriadis Pavlos (eds), Philosophical Foundations of European Union Law , Oxford University Press, Oxford, 247-74. • Pescatore Pierre, 1983, “The Doctrine of Direct Effect: An Infant Disease of Community Law”, European Law Review , VIII: 155–77. • Rodrik Dani, 2011, The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy . W. W. Norton & Company, New York. • Rodrik Dani, 2016, “Brexit and the Globalization Trilemma”, Dani Rodrik’s Weblog . Retrieved August 8, 2016 (

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