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Patients’ perception of differences in general practitioners’ attitudes toward immigrants compared to the general population: Qualicopc Slovenia

in certain sectors (e. g., construction) that cannot be satisfied by Slovenian labour market. Second, Slovenia’s admission to the European Union (EU) has encouraged migration of EU citizens and family reunification (secondary migration of family members to Slovenia) (16) . On January 1st, 2014 there were 96,608 immigrants registered in Slovenia which, according to the data provided by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, comprised 4.7% of all Slovenian residents. In this share, men predominate (67.2%). However, the proportion of female immigrants

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The role of health services in encouraging disclosure of violence against women

IM, Wijma B. The NorVold Abuse Questionnaire (NorAQ): validation of new measures of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, and abuse in the health care system among women. Eur J Public Health 2003; 13: 361-6. 10.1093/eurpub/13.4.361 Swahnberg IM Wijma B. The NorVold Abuse Questionnaire (NorAQ): validation of new measures of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, and abuse in the health care system among women Eur J Public Health 2003 13 361 6 18 FRA. Violence against women: an EU-wide survey: main results. (2014) Vienna: European Union Agency for

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Longevity in Slovenia: Past and potential gains in life expectancy by age and causes of death

mortality Oxford: Clarendon Press 1995 105 30 30 Bilas V, Franc S, Bošnjak M. Determinant factors of life expectancy at birth in the European Union countries. Collegium Antropol 2014; 38: 1-9. Bilas V Franc S Bošnjak M. Determinant factors of life expectancy at birth in the European Union countries Collegium Antropol 2014 38 1 9 31 Lichtenberg FR. The impact of pharmaceutical innovation on premature mortality, cancer mortality, and hospitalization in Slovenia, 1997-2010. Appl Health Econ Health Policy 2015; 13: 207-22. 10.1007/s40258

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The Analysis of Slovenian Political Party Programs Regarding Doctors and Health Workers from 1992 to 2014

largest extent in the period from 2004 to 2009, which corresponds to the beginning of Slovenia’s European Union (EU) membership. During that time, the political elites (the coalition and opposition) stopped focusing on adapting their standards to those of the EU and were no longer subject to the strict supervision of the European Commission, which was typical of the integration period (1997-2003). The diagram also shows that, in contrast to the two preceding periods, at that time doctors and other health workers became an important political topic. In their programs

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Increasing postural deformity trends and body mass index analysis in school-age children

was notable. It was mainly done according to the presumption that the number which describes a segment of posture was more deflected from zero and the deformity was more emphasized. Further research should include additional anthropometric measures and the rating of biological and chronological growth factors. Conflicts of interest : The authors declare that no conflicts of interest exist. Funding : The study was funded by the European Union IPA Cross – border cooperation programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina funds for the project “SpineLab

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Absenteeism metrics for risk assessment concerning illness and injury in the medical-social assistance units

References 1.Parlamentul României. Legea asistenţei sociale nr. 292 din 2011, M.O. nr. 905 din 20 decembrie 2011. 2.FRA – European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Summary overview of types and characteristics of institutional and community-based services for persons with disabilities available across the EU. Vienna, Austria. November 2017. 3.OSHA. Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Health Care and Social Services Workers. OSHA Publication 3148 – 06R. 2016. 4.European Commission. Occupational health and safety risks in

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Modernisation of a Breathing Simulator Hoist. Part 1

REFERENCES 1. Polish standard PN-EN 250:2014 Respiratory equipment. Self-contained open-circuit diving compressed air breathing apparatus for diving. Requirements, testing and marking Polish Committee for Standardisation Warsaw 2014; 2. Polish standard PN-EN 14143 Respiratory equipment. Autonomous closed-circuit diving apparatuses Polish Committee for Standardization Warsaw 2013; 3. Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17.05.2006 on machinery, amending Directive 95/16/EC Official Journal of the European Union 09

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