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H.F. Abou-Shaara

-Cereskiene L., Vaitkeviciene G., Venskutonyte S., Buda V., 2010 - Honey bee foraging in spring oilseed rape crops under high ambient temperature conditions. Zemdirbyste- Agriculture 97, 61-70 . Brading P., El-Gabbas A., Zalat S., Gilbert F., 2009 - Biodiversity economics: The Value of pollination services to Egypt Egy J Biol 11:46-51. Chauta-Mellizo A., Campbell S.A., Bonilla M.A., Thaler J.S., Poveda K., 2012 - Effects of natural and artificial pollination on fruit and offspring quality. Bas Appl Ecol 13: 524-532. Cornish D

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Jerzy Trzciński, Małgorzata Zaremba, Sławomir Rzepka, Fabian Welc and Tomasz Szczepański

REFERENCES Brunton, G., Caton-Thompson, G., 1928. The Badarian Civilisation and Predynastic Remains Near Badari. London, BSAE. Clarke, S., Engelbach, R., 1930. Ancient Egyptian construction and architecture. New York. French, C.A.I., 1981. An analysis of the sediment at East Karnak. JSSEA, 11: 78–263. French, C.A.I., 1984. A sediments analysis of the mud brick and natural features at El Amarna. In: B.J. Kemp (Ed.), Amarna Reports I,. London, EES, 189 – 202. Górka, K., Rzepka, S., 2011. Infant burials or infant sacrifices? New

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Florentina-Stefania Neagu

References Alsharif, A., (2015, September 28). Egypt tourism industry expects moderate growth in 2015. Retrieved from Africa Center for Strategic Studies . (2017, October 18). Al Shabaab Remains Virulent as ISIS Shifts to Egypt. Retrieved from Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics. (n

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Tahany Noreldin, Samiha Ouda and Alia Amer

REFERENCES A bou Z eid K. 2002. Egypt and the world water goals. Egypt statement [World Summit for Sustainable Development]. [26 August–4 September 2002 Johannesburg. South Africa]. A llen R.G., P ereira L.S., R aes D., S mith M. 1989. Crop evapotranspiration: guideline for computing crop water requirements. FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper. No. 56. Rome pp. 300. D oorenbos J., K assam A. 1979. Yield response to water. FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper. No. 33. Rome pp. 176. D raper N.R., S mith H. 1987. Applied regression

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“Samira Doesn’t Live Here Any More”:

Somali-Swedes’ mobility as transnational practice

Gunnel Mohme

Rabo, L Sawyer, Ö Wahlbeck & L Åkesson, Boréa, Umeå, pp. 115-136. Johnsdotter, S 2007b, ‘Dumpning av svensk-somaliska barn? Om familjer, föräldrar och barn i en transnationell kontext’ in Globala familjer - transnationell migration och släktskap, eds M Eastmond & L Åkesson, Gidlunds förlag, Stockholm, pp. 145-173. Kağıtçıbaşı, Ç 2007, Family, self and human development across cultures - theory and applications, Lawrence Erlbaum, Mahvah, NJ. Kroner, G-K 2007, ‘Transit or dead end? The somali diaspora in Egypt’, in From

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Nevine Henry Wasef

References AbulKomsan, N. (2009): “ Egypt Violence against Women Study ” USAID & National Council for Women, Legal Framework for Violence against Women, p. 42 Amar, P. (2011): “ Turning the Gendered Politics of the Security State Inside Out ?”, International Feminist Journal of Politics, p. 4 Anderson, J., & Kras, K. (2007). “ Revisiting Albert Bandura’s social learning theory to better understand and assist victims of intimate personal violence ”. Women and Criminal Justice, 17, 99 – 124 Bandura, A. (1977). “ Social learning theory

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Karol Myśliwiec

Abteilung Kairo, 58: 89-117. Dąbrowski, L. 1962. La topographie d.Athribis ´ l.époque ro maine. Annales du Ser vice des an tiq ui ties de l.Egypte, 57: 19-31. Fassbinder, J., Becker, H., Herbich, T. 2001. Mag netom etry in the Desert Area West of the Zoser.s Pyr a mid, Saqqara, Egypt. In: Becker, H., Fassbinder, J. (eds.), Mag netic pros pect ing in ar - che o log i cal sites, 64-65. Mon u ments and Sites VI. Mu nich. Godlewski, W., Herbich, T., Wipszycka, E. 1990. Deir El Naqlun (Nakloni), 1986-1987: First Pre lim i nary Re

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Hana Vymazalová and Petra Havelková

Ancient Egyptian Titles, Epithets and Phrases of the Old Kingdom . British Archaeological Reports International Series 866. Oxford: Archaeopress, 2000. LOVEJOY, C. Owen – MEINDL, Richard S. – PRYZBECK, Thomas R. – MENSFORTH, Robert P. Chronological metamorphosis of the auricular surface of the ilium: a new method for the determination of adult skeletal age at death. Am J Phys Anthropol 68/1, 1985, pp. 15–28. MURAIL, Pascal – BRŮŽEK, Jaroslav – HOUËT, Francis – CUNHA, Eugenia. DSP: A tool for probabilistic sex diagnosis using worldwide variability in hip

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G.F. Attia, A.M. Abdelaziz and I.N. Hassan

possess too. However, it has its essential advantages. Among them may be mentioned a high sensitivity and shooting speed, the possibility of operating the received results in real time, compactness, mobility, low cost of the equipment and some others See [ 4 ]. 2 Observations The Perseids meteor shower August 2016 was observed from a single station at Egypt (Lat: 30.3° N, Long: 31.3° E) on the outskirts of the city of Cairo. The site provided a dark night sky with minimal light pollution. The observations were performed during the activity of the Perseids (from

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Kamaleldin M. Hassan

7. References Abdel Monem, H.M., & El-Afandy, A.H. (1997). Geochemistry and beneficiation studies of U-Th bearing minerals of Um Risha complex, Eastern Desert, Egypt. Egyptian Mineralogist, 9 , 43-58. Andreeva, I.A. (2016). Genesis and mechanisms of formation of rare-metal peralkaline granites of the Khaldzan Buregtey massif, Mongolia: evidence from melt inclusions. Petrology, 24 (5), 462-476. DOI: . Baioumy, H.M., Ismael, I.S., & Zidan, I.H. (2003). Clay mineralogy of the Nubia Formation, Western