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Kinematically unrelated C—S fabrics: an Lexample of extensional shear band cleavage from the Veporic Unit (Western Carpathians)

and K-Ar and 40Ar-39Ar age constraints for the tectonothermal evolution of the high-pressure Meliata unit, Western Carpathians (Slovakia). Tectonophysics 280, 141-156. Gapais D. & White S.H. 1982: Ductile shear bands in naturally deformed quartzite. Textures and Microstructures 5, 1-17. Heilbronner R. 2000: Automatic grain boundary detection and grain size analysis using polarization micrographs or orientation images. J. Struct. Geol. 22, 969-981. Hovorka D., Ivan P., Jilemnická L. & Spišiak J. 1988: Petrology

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Urban area change visualization and analysis using high density spatial data from time series aerial images

1 Introduction Land and urban management require detecting changes in topography and urban areas. Topography changes in rural areas are generally the results of natural processes such as landslides, earthquakes, coastal erosion de- or afforestation. Urban changes consist of new constructions, extensions, destructions, excavation work and earth fill formed by natural or human effects. Change detection in urban areas is essential for planning, management, building and discovering unauthorized construction activities. In addition, the results of earthquakes can

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Quantitative finite strain analysis of the quartz mylonites within the Three Pagodas shear zone, western Thailand

orientations in mylonite: inferences from in-situ experiments on polycrystalline norcamphor. Journal of Structural Geology, 20, 681–694. Kanjanapayont, P., 2015. Chapter 15 Strike–slip ductile shear zones in Thailand. In: Mukherjee, S., Mulchrone, F. (Eds.), Ductile shear zones: From micro– to macro– scales. Wiley–Blackwell, UK, 250–269. Kanjanapayont, P., Grasemann, B., Edwards, M.A., Fritz, H., 2012a. Quantitative kinematic analysis within the Khlong Marui shear zone

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Modelling a Learning Journey towards Teacher Ecological Self

.A. (1996). Towards ecological self: Deep ecology meets constructionist self-theory. Journal of Environmental Psychology , 16 (2), 93–108. Brown, P.G., & Garver, G. (2009). Right relationship: Building a whole earth economy. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Charkiewicz, E., Hausler, S., & Wieringa, S. (1994). Women, the environment and sustainable development: Towards a theoretical synthesis . London: Zed Books. Capra, F., & Luisi, P.L. (2014). The systems view of life. A unifying vision. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

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What are cleats? Preliminary studies from the Konin lignite mine, Miocene of central Poland

. Basic methods of structural geology (2nd ed.)., Prentice Hall (New Jersey), 446 pp. McCulloch, C.M., Deul, M. & Jeran, P.W., 1974. Cleats in bituminous coalbeds. U.S. Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations Report 7910, 23 pp. McCulloch, C.M., Lambert, S.W. & White, J.R., 1976. Determining cleat orientations of deeper coalbeds from overlying coals. U.S. Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations Report 8116, 24 pp. Miall, A.D., 1977. A review of the braided-river depositional environment. Earth-Science Reviews 13, 1

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Triassic fluid mobilization and epigenetic lead-zinc sulphide mineralization in the Transdanubian Shear Zone (Pannonian Basin, Hungary)

Verlag, Berlin, 1-369. Cumming G.L. & Richards J.R. 1975: Ore lead isotope ratios in a continuously changing Earth. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 28, 155-171. Csontos L. 1995: Tertiary tectonic evolution of the Intra-Carpathian area: a review. Acta Vulcanol. 7, 1-13. Csontos L. & Vörös A. 2004: Mesozoic plate tectonic reconstruction of the Carpathian region. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 210, 1-56. Csontos L., Nagymarosy A., Horváth F. & Kováč M. 1992: Cenozoic evolution of the Intra-Carpathian area

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The emplacement mode of Upper Cretaceous plutons from the southwestern part of the Sredna Gora Zone (Bulgaria): structural and AMS study

References Acef K., Liégeois J.P., Ouabadi A. & Latouche L. 2003: The Anfeg post-collisional Pan-African high-K calc-alkaline batholith (Central Hoggar, Algeria), result of the LATEA microcontinent metacratonization. J. Afric. Earth Sci. 37, 295-311. Amov B.G., Arnaudov V.S. & Pavlova M.A. 1982: Lead isotope data and age of granitoid and metamorphic rocks from Sredna Gora and Pirin. Compt. Rend. Acad. Bulg. Sci. 35, 11, 1535-1537. Archanjo C.J., Bouchez J.L., Corsini M

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Tectono-sedimentary analysis using the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility: a study of the terrestrial and freshwater Neogene of the Orava Basin

References Aleksandrowski P. 1985: Structure of the Mt. Babia Góra region, Magura Nappe, Western Outer Carpathians: An interference of West and East Carpathian fold trends. Ann. Soc. Geol. Pol. 55, 375-422 (in Polish with English summary). Baas J. H., Hailwood E. A., McCaffrey W. D., Kay M. & Jones R. 2007: Directional petrological characterisation of deep-marine sandstones using grain fabric and permeability anisotropy: methodologies, theory, application and suggestions for integration. Earth-Sci. Rev. 82, 1, 101

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Holocene Chronology of the Brattforsheden Delta and Inland Dune Field, Sw Sweden

dates. Radio-carbon 51: 337-360. Child D, Elliott G, Mifsud C, Smith AM and Fink D, 2000. Sample processing for earth science studies at ANTARES. Nuclear In-struments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, Beam In-teractions with Materials and Atoms 172: 856-860, DOI 10.1016/S0168-583X(00)00198-1. Chmeleff J, von Blanckenburg F, Kossert K and Jakob D, 2010. Deter-mination of the 10Be half-life by multicollector ICP-MS and liquid scintillation counting. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Phys-ics Research Section B: Beam Interactions

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Mobile Laser Scanning Calibration on A Marine Platform

., et al. (2013) High accuracy calibration for vehicle-based laser scanning and urban panoramic imaging and surveying system. MIPPR 2013: Multispectral Image Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis, SPIE 8917, 89170Y, DOI: 10.1117/12.2031466 5. Dudzinska-Nowak J., Wezyk P. (2014) Volumetric changes of a soft cliff coast 2008-2012 based on DTM from airborne laser scanning (Wolin Island, southern Baltic Sea). Journal of Coastal Research, Vol. 70, pp. 59-64, DOI: 10.2112/SI70-011.1 6. Ossowski R. (2017) Environmental aspects of coastal earth structures made of

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