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The liberalisation of taxi policy: Capture and recapture?

References Barrett, S. (2003). Regulatory capture, property rights and taxi deregulation: A case study. Economic Affairs, 23 (4), 34–40. Baumgartner, F. R., & Jones, B. D. (1991). Agenda dynamics and policy subsystems. Journal of Politics, 53 , 1044–74. Brennock, M. (2000, November 27). Higgins says deregulation of taxis is ‘disastrous’. The Irish Times. Carroll, S. (2010, March 9). Traffic grinds to a halt as taxi drivers warn protests are likely to escalate. The Irish Times. Coghlan, D. (2000, November 25). Taxis put Harney in

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Political-administrative relations: The role of political advisers

References Blick, A. (2004). People who live in the dark: The history of the special adviser in British politics. London: Politico’s. Cabinet Office. (2013). The civil service reform plan - one year on report. Retrieved from [5 April 2017]. Connaughton, B. (2010a). Glorified gofers, policy experts or good generalists: A classification of the roles of the Irish ministerial adviser. Irish Political Studies, 25 (3), 347-69. Connaughton, B. (2010b). Ireland. In C. Eichbaum & R

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Measuring the Sustainable Development Goals: What does it mean for Ireland?

Development Goals. London: Overseas Development Institute. Bhattacharya, A., & Kharas, H. (2015). Worthy of support - Our piece on the Sustainable Development Goals. Retrieved from [7 February 2017]. CBS. (2016). CBS explores SDGs: Starting point for a public debate. Retrieved from point-for-a-public-debate [10 November 2017]. CBS. (2017). Measuring the SDGs: An

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From public enterprise through privatisation to public–private mixing – An important Irish contribution

and agencies. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Verhoest, K., Van Thiel, S., Bouckaert, G., & Lægreid, P. (2012). Government agencies: Practices and lessons from 30 countries. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Wettenhall, R. (2011, June 13–17). A positive contribution to conference methodology as well as to public administration scholarship: The IASIA working group system. Paper presented to IASIA 50th Anniversary Conference, Rome. Wettenhall, R., & Adamolekun, L. (2011). Genesis and visionary hopes: The formative years, 1961–1981. In O. P

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E-government Policy and its Implementation in the Czech Republic: Selected Shortcomings

Journal, 13(4), 350-380. Peterka, J. (2011). Portálová rošáda [Portal castling]. Retrieved from Peterka, J. (2012). Základní registry prý budou v termínu [Basic registers are to function in time]]. Retrieved from Siau, K., & Long, Y. (2005). Synthesizing e-government stage models-a meta-synthesis based on meta-ethnography approach. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 105(4), 443-458. Smejkal, V

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Collaborative housing and blockchain

]. Kolesnichenko, A. (2017). Food and medicine supply chain blockchain tracking system. Retrieved from [8 November 2017]. Lambea-Llop, N. (2016). A policy approach to the impact of tourist dwellings in condominiums and neighbourhoods in Barcelona. Urban Research & Practice, 10 (1). Lifthrasir R. (2016). What is blockchain and how does it apply to real estate? Realcomm, Advisory Topic: Business Solutions, 16 (13). Mainelli, M., & Milne, A. (2016

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‘You can say – we do not want the junkies and the sex workers. But they are here!‘: On the spatial exclusion of anti-social behaviour in Bratislava - Nové Mesto

. [Retrieved 12.4.2017] Available at: Miestne zastupiteľstvo Bratislava – Nové Mesto. (2016). [Online] Miestne zastupiteľstvo - 12. zasadnutie 26.04.2016. [Retrieved 13.10.2016] Available at: Miller, P.G. (2010). A critical review of the harm minimization ideology in Australia. Critical Public Health , 11(2), 167-178. doi: Mohan, J. (2002). Geographies of welfare and social exclusion

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Ready or not? Statutory registration, regulation and continuing professional development for social care workers in Ireland

References Attewell, J., Blenkinsopp, A., & Black, P. (2005). Community pharmacists and continuing professional development - A qualitative study of perceptions and current involvement. The Pharmaceutical Journal, 274, 519-24. Austin, Z., Croteau, D., Marini, A., & Violato, C. (2003). Continuous professional development: The Ontario experience in professional selfregulation through quality assurance and peer review. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 67 (1/4), 225. Beddoe, L., & Duke, J. (2013

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Technology Roadmaps, Innovation Journeys, and Nanoworld: A Spatio-temporal Consolidation of the EC Nanotechnology Policy

Discourse . Analogical Reasoning in Debates about Europe, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Nordmann, A. (2007). Design Choices in the Nanoworld: A Space Odyssey. In Marian Deblonde, Lieve Goorden, et al. (Eds.), Nano Researchers Facing Choices (pp. 13–30), The Dialogue Series Vol. 10, Antwerp: Universitair Centrum Sint-Ignatius Antwerpen. Phaal, R., Farrukh, C. J. P. and Probert, D. R. (2004). Technology roadmapping – A Planning Framework for Evolution and Revolution. Technological Forecasting and Social Change , 71 (1–2), 5–26. Phaal, R., Farrukh, C

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Empirical evaluation of professional traineeships for young people up to 30 years of age

zdroje a zaměstnanost se podařilo vyčerpat téměř 60 miliard korun . Press report [13. 7. 2016]. Praha: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Retrieved from MLSA (2016b). Member States’ response to 2013 Council Recommendation on establishing a Youth Guarantee (the Czech Republic) . OECD (2005). Labour Market Programmes and Activation Strategies: Evaluating the Impacts. In OECD, OECD Employment Outlook (pp. 173-208). Paris: OECD

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