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Demographic changes in Polish cities in the years 1950-2016

- Regionalism in the globalizing approach Russian Peoples' Friendship University 11–12 November 2010 Moscow Szymańska, D. and Biegańska, J. (2011a). Fenomen urbanizacji i procesy z nim związane (The phenomenon of urbanisation and processes connected with it. in Polish). Studia Miejskie 4, 13-38. Szymańska D. Biegańska J. 2011a Fenomen urbanizacji i procesy z nim związane (The phenomenon of urbanisation and processes connected with it. in Polish) Studia Miejskie 4 13 – 38 http

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Public banking for the cultural sector: financial instruments and the new financial intermediaries

Bibliography Adorno, T. W., & Horkheimer, M. (1997). Dialectic of enlightenment (Vol. 15). Verso. AIF, Arts Impact Fund (2015) How and what we fund. Available at: [accessed: 30/07/2015] Arts, W., & Gelissen, J. (2002). Three worlds of welfare capitalism or more? A state-of-the-art report. Journal of European social policy, 12(2), pp. 137-158. Alcock P (2010) ‘Building the Big Society: A New Policy Environment for the Third Sector in England’, Voluntary Sector Review 1(3), pp. 379

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The Visual Analogue Scale. An Alternative to the Likert Type Response Scales. An Alternative to the Likert Type Response Scales

Measurement , 59(5):749-766. Gerich, J. (2007) Visual Analogue Scales for Mode Independent Measurement in self-Administered Questionnaires. Behavior Research Methods , 39(4):985-992. Likert, R. (1932) A Technique for the Measurement of Attitudes . New York: New York University Press. Lissitz, R.W. and S.B. Green (1975) Effect of the number of scale points on reliability: A Monte Carlo approach. Journal of Applied Psychology , 60(1):10-13. Matell, M.S. and J. Jacoby (1971) Is there an optimal number of alternatives for Likert scale items? Study I

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Equal Outcomes, but Different Treatment – Subtle Discrimination in Email Responses From a Correspondence Test in Switzerland

Findings. Pp. 187–258 in Clear and Convincing Evidence: Measurements of Discrimination in America, edited by Michael Fix and Raymond J. Struyk. Washington, D. C.: The Urban Institute Press. Helbling, Marc. 2011. Why Swiss-Germans Dislike Germans. European Societies 13(1): 5–27. Kaas, Leo and Christian Manger. 2012. Ethnic Discrimination in Germany’s Labour Market: A Field Experiment. German Economic Review 13(1): 1–20. Krings, Franciska, Claire Johnston, Steve Binggeli, and Christian Maggiori. 2014. Selective Incivility: Immigrant Groups

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Leisurely consumption, the legacy of European cafes

memory: effects of age, gender, education and culture, Memory, 13, 6, 658 - 668. Jones, N., 1999, Rupert Brooke, life death and myth, London, Richard Cohen Books. Kivela, J., Crotts, J, C., 2006, Tourism and Gastronomy: Gastronomy’s influence on how tourists experience a destination, Journal of tourism and hospitality research, 30, 3, 354-377. Lashley, C., 2000, In search of hospitality, theoretical perspectives and debates, Oxford, Butterworth-Heinemann. MacDonogh, G., 1998, Berlin, a portrait of its

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‘But You Looked Smart’: Participant Observations of HIV Testing and Counseling for Young Adults

References Atkinson & Hammersley, M. (1994) Ethnography and Participant Observation’, in Handbook of Qualitative Research , N. K. Denzin and Y. S. Lincoln (Eds.), Sage, Thousand Oaks, pp. 248-261. Apostolopoulos, Y., Svanmez, S., & Yu, C. H. (2002) HIV-risk behaviours of American spring break vacationers: A case of situational disinhibition? International Journal of STD & AIDS , 13, 733-743. Baldwin, J. I. & Baldwin, J. D. (2000) Heterosexual anal intercourse: an understudied, high-risk sexual behavior. Arch. Sex Behav., 29, 357

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Gender and Migration-Driven Changes in Rural Eastern Romania. Migrants’ Perspectives

sociology , 59(1): 59-77. Black, R., R. King and T. Tiemoko (2003) ‚Migration, return and small enterprise development in Ghana: a route out of poverty? communication paper at the International Workshop on Migration and Poverty’ in West Africa, March 13-14, 2003, University of Sussex, consulted 15.04.2011 at . Caritas/Migrantes (2008) Romania, Immigrazioni e Lavoro in Italia . Statistiche, Problemi e Prospettive, Idos. Caritas-Migrantes (2010) Immigrazione. Dossier statistico

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Cosmopolitans, Spatial Mobility and the Alternative Geographies

cosmopolitanism in philosophy and the social sciences’. Global Networks, 4(2):131–56. Beck-Gernsheim, E. (2004) Wir und die Anderen . Frankfurt a.M.: Suhrkamp. Belk. R. W. (1997) ‘Been there, Done that, Bought the Souvenirs. Of Journeys and Boundary Crossing’ In Turley, D. (ed.) Consumer Research. Postcards from the edge , pp. 22-45. London and New York: Routledge. Brose, H.G. (2004) ‘An Introduction towards a culture of Non-Simultaneity?’ Time & Society 13(5):5-26. Burawoy, M. et al. (2000) Global Ethnography: Forces, Connections, and

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Parenthood and Later Life Health: An International Life Course Analysis of Parents and Childless Adults Aged 50 and Older

Huybregts, Aroonsri Mongkolchati, Robert Ntozini, David Osrin, Dominique Roberfroid, James Tielsch, Anjana Vaidya, Robert E. Black, Joanne Katz, and Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group (CHERG) Small-for-Gestational Age Preterm Birth Working Group. 2013. The Associations of Parity and Maternal Age With Small-for-Gestational Age, Preterm, and Neonatal and Infant Mortality: A Meta-Analysis. BMC Public Health 13(3): 5. Kroll, Lars Eric, Stephan Mueters, Petra Rattay, and Thomas Lampert. 2016. Employment, Family and Health in Men of Working Age in Germany Results

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How to assess quality of life. Theoretical and methodological research aspects in cross-border regions

References Andráško, I., 2005: Dve dimenzie kvality života v kontexte percepcií obyvateľov miest a vidieckych obcí (Two dimensions of life quality as perceived by rural and urban populations - in Slovak). In: Vaishar, A. and Ira, V. editors, Geografická organizace Česka a Slovenska v současném období, Brno (Ústav geoniky AV ČR), pp. 6-13. Andráško, I., 2006a: Percepcia kvality života v mestských štvrtiach Bratislavy (The perception of the quality of life in Bratislava city Wards - in Slovak). In: Geografická revue, Vol. 2, No 2

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