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Interpretation of Administrative Legal Norms Demonstrating Strong Relations with Civil Law Which Aim Environmental Protection

Najwyższego z dnia 19 marca 1998 r., III CZP 3/98, OSN 1999, nr 5, poz. 88. Uchwała Sądu Najwyższego z dnia 21 maja 2002 r., III CZP 29/02, OSN 2001, nr 12, poz. 171. Uchwała Sądu Najwyższego z dnia 27 czerwca 2001 r., III CZP 35/01, Monitor Prawniczy 2001, 18, 933. Ustawa z dnia 13 kwietnia 2007 r. o zapobieganiu szkodom w środowisku i ich naprawie (Dz. U. 2007 Nr 75, poz. 493 z poźn. zm.). Ustawa z dnia 23 kwietnia 1964 r. Kodeks cywilny (Dz. U. z 1964 Nr 16, poz. 93). Wolter, A., Ignatowicz

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Multilingualism in the EU and Consistency of Private Enforcement of Competition Law: Two Examples from CEE Countries

REFERENCES Almăşan, A. (2017). The Arbitrability of Articles 101 and 102 TFEU. In A. Almăşan, P. Whelan (Eds.), The Consistent Application of EU Competition Law: Substantive and Procedural Challenges . Cham: Springer, 141–161. Basedow, J., Francq, S. & Idot, L. (2012). International Antitrust Litigation: Conflict of Laws and Coordination . Oxford–Portland: Hart Publishing. Commission Recommendation of 11 June 2013 on common principles for injunctive and compensatory collective redress mechanisms in the Member States concerning violations of

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Against Smallism And Localism

. (1988). Self-organized criticality. Physical Review A, 38 , 364–374. Bechtel, W., Abrahamsen, A., & Graham, G. (1999). The life of cognitive science. In W. Bechtel & G. Graham (Eds.), A companion to cognitive science . Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing. Bhalla, M., & Proffitt, D. R. (1999). Visual-motor recalibration in geographical slant perception. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance , 25 , 1076–1096. Bongers, R. M., Michaels, C. F., & Smitsman, A. W. (2004). Variations of tool and task characteristics reveal

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Collaborative and Individual Vocabulary Building Using ICT

Press. Folse, K. S. 2004. ‘Myths about Teaching and Learning Second Language Vocabulary: What Recent Research Says.’ TESL Reporter , 37(2): 1–13. Foti, M. K. and J. Mendes. 2014. ‘Mobile Learning: How Students Use Mobile Devices to Support Learning.’ Journal of Literacy and Technology , 15 (3): 58–78. Foster, H. 2009. ‘Building learner-generated vocabulary logs with Quizlet.’ The Language Teacher , 33(12). Gardner, D. and M. Davies. 2014. ‘A new academic vocabulary list.’ Applied Linguistics , 35: 305–327. Godwin-Jones, R. 2011

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Can Ai Be Intelligent?

grasp rationality, to deal with complexity. Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric, 20(7), 17. McCarthy, J. (1980). Circumscription-a form of non-monotonic reasoning. Artificial Intelligence, 1-2(13), 27-39. McCarthy, J., & Hayes, P. J. (1969). Some philosophical problems from the standpoint of artificial intelligence (Tech. Rep.). Stanford, CA 94305: Computer Science Department, Stanford University. McCulloch, W., & Pitts, W. (1943). A logical calculus of the ideas immanent in nervous activity. Bulletin of Mathematical

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The Stability of Gene Selection in Microarray Experiments

References Aerts, S., Lambrechts, D., Maity, S., Van Loo, P., Coessens, B., De Smet, F., Tranchevent, L. C., De Moor, B., Marynen, P., Hassan, B., Carmeliet, P., & Moreau, Y. (2006). Gene prioritization through genomic data fusion. Nat Biotechnol, 24, 537-544. Boulesteix, A. L., & Slawski, M. (2009). Stability and aggregation of ranked gene lists. Brief Bioinformatics, 10, 556-568. Boulesteix, A. L., Strobl, C., Augustin, T., & Daumer, M. (2008). Evaluating Microarray-based Classifiers: An Overview

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Legal Drama and Audiovisual Translation: The Role of Legal English in the Construction of Stereotyped Representations

References Baker, P., Gabrielatos, C., & McEnery, A. (eds.), 2013. Discourse Analysis and Media Attitudes. New York: Cambridge University Press. Balirano, G., H͂ughes, B. 2012. Identity-building and Language Variation in AVT. Anglistica, Vol 16. (1-2), 27-39. Bassnett, S., & Trivedi, H., (eds.). 1999. Post-colonial Translation. Theory and Practice. London, New York: Routledge. Bhatia, V. K. 1993/2013. Analyzing Genre. Language Use in Professional Settings. London, New York: Routledge Taylor

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Problems of Translation of Provisions of International Treaties Illustrated by The Example of Article 6 of the European Convention for Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

. ‘Interpretacja, obowiązywanie i skuteczność umow międzynarodowych w prawie polskim. Uwagi na tle uchwały Sądu Najwyższego z 19 lutego 2003 I KZP 47/02’. Państwo i Prawo, 6: 54. Pradel, J. 1996. ‘Rzetelny proces w europejskim prawie karnym’. Państwo i Prawo, Redelbach, A. 1997. ‘Zasada rzetelności postępowania w rozstrzygnięciach organow strasburskich’. Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny, 2: 13. Redelbach, A. 2001. Natura praw człowieka, strasburskie standardy ich ochrony. Toruń: Towarzystwo Naukowe Organizacji i Kierownictwa “Dom

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Application of Normalized Compression Distance and Lempel-Ziv Jaccard Distance in Micro-electrode Signal Stream Classification for the Surgical Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Applications in Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Frontiers in Psychiatry , 7 :63. doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2016.00063 Poewe, W., Seppi, K., Tanner, C. M., Halliday, G. M., Brundin, P., Volkmann, J., Schrag, A. L., et al. (2017). Parkinson disease. Nature Reviews Disease Primers , 3 :17013. doi: 10.1038/nrdp.2017.13 Raff, E., & Nicholas, C. (2017). An Alternative to NCD for Large Sequences, Lempel-Ziv Jaccard Distance. In Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (pp. 1007–1015). ACM Press. doi: 10

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The Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D): Is It Suitable for Use with Older Adults?

, 17–21. Levy-Storms, L. (2008). Therapeutic communication training in long-term care institutions: Recommendations for future research. Patient Education and Counseling , 73(1), 8–21. Lowry, R. (2011). Vassar Stats: Website for Statistical Computation. Retrieved from McCormack, B. (2004). Person-centeredness in gerontological nursing: an overview of the literature. Journal of Clinical Nursing , 13(S1), 31–38. Meisner, B. A. (2012). A Meta-Analysis of Positive and Negative Age Stereotype

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