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Trade Competition Measurement and the Choice of Measurement Indexes

References Berthelon M., Freund C. (2008) On the conservation of distance in international trade, Journal of International Economics, 75(2), 310-320 Crespo N., Fontoura M. (2007) Determinant Factors of FDI Spillovers - What Do We Really Know?, World Development, 35(3), 410-425 Crespo N., Simoes N. (2012) Competition in Tourism Arrivals – A Multidimensional Index of Geographical Structural Similarity, Tourism Analysis 13-5(1), 4-30 Head K., Mayer T. (2013) What separates us?, Sources of resistance to globalization, Canadian Journal of

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Economic Factors in the Process of Calculation of Annuities in Bodily Injury Compensation Claims Under Liability Insurance

Bibliography Butt Z., Haberman S., Verral R., 2008, Calculating compensation for loss of future earnings: Estimating and using work life expectancy, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 37. GenRe, 2014, A Comparison of Compensation for Personal Injury Claims in Europe , 2014, . Insurance Europe, 2016, European Motor Insurance Markets , 2016, . Jędrzychowska A., 2017, Compensation for those

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The Monetary Policy of the National Bank of Romania in The Inflation Targeting Era. A Taylor Rule Approach

References 1. Albulescu C.T., 2013. Financial stability and monetary policy: A reduced-form model for the euro area, Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting Volume 16, Issue 1: 62-81 2. Andrieș A.M., 2008. Monetary policy transmission mechanism in Romania - A VAR approach. Theoretical and Applied Economics, 11(528): 250-260. 3. Baranowski, P., Gajewski, P., 2015. Credible enough? Forward guidance and perceived National Bank of Poland’s policy rule, Applied Economics Letters, DOI: 10

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The Process of Ownership Separation in Co-Owned Companies of the Tel Aviv Municipality and the State of Israel. A Case Study

., Schaan, J. L., &Joncas, H. (2002). Managing alliance relationships: key challenges in the early stages of collaboration. R&D Management, 32(1), 11-22. UK: Blackwell Publishers Ltd. 13. Kuttner, R. (2011). Conflict specialists as leaders: Revisiting the role of the conflict specialist from a leadership perspective. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 29(2), 103-126. 14. Lax, D., & Sebenius, J. (1986). The Manager as Negotiator: Bargaining for Cooperation and Competitive Gain. New York: The Free Press. 15. Olson, J. G. (2004

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Understanding Changes on the Country-of-origin Effect of Portugal

Views about Foreign Products. Marketing Science Institute Report, No. 87-104. Pereira, S. (2005) Gestão Emocional da Marca: O caso Salsa, Porto. Porter, M. (1998) Clusters and the new economics of competition, Harvard Business Review. November-December, 77-90. Publico. (2013) A história de uma indústria condenada que se tornou um modelo para Portugal. October 10:13. Publico. (2016) A “pequena cereja” no bolo o Empreendorismo português. February 04: 16. Rodrigues, R. (2012) Internacionalização do Vinho do Porto – Estudo de caso Grupo

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Organisational Decision-Making and Academic Institutions

References Allison, G.T. (1971). The Essence of Decision. Boston, MA: Little Brown. Baron, J. (2012). The point of normative models in judgment and decision making. Frontiers in Psychology, 3(577), 1-3. DOI:10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00577 Beach, R. and al. (2016). A New Theory of Mind: The Theory of Narrative Thought. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Carter, E.E. (1971). The Behavioral Theory of the Firm and Top Level Corporate Decisions. Administrative Science Quarterly, 16

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Impact of Changes in Composition of Exchange Price Index Shares of Listed Polish Companies

, Summer, pp. 21-42. Sapp T.R., Yan X., 2003, The NASDAQ-AMEX Merger, NASDAQ Reforms, and the Liquidity of Small Firms , Journal of Financial Research, vol. 26, pp. 225-242. Załącznik do Uchwały nr 832/2016 Zarządu Giełdy Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie S.A. z dnia 11 sierpnia 2016 r., s. 1-13. [www 1] Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie, Komunikaty indeksowe, (dostęp: 20.12.2016).

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Types of Government Deficit in Respect of Fiscal Decision-Making

Macroeconomics, . Fantacone S., Garalova P. G., Milani C., 2015, Structural budget balance and fiscal policy: the limits of the European approach , Yildiz Social Science Review. Ferrante A., Ntogramatzidis L., 2013, The generalised discrete algebraic Riccati equation in linear-quadratic optimal control , Automatica, 49(2), pp. 471-478. Kendrick D., 1982, Stochastic control for economic models , Journal of Economic Dynamic and Control, 1(3), pp. 311-313. Kendrick D., Amman H., 2011, A Taylor Rule

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Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency In Botswana

. (2003). Basic econometrics. New York: Gary Burke. 11. Harper, A., & Jin, Z. (2012). Examining market efficiency in India: An empirical analysis of the random walk hypothesis. Journal of Finance and Accountancy , 20 (1), 1-6. 12. Ibrahim, J., Long, Y., Ghani, H. A., & Salleh, S. I. (2011). Weak-Form Efficiency of Foreign Exchange Market in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Countries: Unit Root Test. International Journal of Business and Management , 6 (6), 55-65. 13. Lee, H.-Y., & Khatanbaatar, S

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From Fearful to Trustful – How Perceived Risk Dimensions in E-Commerce Differentiate between Consumers

.; Shannon, D. & Gardner, L. C. (2006), Development Of A Scale To Measure The Perceived Benefits And Risks Of Online Shopping, Journal Of Interactive Marketing 20(2). 11. Forsythe, S. M. & Shi, B. (2003), ‘Consumer Patronage And Risk Perceptions In Internet Shopping’, Journal of Business Research 56(11), 867 - 875. 12. Garbarino, E. & Strahilevitz, M. (2004), Gender Differences In The Perceived Risk Of Buying Online And The Effects Of Receiving A Site Recommendation, Journal of Business Research 57, 768–775. 13. Hernández, B.; Jiménez, J. & Martín, M

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