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Assessment of Personality Problems among Patients with Substance Use Disorders

and Drugs, 31 (1), 5–25. doi:10.2478/nsad-2014-0002 Psychometrica (2015). . Ravndal, E., Vaglum, P., & Lauritzen, G. (2005). Completion of long-term inpatient treatment of drug abusers: A prospective study from 13 different units. European Addiction Research, 11 (4), 180–185. doi:10.1159/000086399 Rounsaville, B. J., Gawin, F., & Kleber, H. (1985). Interpersonal psychotherapy adapted for ambulatory cocaine abusers. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 11 (3–4), 171–191. doi:10

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Preventing and responding to gambling-related harm and crime in the workplace

, mulighetsstrukturer og AKAN-modellen . Oslo: AKAN. Retrieved from David, & Turner, N. E. (2011). The addictiveness of online brokerage services: A first person account. Journal of Gambling Issues, 25 , 113–129. doi:10.4309/jgi.2011.25.9 Dellaportas, S. (2013). Conversations with inmate accountants: Motivation, opportunity and the fraud triangle. Accounting Forum, 37 (1), 29–39. doi:10.1016/j.accfor.2012.09.003 Dorminey, J. W., Fleming, A. S., Kranacher, M.-J., & Riley, R. A., Jr. (2010). Beyond

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Post-Social politics, employability, and the security effects of higher education

. Toronto: Legislative Assembly of Ontario . Ontario . (2001f) . Backgrounder: A place for every qualified student. Toronto: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities . Retrieved June 19, 2012, from <> Ontario . (2001g) . News release: Ontario funding for colleges and universities increased to $2.5 billion. Toronto: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities . Retrieved June 19, 2012, from <> Ontario . (2001h

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And that is Where the Fun Ends - General Practitioners' Conceptualisation of the Line Between Recreational and Problem Gambling

talk, text and interaction (2nd ed.). London: SaGe. Sulkunen, P. (2007). Images of addiction: Representations of addictions in films. Addiction Research & Theory, 15 (6), 543-559. doi:10.1080/16066350701651255 Sulkunen, P., & egerer, M. (2009.). Reception analytical group interview: A short introduction and manual . Helsinki: Helsingin yliopisto, sosiologian laitos. Sullivan, S., arroll, B., Coster, G., & abbott, M. (1998). Problem gamblers: a challenge for GPs. NZ Family Physician, 25 (1), 37-42. Suomen Lääkäriliitto. (2010). Lääkärit 2010 . Helsinki

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And That is Where the Fun Ends – General Practitioners’ Conceptualisation of the Line between Recreational and Problem Gambling

films. Addiction Research & Theory, 15 (6), 543–559. doi:10.1080/16066350701651255 10.1080/16066350701651255 Sulkunen, P., & Egerer, M. (2009.). Reception analytical group interview: A short introduction and manual . Helsinki: Helsingin yliopisto, sosiologian laitos. Sullivan, S., Arroll, B., Coster, G., & Abbott, M. (1998). Problem gamblers: A challenge for GPs. NZ Family Physician, 25 (1), 37–42. Suomen Lääkäriliitto. (2010). Lääkärit 2010 . Helsinki: Suomen Lääkäriliitto. Törrönen, J. (2002). Semiotic theory on qualitative interviewing using stimulus

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Education for Sustainable Consumption through Mindfulness Training: Development of a Consumption-Specific Intervention

-447. Meiklejohn, J., Phillips, C., Freedman, M. L., Griffin, M. L., Biegel, G., Roach, A., & Saltzman, A. (2012). Integrating mindfulness training into k-12 education: Fostering the resilience of teachers and students. Mindfulness, 3(4), 291-307. Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG). (2015). Mindful Nation UK. Retrieved 25 April 2017, from Monteiro, L. M. (2016). Implicit ethics and

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A Critical Assessment of a Eurosceptic Party Group on European Integration: A Case Study of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group

Strasbourg, 25 March 2011. Retrieved from http://www.europarl. 003+DOC+XML+V0//ENandquery=INTERVanddetail=2-026-000 [accessed 03 Apr 2012] de Vreese, C. H. (2007), “A Spiral of Euroscepticism: The Media’s Fault?” Acta Politica, vol. 42, pp. 271–286. Zahradil, J. (2011), ‘EU response to a crisis should not be more Europe,’ 5 April 2011. Retrieved from [accessed 13 Nov 2011]

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Cost-of-alcohol studies as a research programme

older male drinkers. Contemporary Drug Problems 23 (3): 479-492 Mäkelä, K. & Simpura, J. (1985): Experiences related to drinking as a function of annual alcohol intake and by sex and age. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 15: 389-404 Markandya, A. & Pearce, D. W. (1989): The social costs of tobacco smoking. British Journal of Addiction 84 (10): 1139-1150 McVeigh, T. (2012): On Cardiff's party streets, they'll put up with dearer drinks - by saving on the taxi home. The Observer [Ref. 25.03

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Analysis of Verbal Fluency Output on Semantic Categories of ‘Food’ and ‘Vehicle’ in Typically Developing Malayalam Speaking Children

and Structure (pp. 259-302). New York, NY: Academic Press. Martin, A., & Fedio, P. (1983). Word production and comprehension in Alzheimer‘s disease: The breakdown of semantic knowledge. Brain and Language, 19(1), 124-141. Mathuranath, P. S., George, A., Cherian, P. J., Alexander, A., Sarma, S. G., & Sarma, P. S. (2003). Effects of age, education and gender on verbal fluency. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 25(8), 1057-1064. doi: 10.1076/jcen.25.8.1057.16736 Mayr, U., & Kliegl, R. (2000). Complex

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Government Capacity and Capacity-Building in Hungary: A New Model in the Making ?

Control and Politicization in Hungary.” Administrative Culture 15(1), 39 – 57. Hajnal, G. and É. Kovács. 2017. “Hungary’s Central State Administration 1990 – 2014.” In J. Nemec and D. Špaček (eds). 25 Years of Public Administration Developments and Reforms in V4 Region. Brno: Masaryk University, 48 – 84. Hajnal, G. and M. Rosta. 2016. “A New Doctrine in the Making ? Doctrinal Foundations of Sub-National Governance Reforms in Hungary 2010 – 2014.” In Administration and Society. . Hajnal, G. and M. Rosta

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