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The effect of tourists’ perceptions of a tourism product on memorable travel experience: Implications for destination branding

References [1] Aschauer, W. (2010). Perceptions of tourists at risky destinations. A model of psychological influence factors. Tourism Review, 65(2), 4-20. [2] Axelsen .M., & Swan, T. (2010). Designing festival experiences to influence visitor perceptions: The case of a wine and food festival. Journal of Travel Research, 49(4) 436-450. [3] Baloglu, S., & McCleary, K. W. (1999a). A model of destination image formation. Annals of Tourism Research, 26(4), 868-897. [4] Beerli, A., & Martı´n, J. D

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Impact of the Organisation of Mega Sporting Events on Selected Elements of the Tourism Sector

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Tourists’ perceived value of wildlife tourism product at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Reference [1] Akama, J. S., & Kieti, D. M. (2003). Measuring tourist satisfaction with Kenya’s wildlife safari: a case study of Tsavo West National Park. Tourism management, 24(1), 73-81. [2] Al-Sabbahy, H. Z., Ekinci, Y. & Riley, M. (2004). An investigation of perceived value dimensions: implications for hospitality research. Journal of Travel Research, 42: 226-234. [3] Ariya, G., & Momanyi, S. (2015). Contribution of gold-ecorated lodges to poverty reduction among local residents in Maasai Mara and Amboseli protected areas, Kenya. Journal of

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Sports Tourism: Terminological Discussion

BIBLIOGRAPHY B ończak B., 2013, Aktywne formy turystyki – problemy terminologiczne, [in:] Nowe–stare formy turystyki w przestrzeni , R. Wiluś, J. Wojciechowska (eds.), ser. „Warsztaty z Geografii Turyzmu”, 3, Wyd. Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, pp. 49-62. G ibson H.J., 1998, Sport tourism: a critical analysis of research, Sport Management Review , 1, pp. 45-76. G ibson H., 2003, Sport tourism: An Introduction to the special issue „Journal of Sport Management”, Journal of Sport Management , 17 (3), pp. 205-213. H all C.M., 1992, Adventure

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in Turyzm
Investments in Recreational and Sports Infrastructure aS A Basis for the Development of Sports Tourism On the Example of Spa Municipalities

References 1. Panasiuk A. (2011) Tourism and recreation management and administration . Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. [in Polish] 2. Central Statistical Office. (2013). Participation of Polish people in sport and physical recreation in 2012 . Warszawa: GUS. [in Polish] 3. Kowalczyk A., Derek M. (2010). Tourism infrastructure . War-szawa: PWN. [in Polish] 4. Spivack E. (1998). Health spa development in the USA: A burgeoning component of sport tourism. Journal of Vacation Marketing 4(1), 65-77. 5. 6. Bidiscombe R. (2007). Creating

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Brand Products of Regional Cuisine in the Promotion of Tourism in Roztocze

Literature 1. Plebańczyk K. (2013). Culinary tourism in the context of balanced development in culture - perspectives for Poland. Turystyka Kulturowa 10, 23-38. [in Polish] 2. Tyran E. (2007). Regional and traditional products as an important part of rural tourism offer. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia 6(3), 121-128. 3. Borowska A. (2008). Attitudes of European consumers towards traditional and regional products. Zeszyty Naukowe SGGW w Warszawie, Ekonomika i organizacja gospodarki żywnościowej 72, 145-159. [in Polish] 4. Matusiak A. (2009

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Gastronomic tourism - stages and evolution

References Brillat-Savarin, J., A.(2015). Fiziologia gustului. Bucureşti : BCC Publishing. Gillespie, C. (2001). European Gastronomy into the 21st century. Oxford: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann. Hall, C.M. & Mitchell, R. (2005b). Gastronomy, food and wine tourism. In Buhalis & Costa (eds), Tourism Business Frontiers: Consumers, Products and Industry. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Hjalager, A.M. (2004). Why do tourists eat and why? Towards a sociology of gastronomy and tourism. Revista Tourism

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The Vocational Skills of Graduates with a Degree in Tourism and Recreation in the Context of the National Qualifications Framework

. [in Polish] 7. University's autonomy. The Qualifications Framework for Higher Education. (2010). Warsaw: MNiSW [in Polish] 8. Research report from the 2 nd edition of A University - being friendly towards employers project. (2012). Warsaw: IPiSP [in Polish] 9. Buchta K., Skiert M. (2008). Assessment of professional qualifications and educational plans by tourism and recre­ation graduates. Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism, 15(1-2), 69-76. 10. Skiert M., Buchta K. (2012). Own business enterprise in

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Effects of Tourism Seasonality at Local Level

References Allcock, J. B., 1989. Seasonality. In S. F. Witt and L. Moutinho (Eds.), Tourism Marketing and Management Handbook (pp. 387-392). London: Prentice Hall. Arnold, R. A., 2008. Economics. Mason: Cengage Learning. BarOn, R. R. V., 1973. Seasonality in tourism - part II. International Tourism Quarterly, 1, 51-67. BarOn, R. R. V., 1993. Seasonality. In M. A. Khan, O. M. D. and T. Var (Eds.), VNR’s Encyclopedia of Hospitality and Tourism. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. BarOn

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