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Radiation processing for cultural heritage preservation – Romanian experience

gamma irradiation and ageing. Restaur.-Int. J. Preserv. Libr. Arch. Mater. , 24 , 145–151. DOI: 10.1515/REST.2003.145. 6. Adamo, M., & Magaudda, G. (2003). Susceptibility of printed paper to attack of chewing insects after gamma irradiation and ageing. Restaur.-Int. J. Preserv. Libr. Arch. Mater. , 24 , 95–105. DOI: 10.1515/REST.2003.95. 7. Adamo, M., Magaudda, G., & Tata, A. (2004). Radiation technology for cultural heritage restoration. Restaur.-Int. J. Preserv. Libr. Arch. Mater. , 25 , 159–170. 8. Adamo, M., Magaudda, G., & Rochetti, F

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The applicability of C-14 measurements in the soil gas for the assessment of leakage out of underground carbon dioxide reservoirs

October - 8 November 2005 (pp. 955-962). Tehran, Iran. 8. Culp, R., & Noakes, J. (2009). Evaluation of bio-based content ASTM Method 6866-06A: Improvements revealed by liquid scintillation counting, accelerator mass spectrometry and stable isotopes for products containing inorganic carbon. In J. Eikenberg, M. Jäaggi, H. Beer, & H. Baehrle (Eds.), LSC 2008 International Conference on Advances in Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry (pp. 269-278). Tucson, Arizona: Radiocarbon. 9. Edler, R. (2009). The use of LSC technology for the

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Dictyonema black shale and Triassic sandstones as potential sources of uranium

review of current methods and technology. JOM, Sept., 12-20. 7. Frąckiewicz, K., Kiegiel, K., Herdzik-Koniecko, I., Chajduk, E., Zakrzewska-Trznadel, G., Wołkowicz, S., Chwastowska, J., & Bartosiewicz, I. (2012). Extraction of uranium from low-grade Polish ores: dictyonemic shales and sandstones. Nukleonika, 58, 451-459. 8. Gajda, D., Kiegiel, K., Zakrzewska-Koltuniewicz, G., Chajduk, E., Bartosiewicz, I., & Wolkowicz, S. (2015). Mineralogy and uranium leaching of ores from Triassic Peribaltic sandstones. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 303

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Comparative analysis between measured and calculated concentrations of major actinides using destructive assay data from Ohi-2 PWR

science and technology (Vol. 25). New York: Kluwer Academic Publishers. 18. OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. (2011). Spent nuclear fuel assay data for isotopic validation. (Nuclear Science NEA/NSC/WPNCS/DOC(2011)5). 19. Harężlak, D., Kasztelnik, M., & Pawlik, M. (2015). RIMROCK Robust Remote Process Controller. Retrieved 21 March 2015, from 20. Konsorcjum PL-Grid. (2015). Retrieved 21 March 2015, from

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Radionuclide neutron source trajectories in the closed nuclear fuel cycle

., Monti, S., Wider, H., Struwe, D., Orden, A., & Hwang, S. (2007). The potential of the LFR and the ELSY project. In International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP 2007): The nuclear renaissance at work. Proceedings of a meeting held 13–18 May 2007, Nice, France (Vol. 5, pp. 3231–3240). Societe Francaise d’Energie Nucleaire (SFEN). 9. Mills, R. W. (2007). Future requirements of nuclear data for the handling, reprocessing and disposal of spent nuclear fuel. In International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology. DOI: 10.1051/ndata

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Design and simulation of a multienergy gamma ray absorptiometry system for multiphase flow metering with accurate void fraction and water-liquid ratio approximation

References 1. Scheers, A. M. (2000). An oil/water/gas composition meter based on multiple energy gamma ray absorption (MEGRA) measurement . ETDEWEB ID:20061564. 2. Holstad, M. B. (2004). Gamma-ray scatter methods applied to industrial measurement systems . Unpublished Ph.D. thesis, Department of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen, Norway. 3. Scheers, A., & Letton, W. (1996). An oil/water/gas composition meter based on multiple energy gamma ray absorption (MEGRA) measurement. In Proceedings of 14th North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop

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Radiocatalytic degradation of dissolved organic compounds in wastewater

). Treatment of wastewater having estrogen activity by ionizing radiation. Radiat. Phys. Chem., 76, 699-706. DOI: 10.1016/j.radphyschem.2006.04.005. 6. Chmielewski, A. G., & Haji-Saeid, M. (2004). Radiation technologies: past, present and future. Radiat. Phys. Chem., 71, 17-21. DOI: 10.1016/j.radphyschem. 2004.05.040. 7. González-Juárez, J. C., Jiménez-Becerril, J., & CejudoÁlvarez, J. (2010). Degradation of 4-chlorophenol by gamma radiation of 137Cs and X-rays. J. Mex. Chem. Soc., 54, 157-159. Available from http

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Taurine-EVA copolymer-paraffin rods dosimeters for EPR high-dose radiation dosimetry

expression of uncertainty in measurement. JCGM 100:2008(F). Severes Cedex, France. 19. International Organization for Standardization. (1995).Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement.GUM:1995. Geneva. 20. Taylor, B. N, & Kuyatt, C. E. (1994). Guidelines for evaluating and expressing the uncertainty of NIST measurement results. National Institute of Standards and Technology: Gaithersburg, MD. (NIST Technical Note 1297). 21. United Kingdom Accreditation Service. (2012). The expression of uncertainty and confidence

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Structural properties of Mn-substituted hercynite

., Tao, G., & Li, Y. (2012). Composition and structure of a composite spinel made from magnesia and hercynite. J. Ceram. Proc. Res., 13(4), 480-485. 16. Gelbmann, G., Krischanitz, R., & Jörg, S. (2013). Hybrid spinel technology provides performance advances for basic cement rotary kiln bricks. RHI Bull., 2, 10-12. 17. Woodland, A. B., & Wood, B. J. (1990). The breakdown of hercynite at low fO2. Am. Miner., 75, 1342-1348. 18. Bromiley, G. D., Gatta, G. D., & Stokes, T. (2015). Manganese incorporation in synthetic hercynite

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TS-BTPhen as a promising hydrophilic complexing agent for selective Am(III) separation by solvent extraction

, 433-444. DOI: 10.1080/07366299.2012.671111. 14. Bell, K., Geist, A., McLachlan, F., Modolo, G., Taylor, R., & Wilden, A. (2012). Nitric acid extraction into TODGA. Procedia Chem., 7, 152-159. DOI: 10.1016/j.proche.2012.10.026. 15. Bourg, S., Hill, C., Caravaca, C., Rhodes, C., Ekberg, C., Taylor, R., Geist, A., Modolo, G., Cassayre, L., Malmbeck, R., Harrison, M., de Angelis, G., Espartero, A., Bouvet, S., & Ouvrier, N. (2011). ACSEPT - Partitioning technologies and actinide science: Towards pilot facilities in Europe. Nucl. Eng. Des

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