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Mechatronic Scanning System with Integrated Micro Electro Mechanical System Position Sensors

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Automatic Bone Drilling – More Precise, Reliable and Safe Manipulation in the Orthopaedic Surgery

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Rotational Effects on Propagation of Rayleigh Wave in a Micropolar Piezoelectric Medium

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Analysis of Ultrahigh Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete Composite Girders. Journal of Bridge Engineering ASCE, 15 (2010), No. 5, 493-502. [21] Dall’Asta, A., A. Zona. Non-linear Analysis of Composite Beams by a Dis- placement Approach, Fifth International Conference on Computational Struc- tures Technology, Belgium, Leuven, Saxe-Coburg, 2000, 337-348. [22] Girhammar, U. A., D. Pan. Exact Static Analysis of Partially Composite Beams and Beam-columns. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 49 (2007), 239-255. [23

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Seismic Soil-Tunnels Interaction Via Bem Part I. Mechanical Model

Finite Difference Methods. PAGEOPH, 148 (1996), No. 1-2, 21-38. [17] Fah, D. A. Hybrid Technique for the Estimation of Strong Ground Motion in Sedimentary Basins, PhD Thesis, ETH No. 9767, Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 1992. [18] Moczo, P., P. Labak, J. Kristek, F. Hron. Amplification and Differential Motion due to an Anti-Plane 2D Resonance in the Sediment Valleys Embedded in a Layer Over the Half-Space. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 86 (1996), 1434-1446. [19] Moczo, P., E. Bystricky

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-yong Wu, Zhejun Liu et al. Application of Acoustic Emission Technigues on Flight Stabilizer Spindle Fatigue Tests. Aircraft Design, 29 (2009), No. 4, 32. [25] Yong Wang, Huizheng J-CunXu. The Technique of Acoustic Emission In- spection of Cylinders of Tube Trailer. Non-destructive Testing, 32 (2010), No 5, 357. [26] Kai Lu Chen. Acoustic Emission Detection Technology and Its Application Perspective in Electric Power Industry. FuJian Power and Electrical Engineering, 21 (2001), No 3, 58. [27] Freund, L. B. Dynamic Fracture

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A Numerical Approach for Estimating the Effects of Multiple Earthquakes to Seismic Response of Structures Strengthened by Cable-Elements

): Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures, Proceedings of the Int. Conf. ERES ’96, Thessaloniki, Computational Mechanics Publications, Wessex Institute of Technology, 1996, 535-544. [4] Tegos, I., G. Liakos, S. Tegou, G. Roupakias, K. A. Stilianidis. An Alternative Proposal for the Seismic Strengthening of Existing R/C Buildings through Tension-ties, in: Technical Chamber of Greece, T.E.E. (editor), 16th Pan-Hellenic Concrete Conference, Cyprus, 2009, CD Proceedings and p.30 of the Abstracts Book. [5] Panagiotopoulos, P. D. Hemivariational

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Effect of a Convective Boundary Condition on Boundary Layer Slip Flow and Heat Transfer Over a Stretching Sheet in View of the Exact Solution

, A. CAMPO. Analytical Solution for Two Phase Flow between Two Rotating Cylinders Filled with Power Law Liquid and a Micro Layer of Gas. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 28 (2014), No. 5, 1849-1854, DOI: 10.1007/s122060130913y.

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Comparison Between Measurements and WRF Numerical Simulation of Global Solar Irradiation in Romania

Energy, 84 (2010) 1772-1781, [3] D. Heinemann, E. Lorenz and M. Girodo, Forecasting of solar radiation in: Dunlop, E.D., Wald, L., Suri, M. (Eds.), Solar Energy Resource Management for Electricity Generation from Local Level to Global Scale. Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, 2006. [4] A. Mellit and A.M. Pavan, Sol. Energy 84 (5) (2010) 807-821. [5] IEA, Energy Technologies at the Cutting Edge, International Energy Agency, OECD Publication Service, OECD, Paris, 2007. [6] G. Grell, J. Dudhia, and D

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Multiscale Monitoring of Deformation Fields by Digital Image Correlation Method

hen , Z., C. Q uan , F. Z hu , X. H e . A Method to Transfer Speckle Patterns for Digital Image Correlation. Measurement Science and Technology , 26 (2015), No. 9 , article no. 095201. [16] C annon , A. H., J. D. H ochhalter , G. F. B omarito , T. R uggles . Micro Speckle Stamping: High Contrast, No Basecoat, Repeatable, Well-Adhered. Proc. of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series , (2017), 141-143. [17] H o , C. C., Y. J. C hang , J. C. H su , C. L. K uo , S. K. K uo , G. H. L ee . Residual Strain Measurement UsingWire EDM and DIC in

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