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The new economic good: Your own personal data. An integrative analysis of the Dark Web

-over-year-increase-in-bank-data-for-sale-on-dark-web-black-markets-300678803.html , (accessed on 23 November 2018). More-with-mobile, ‘Prices and Value of Consumer Data’ (2013) (accessed 12 October 2018). OECD, Data-driven Innovation for Growth and Well-being, Interim Synthesis Report (2014). Secureworks (2018), The Underground Hacker Markets are Booming with Counterfeit Documents, Premiere Credit Cards, Hacker Tutorials and 100% Satisfaction Guarantees. Retrieved from: https

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Accounting for the future: How will corporate business models deliver sustainability?

. (2010). Business Models, Business Strategy, and Innovation. Long Range Planning 43: 172–94. S&P. Global Industry Classification Standard. . Weyzig, F., Kuepper, B., van Gelder, J. W., & van Tilburg, R. (2014). The Price of Doing Too Little Too Late: The impact of the carbon bubble on the EU financial system. . World Resources Institute & World Business Council for Sustainable Development. (2001). The Greenhouse Gas Protocol: A

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Corporate social entrepreneurship initiatives against food waste – The case of Lidl in Romania

, aruncăm o porție de mâncare la gunoi. Retrieved from: . Bonomi, S., Ricciardi, F., & Rossignoli, C. (2016). “Organizational engines for smart territorial networks: The case of an initiative for food waste reduction”. In: D’Ascenzo, F., Magni, M., Lazazzara, A., & Za, S. (Eds.) Blurring the boundaries through digital innovation (pp. 247-258). Springer International Publishing. Deacu, E. (2018, November 22). Săracii români sunt cei mai săraci dintre săracii Europei. Retrieved from: adevarul

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New Methods to Increase the Human Balance and Self Control

Health, The 12-th International Conference on Business Excellence, Innovation and Sustainability in a Turbulent Economic Environment, 22-23 march 2018, Bucharest, Romania. Moss T. (1979) The body electric: a personal journey into the mysteries of parapsychological research, bioenergy and Kirlian photography, Los Angeles, Calif, JP Tarcher. Motoyama, H. (2009) Teorii despre Sistemul Chakrelor, Theories about the Chakras System, Editura Excalibur, Excalibur Publishing House , Bucharest, ISBN 978-973-1930-22-0. Popp F.A. (1998) Electromagnetic bio

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Big-Data and Consumer Profiles – The hidden traps of data collection on social media networks

Journal of Information Management, 36 , 872-882, . Jung, A.R. (2017). The influence of perceived ad relevance on social media advertising: An empirical examination of a mediating role of privacy concern, Computers in Human Behavior, 70 , 303-309. Muninger, M.I.; Hammedi, W.; Mahr, D. (2019). The value of social media for innovation: A capability perspective, Journal of Business Research , 95, 116-127. Nisar T.M.; Prabhakar, G.; Strakova, L. (2019). Social media information benefits, knowledge

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Study on the Factors that Determine the Success of ERP Implementation

Information Systems , 16 (1), 55-71. Mengistie, A. A., Heaton, D. P., & Rainforth, M. (2013). Analysis of the critical success factors for ERP systems implementation in US Federal Offices. In Innovation and Future of Enterprise Information Systems (pp. 183-198). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. Nawaz, M. N., & Channakeshavalu, K. (2013). The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Implementation on Business Performance. Asia Pacific Journal of Research , 2 (4), 13. Rabaa’i, A. A., Bandara, W., & Gable, G. (2009, December). ERP systems in the

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Contributions of social entrepreneurship to textile waste prevention in Romania

, P. (2008). Alternative business models for a sustainable automotive industry. A Tukker, M Charter, C Vezzoli, E Stø, & M Andersen (Eds.), System innovation for sustainability . Sheffield: Greenleaf Publishing. Yin, R. K. (2014). Case Study Research: Design and Methods . Los Angeles: SAGE.

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Game mechanics and aesthetics differences for tangible and intangible goods provided via social media

+Schlesinger,+L.A.+(1997),+The+Service+Profit+Chain,+Free+Press,+New+York, +NY.&lr=&source=gbs_navlinks_s Scheiner, C. W. (2015). The Motivational Fabric of Gamified Idea Competitions: The Evaluation of Game Mechanics from a Longitudinal Perspective. Creativity and Innovation Management , 24 (2), 341–352. Seaborn, K., & Fels, D. I. (2015). Gamification in theory and action: A survey. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies , 74 , 14–31. Sigala, M. (2015). The application and

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Challenges for sustainable development strategies in oil and gas industries


The oil and gas industries remain an important drive for the world economy. On one hand, global demand for fossil fuels is still rising, and on the other hand, companies face complex investment challenges due to the harsh operational environment of exploration and production activities. Workforce regulations aim to provide a safe and secured working environment. However, exploration and production activities still cause local and global environmental risks such as groundwater contamination, or climate change in broader scale. Analyzing and reporting mechanisms are key performance indicators of sustainable development at the level of oil and gas companies. Obtaining and analyzing required data, nevertheless, seem to be a persistent challenge as to what degree these findings can affect the routine and strategic decisions of the oil and gas companies. In order to enable oil and gas companies to measure and control risks and manage incidents, artificial intelligent technologies in extended monitoring and supervising E&P operations is known to be an efficient prevention strategy. Such tools not only aid in profitability of the oil and gas companies, but also increase awareness of environment and climate change to act more responsibly. In this study, the significances of environmental policies were investigated through interviews with executives and stakeholders, revealing that the implementation of environmental protection policies is affected by the financial stability of the companies, and under severe economic situations, companies seem less enthusiastic in strictly implementing those policies. This paper provides a comprehensive review of emerging technologies in addressing existing and foreseen challenges in sustainable development in oil and gas industries, with the aim of suggesting prime solutions for strategic planning attempts.

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Business modeling process for university’s technology transfer offices

References Baglieri, D., Baldi, F., Tucci, C. (2015), “University Technology Transfer Office Business Models: One Size does NOT Fit All”, DRUID2015 Conference on “The RELEVANCE of INNOVATION”, June 15-17, 2015 at LUISS BS in Rome, Italy. Landry, R., Amara, N., Cloutier, J.S., Halilem, N. (2013), “Technology transfer organizations: Services and business models”, Technovation 33, available at: , pp. 431–449. Marin, A., Boanță, L., Hadăr, A., Badea, D.M., Vlăduț, G., Bucur, D., Ciocănel, B

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