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Special Devices for Regional Anaesthesia

. 6270483, filed Aug. 7, 2001. La Grange, P., Foster, P., Pretorius, L. (1978). Application of Doppler ultrasound blood flow detector in supraclavicluar brachial plexus block. Brit. J. Anaesth. , 50, 965-967. Lemmon, W. T. (1940). A method of continuous spinal anaesthesia. Ann. Surg. , 111, 141-144. Miller, C. H., Kaldun, M. R. (1978). Peripheral nerve stimulator, United States Patent No. 4157087, filed Mar. 6, 1978. Montgomery, S. J., Raj, P. P., Nettles, D., Jenkins

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Potential Impact of Climate Change on Aquatic Vegetation of River Salaca, Latvia

-243. Melzer, A. (1999). Aquatic macrophytes as tools for lake management. Hydrobiologia , 395/396, 181-190. Middlekoop, H. (2000). The impact of climate change on the River Rhine and the implications for water management in the Netherlands. Lelystad: Lelystad: RIZA (Institute for Inland Water Management and Waste Water Treatment). 156 pp. Sand-Jensen, K. (1998). Influence of submerged macrophytes on sediment composition and near bed flow in lowland streams. Freshwater Biol. , 39(4), 663

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Dissolved organic matter concentration changes in river waters of Latvia

on DOC exports from three upland catchment. Biogeochemistry , 90 , 93-113. Depetris, P.J., Kempe, S. (1993). Carbon dynamics and sources in the Parana River. Limnol. Oceanogr. , 38 (2), 382-395. Erlandsson, M., Buffam, I., Fölster, J., Laudon, H., Temnerud, J., Weyhenmeyer, G.A., Bishop, K. (2008). Thirty-five years of synchrony in the organic matter concentrations of Swedish rivers explained by variation in flow and sulphate. Global Change Biol. , 14 , 1-8. European Environment

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HLA Class II-DRB,-DQA and –DQB Genotypes in Peripheral Blood Shows Shifts During the Course of Sepsis

monitoring by flow cytometry as a promising tool for individualized therapy. Cytometry B Clin. Cytom., 90 (4), 376–386. Monneret, G., Venet, F., Pachot, A., Lepape, A. (2008). Monitoring immune dysfunctions in the septic patient: A new skin for the old ceremony. Mol. Med. , 17 , 64–78. Hutchins, N. A., Unsinger, J., Hotchkiss, R. S., Ayala, A. (2014). The new normal: Immuno-modulatory agents against sepsis immune suppression. Trends Mol. Med ., 20 (4), 224–233. Otto, G. P., Sossdorf, M., Claus, R. A., Rödel, J., Menge, K., Reinhart, K., Bauer, M

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Genetic Differentiation of Dabbling Ducks (Anseriformes: Anas) Populations From Palaearctic in Time and Space

wintering mallards. Auk , 113 (2), 339--345. Robertson, G.J. (1999). Winter philopatry in migratory waterfowl. Auk , 116 (1), 20--34. Scott, D., Rose, P. (1996). Atlas of Anatidae populations in Africa and Western Eurasia. Wetlands International Publication , 41 , 1--336. Scribner, K.T., Petersen, M.R., Fields, R.L., Talbot, S.L., Pearce, J.M., Chesser, R.K. (2001). Sex-biased gene flow in spectacled eiders (Anatidae): Inferences from molecular markers with contrasting modes of inheritance

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Amenity Migration in Postsocialist Metropolis: The Case of Rīga Agglomeration

pētnieciskie raksti 3(4), 130-149 (in Latvian). Krišjāne, Z., Bauls, A. (2007). Migrācijas plūsmu regionālās iezīmes Latvijā [Regional features of migration flows in Latvia]. Paaudžu nomaiņa un migrācija Latvijā. Stratēgiskās analīzes komisija. Zinātniski pētnieciskie raksti , 4(15), 130-143 (in Latvian). Krupka, J. D. (2004). Location-specific Human Capital, Migration and Amenities. Georgia State University: Urban and Regional Analysis Group. 45 pp. Kulu, H., Billari, F. C. (2004) Multilevel

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Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Gene and Plasma Pro-ANP Concentration in Patients with Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma

). ANF mRNA is detected by the polymerase chain reaction technique in the chorioidea and bodies but not in the retina of the rat eye. Endocrinology , 129, 559-561. Gutkowska, J., Nemer, M. (1989). Structure, expression, and function of atrial natriuretic factor in extraatrial tissues. Endocrin Rev. , 10, 519-536. Henry, J.P., Pearce, J.W. (1956). The possible role of cardiac stretch receptors in the induction of changes in urine flow. J. Physiol. , 131, 572-594. Jeoung, J.W., Kim, D.M., Ko

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Effects of Varying Tobacco Rod Circumference on Cigarette Combustion: An Experimental Investigation

Ventilation Level on Gas-Phase Temperature Distribution Inside a Burning Cigarette; Beitr. Tabakforsch. Int. 26 (2014) 191–203. DOI: 10.1515/cttr-2015-0007 22. Li, B., L.C. Zhao, L. Wang, C. Liu, K.G. McAdam, and B. Wang: Gas-Phase Pressure and Flow Velocity Fields Inside a Burning Cigarette During a Puff; Thermochim. Acta 623 (2016) 22–28. DOI: 10.1016/j.tca.2015.11.006 23. Cui, X.M., C.F. Yu, H.J. Li, L. Wang, L.C. Zhao, and B. Li: Characterization of Instantaneous Burning Rate and Analysis of Regional Characters in Burning Cone Based on Cigarette Temperature

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Factors Determining Competitiveness in Healthcare Institutions in Latvia – Results of the EKOSOC-LV National Research Programme

— Attracting Japanese tourists for medical tourism experience. J. Travel Tour. Market., 29 (1), 69–86. Lunt, N., Carrera, P. (2011). Systematic review of web sites for prospective medical tourists. Tourism Rev. , 66 (1/2), 57–67. Lunt, N. T., Mannion, R., Exworthy, M. (2013). A framework for exploring the policy implications of UK medical tourism and international patient flows. Social Policy Admin. , 47 (1), 1–25. Lunt, N., Smith, R., Exworthy, M., Green, S. T., Horsfall, D., Mannion, R. (2011). Medical Tourism: Treatments, Markets and Health

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Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Kidney Transplant Recipients

antibodies in kidney transplantation: An algorithm based on pretransplant single-antigen flow bead techniques. Amer. J. Transplant ., 11 , 1592-1598. Loupy, A., Suberbielle-Boissel, C., Hill, G., Nochy, D. (2009). Outcome of subclinical antibody-mediated rejection in kidney transplant recipients with preformed donor-specific antibodies. Amer. J. Transplant., 9 , 2561-2570. Loupy, A., Hill, G., Suberbielle, C. (2011). Significance of C4d Banff scores in early protocol biopsies of kidney transplant recipients with performed donor

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