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Possibilities of Satisfying the Energy Needs of Rural Community Residents with Renewable Energy Sources – the Case of Poland

energetyki na Dolnym Śląsku. In Barometr Regionalny, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 113-120. GRADZIUK, P. - GRADZIUK, B. 2016. Low-carbon economy - a new challenge for rural comunes. In Wieś i Rolnictwo, no. 170/1, pp. 105-126. Implementacja prawa klimatyczno-energetycznego UE w Polsce. Warszawa : Fundacja Client Earth Poland, 2013. ISBN 978- 83-938296-0-6. [online] Available at: KLOJZY-KARCZMARCZYK B. - MAZUREK, J. 2009. Local government

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Sustainability and Control Issues of the Financial Management of Local Governments – Through Hungary’s Example

. Local self-government in Hungary: The impact of crisis. In Nunes, S.C. – Buček, J. (Eds.). Local government and urban governance in Europe. Cham : Springer International Publishing, 2017, (pp. 71–87). doi: FOREMNY, D. 2014. Sub-national deficits in European countries: The impact of fiscal rules and tax autonomy. In European Journal of Political Economy, vol. 34, 2014, pp. 86–110. doi: HABÁNIK, J. – KORDOŠ, M. – HOŠTÁK, P. 2016. Competitiveness of Slovak economy and

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Business Model Innovation as a Tool to Establish Corporate Sustainability

:// Cai , Y. - jo , h. - pan c. 2012. Doing Well While Doing Bad? CSR in Controversial Industry Sectors. In Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 108, 2012, no. 4, pp. 467-480. Chesbrough, H. 2010. Business Model Innovation: Opportunities and Barriers. In Long Range Planning, vol. 43, 2010, no. 2-3, pp. 354-363. Davis , G. F. 2016. Organization Theory and the Dilemmas of a Post-Corporate Economy. in Joel Gehman

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Territorial Examination of the Income Status of Hungarian Cities’ and Towns’ Inhabitants

, KFT. 2016. GeoIndex, Települési vásárlóerő 2014. Available at: HOWARD, E. 1902. Garden cities of To-morrow. London : Swan Sonnenschein & Co., Ltd, 1902, 195 p. HUZSVAI, L. - Vincze, Sz. 2012. SPSS-könyv. Seneca Books Kiadó, 2012. KÁPOSZTA, J. et al. 2014. Efficiency of Hungarian regions in using the development funds for touristic purposes, Regional Economy. In South of Russia, vol. 4, 2014, no. 6, pp. 33-39. LE CORBUSIER. 1986. Towards a New

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Farmers’ Markets as a Business Model Encouraging Sustainable Production and Consumption

, pp. 1008–1017. DIMITROV, D. – IVANOVA, M. 2017. Trends in organic farming development in Bulgaria: applying circular economy principles to sustainable rural development. In Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development, vol. 6, 2017, no. 1, pp. 10–16. Farmers’ markets “Hrancoop”: Farmhopping: Foundation for Organic Agriculture Bioselena: Foundation MAINVILLE, D. 2010. Foundations for a successful farmers market

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Is Rural Tourism a Perspective Driver of Development of Rural Municipalities? – The Case of Slovak Republic

. Pojem vidiek, jeho definícia a typológia. [online] Nitra : SPU, 2013. 24 p. Study material for the course 314U501 Rural Development. [[Retrieved 2016-03-16]. Retrieved from: <;download=6662;lang=sk > FLEISCHER, A., FELSENSTEIN, D. 2000. Support for Rural Tourism - Does it Make a Difference? In Annals of Tourism Research, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 1007-1024. GANNON, A. 1994. Rural tourism as a factor in rural community economic development for economies in transition. In Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Vol. 2

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The Change Of Residents’ Attitudes Towards Renewable Energy Sources In 2006–2014 As A Reflection Of Primary Research

Conference, Rice University, May 3, 2003. 16. p. TABI, A. 2011. Analysis of the Hungarian households’ energy footprint based on resident survey. In Csutora M. (ed.): The economy of ecological footprint. Aula Kiadó, Budapest, 2011. pp. 77–90. TABI, A. 2013. Renewable energy survey 2013. Analysis of the social acceptances of renewable energy technologies . Download: 2015. 02. 02. TAKÁCS, I. – TAKÁCS-GYÖRGY. K. 2013. Arguments for the optimisation of using biomass for energy production. Applied

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The Relationship Between Farm Size And Productivity In Slovakia

-hills. Munich Personal RePEc Archive. Paper no. 7638. ÜNAL GÜL, F. 2008. Small is beautiful: Evidence of an Inverse Relationship between Farm Size and Yield in Turkey. The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. Working paper no. 551. VERMA, B. N. – BROMLEY, D.W. 1987. The Political Economy of Farm Size in India: The Exlusive Quest. In Economic Development and Cultural Change, vol. 35, 1987, no. 4, pp. 791–808.

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Sustainable Rural Development in Russia Through Diversification: The Case of the Stavropol Region

References Bondarenko , L. 2011. Employment in Rural Areas and Diversification of Rural Economics. In: Economics of Agriculture of Russia, 2011. no. 1, p. 71-76. Erokhin, V. - Ivolga , A. 2012. How to Ensure Sustainable Development of Agribusiness in the Conditions of Trade Integration: Russian Approach. In. International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (IJSEM), vol. 2, 2012. no. 1, p. 12-23. Erokhin, V. - Ivolga , A. 2013. Tourism as an Approach to Sustainable Rural Development: Case of Southern

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The Extended Functions of Strategic Controlling in Relation to the Value Creation of Sustainable Development

, vol. 3, 2016, no. 1, pp. 1–8. GRI. 2013. Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4: Reporting Principles and Standard Discloures. Amsterdam, The Netherlands : Global Reporting Initiative, 2013. KESZI SZEREMLEI, A. – MAGDA, R. 2015. Sustainable production and consumption. In Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development, vol. 4, 2015, no. 2, pp. 57–61. LACY, P. – ROSENBERG, D. – DREWELL, Q. – RUTQVIST, J. 2013. 5 Business Models That Are Driving. In The Circular Economy, 2013. MAGDA, R. 2013. Difficulties in sustainability and land

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