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An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of Economic Growth in the Western Balkans

Economies. Eastern European Economics, 53(4), 309-327. doi: Greene, W. H., 2008. Econometric analysis (6th ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. Hausman, J. A., 1978. Specification Tests in Econometrics. Econometrica, 46(6), 1251-1271. doi: Hausman, J. A., and Taylor, W. E., 1981. Panel Data and Unobservable Individual Effects. Econometrica, 49(6), 1377-1398. doi: Hausmann, R., Rodrik, D

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Performance Analysis of Two Big Data Technologies on a Cloud Distributed Architecture. Results for Non-Aggregate Queries on Medium-Sized Data

. Velicanu, C. Amancei, M. Andreica and A. Zamfiroiu (Eds.), International Conference on Informatics in Economy (pp. 352-360). Bucharest: Bucharest Univ Economic Studies-Ase. Cooper, B. F., Silberstein, A., Tam, E., Ramakrishnan, R., and Sears, R., 2010. Benchmarking cloud serving systems with YCSB. Paper presented at the 1st ACM symposium on Cloud computing (published in the Proceedings), Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. doi: Doulkeridis, C., and Norvag, K., 2014. A survey of large-scale analytical

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Beveridge Curve Shifts – Europe 2020 Perspectives

References Benati, L., and Lubik, T. A., 2013. The Time-Varying Beveridge Curve. Working Paper Series . Blanchard, O., 2005. European Unemployment: The Evolution of Facts and Ideas. NBER Working Paper Series . Blanchard, O., Jaumotte, F., and Loungani, P., 2013. Labor Market Policies and IMF Advice in Advanced Economies During the Great Recession. IMF Stuff Disscussion Note . Bouvet, F., 2012. The

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The Effect of Credit Risk and Capital Adequacy on the Profitability of Rural Banks in the Philippines

specification for panel data: Monte Carlo evidence and an application to employment equations. Review of Economic Studies, 58 (2), 277-297. doi: Aremu, M. A., Ekpo, I. C., and Mustapha, A. M., 2013. Determinants of banks' profitability in a developing economy: Evidence from Nigerian banking industry. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, 4 (9), 155-181. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, 2013. Philippine Banking System. Status Report on the Philippine Financial System . http

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Regional Economic Growth Disparities in Ukraine: Input-Output Analysis Approach

Political Economy, 100 (2), 223-251. doi: Baumol, W., 1986. Productivity growth, convergence, and welfare: What the long-run data show. The American Economic Review, 76 , 1072-1085. Benovs’ka, L., 2013. Assessment of regional convergence in Ukraine. Regional economics. Working papers of Lutsk National University, 10 (39), 5-11. Cabrer, B., Contreras, D., and Miravete, E. J., 1991. Aggregation in input-output tables: How to select the best cluster linkage. Economic Systems Research, 3 (2), 99-110. doi: http

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Strong Competition Among Audit Companies and Power to Achieve Higher Audit Fees: Who is at the Forefront?

), 139-160. doi: Hallak, R. T. P., and da Silva, A. L. C., 2012. Determinantes das despesas com serviços de auditoria e consultoria prestados pelo auditor independente no Brasil. [Determinants of audit and non-audit fees provided by independent auditors in Brazil]. Revista Contabilidade & Financas, 23 (60), 223-231. doi: Hassan, Y. M., and Naser, K., 2013. Determinants of audit fees: Evidence from an emerging economy. International Business Research, 6 (8), 13

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Serres National Cadaster: An Intestate Succession Preliminary Case Study

Markets. Harvard Law Review, 111 (3), 621-688. doi: Heller, M. A., 1999. The Boundaries of Private Property. Yale Law Review, 108 (6), 1163-1223. doi: Krugman, P., 1991. Increasing Returns and Economic Geography. Journal of Political Economy, 99 (3), 483-499. doi: Marsden, T., Banks, J., and Bristow, G., 2002. The Social Management of Rural Nature: Understanding Agrarian - based Rural Development. Environment & Planning, 34 (5), 809-825. doi

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From Orthodoxy to Heterodoxy: Financial Crisis Literature Compared

Economy: Yale University Press. Minsky, H. P., 1991. Financial Crisis: Systematic or Idiosyincratic. Levy Economics Institute Working Papers, 51(april), 29. Minsky, H. P., 1992a. The Capital Development of the Economy and The Structure of Financial Institutions. Levy Economics Institute Working Papers, 72(january), 32. Minsky, H. P., 1992b. The financial instability hypothesis. Levy Economics Institute Working Papers, 74(may), 10. http

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Ownership and Control in Large Eastern European Companies

spoil the goulash? Corporate Governance: An International Review, 13(2), 254-264. DOI: Estrin, S., Hanousek, J., Kocenda, E., and Svejnar, J., 2009. The Effects of Privatization and Ownership in Transition Economies. Journal of Economic Literature, 47(3), 699-728. DOI: Filatotchev, I., Jackson, G., and Nakajima, C., 2013. Corporate governance and national institutions: A review and emerging research agenda. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30

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The Impact of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis on the Structure of the Transmission of Price Innovations Across Financial Markets: The Case of Southwest Asian Equity Markets

Economic and Management Sciences, 16(4), 418-434. Islam, R., 2014. Comparing financial contagion and volatility spill over and structural break within major Asian economies pre and post global recession to that of Asian crisis. Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 16(4), 92-111. Kenani, J. M., Purnomo, J., and Maoni, F., 2013. The impact of the global financial crisis on the integration of the Chinese and Indonesian stock markets. International Journal of Economics and Finance, 5(9), 69-81. DOI:

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