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X-ray Analysis of Biomass Wood Briquette Structure

wibracyjnego przy użyciu sit o szczelinie 3,15 mm lub mniejszej. Raslavičius, L., Grzybek, A., Dubrovin, V. (2011). Bioenergy in Ukraine – Possibilities of rural development and opportunities for local communities. Energy Policy, 39 (6), 3370-3379. Roman, M. (2015) Compost heap in agrotourism farm as an example of the renewable source of energy, Economic and Regional Studies, 8 (3), 123-130. Skalweit, H. (1938). Kräfte und Beanspruchungen in Strohpressen . 4 Konstrukteur-Kursus. RKTL, 88, 1-8. Skonecki, S., Laskowski, J. (2010). Wpływ wielkości

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Verification of Economic and Agricultural Indicators With the Use of Statistical Methods on the Example of Individual Farms

, K. ( 2008). Wydajność pracy i ziemi w wybranych gminach województwa małopolskiego. Agricultural Engineering, 10 (108), 185-191. Morzy, T. (2007). Eksploracja danych. Nauka, 3 , 83-104. Neal, K. van Alfen (2014). Policy Frameworks for International Agricultural and Rural Development. Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems, Volume 5, 489-50. Park, H.S., Baik, D.K. (2006). A study for control of client value using cluster analysis. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Vol. 29, No. 4, 262-276. Piłatowska, M. (2011

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Vertical Forces Acting on Cultivator Tines in the Aspect of Shearing Speed and Flexibility of Tines

on subsoiler performance. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 32 (3), 353-362. Berntsen, R.; Berre, B.; Torp, T.; Aasen, H. (2006). Tine forces established by a two-level model and the draught requirement of rigid and flexible tines. Soil & Tillage Research, 90 , 230-241. Chen, Y.; Cavers, C.; Tessier, S.; Monero, F.; Lobb, D. (2005). Short-term tillage effects on soil cone index and plant development in a poorly drained, heavy clay soil. Soil & Tillage Research, 82 , 161-171. Davoudi, S.; Alimardani, R.; Keyhani, A.; Atarnejad, R. (2008). A Two

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Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Modelling The Contact Area of Grain Seeds

:978-3-540-22980. Fang, Q., Hanna, M.A., Haque, E., Spillman, C.K. (2000). Neural network modeling of energy requirements for size reduction of wheat. Transactions Of The ASAE Volume: 43, Issue: 4, 947-952. Francik, S., Frączek, J. (2001). Model development of the external friction of granular vegetable materials on the basis of artificial neural networks. International Agrophysics, 15, 231-236. Frączek, J. (2003). Wpływ kształtu nasion na wartość powierzchni kontaktu. Inżynieria Rolnicza, 9(51), 81-88. Frączek, J., Kaczorowski, J. i

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Analysis of Broadband Antenna Radiation Pulses

. Antennas. Issue. 1 , p. 8-16. Terenov, D.B., Gutsol, T.D. (2015). Analysis of content management methods in projects . National production and economy in the conditions of reform: the state and prospects of innovation development and interregional integration, pp. 23-25 Ymmoreev, I.Y. (2010). Spatio-temporal changes UWB signals during the emission and reception of large antennas. Ymmoreev I. Y. IV All-Russian Conference “Radiolocation and Radio Communication” Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 29 November –3

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Level and Structure of Inputs in Specialist Farms

-Chegini, Zeynab & Kosari Moghaddam, Armaghan & Nikkhah, F. (2017). Musculoskeletal Disorders, Energy Use, and Costs of Human Labor for Paddy Cultivation in Northern Iran. The International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development (IJAMAD), 7 , 439-446. Paszko, D. (2008). Wpływ zmienności kosztów siły roboczej na opłacalność produkcji owoców jagodowych. Zeszyty Naukowe Instytutu Sadownictwa i Kwiaciarstwa im. Szczepana Pieniążka , 16 , 223-234 Poradnik rolnictwa ekologicznego . Część III. (2014) Raport on-line (2017). Raport o stanie rolnictwa

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Optimisation of Osmotic Dehydration of Plums

storage process of previously frozen plums . [w]: Food Technology Opertaions. New Vistas. Red. W. Kopeć i M. Korzeniowska. Wyd. Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego, Wrocław, 233–241. Rahman, M.S., Perera, C.O. (2007). Drying and food preservation . W: Handbook of food preservation. Red. M.S. Rahman, CRC Press, USA, 412. Rastogi, N.K., Raghavarao, K.S.M.S., Niranjan, K., Knorr, D. (2002). Recent developments in osmotic dehydration: methods to enhance mass transfer. Trends in Food Science Technology, 2 (13), 48-59. Rastogi, N.K., Raghavarao, K. (2004). Mass

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Prediction of Pre-Compression Stress of Soil with Uniaxial Test

Agricultural Research , 43 (3), 180-186. Nawaz, M., F., Bourrié, G., Trolard, F. (2013). Soil compaction impact and modelling. A review. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 33 , 291-309. Nhantumbo, A. B. J. C., Cambule, A. H. (2006). Bulk density by Proctor test as a function of texture for agricultural soils in Maputo province of Mozambique. Soil & Tillage Research, 87 , 231-239. PN-88/B-04481 (1988). Grunty budowlane. Badania próbek gruntu. Polskie Towarzystwo Gleboznawcze (2009). Klasyfikacja uziarnienia gleb i utworów mineralnych – PTG 2008

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Evaluation of Subsoil Compaction of Plastic Soils

. Zawadzki S. (red.), (1993): Gleboznawstwo. PWRiL, Warszawa, ISBN 83-09-00083-9. Gregorich, E. G., Carter, M.R. (1997). Soil quality for crop production and ecosystem health. Developments in soil science 25. Elsevier, Amsterdam, ISBN 0-444-86661-5. Hakansson, I., Lipiec, J. (2000). A revive of the usefulness of relative bulk density values in studies of soil structure and compaction. Soil and Tillage Research, 53, 71-85. Iancu, M. (2001). Technique for Reducing Subsoil Compaction of Pedogenetic Origin. Proceedings of the 3rd

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Effects of Glycerol and Diameter of Holes in Breaker Plate on Performance of Screw Mixer for Nanocomposites

. (2004). A study on the effects of chaotic mixer design and operating conditions on morphology development in immiscible polymer systems. Polymer Engineering and Science , 44 (3), 407-422. Potente, H., Ansahl, J., Klarholz, B. (1994). Design of Tightly Intermeshing Co-Rotatin Twin Screw Extruders, Intern . Polymer Processing IX, Hanser Publishers, Munich. Book ISBN 978-1-56990-516-6

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