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Variation in morpho-physiological, biochemical and molecular responses of two Eucalyptus species under short-term water stress

ONE 10, e0121041. Carroll, D.A., Hansen, N.C., Hopkins, B.G., De Jonge, K.C., 2017: Leaf temperature of maize and Crop Water Stress Index with variable irrigation and nitrogen supply. Irrigation Science 35, 549–560. Chaves, M.M., Maroco, J.P., Pereira, J.S., 2003: Understanding plant responses to drought from genes to the whole plant. Functional Plant Biology 30, 239–264. Cheng, J., Chu, P., Chen, D., Bai, Y., Niu, S., 2016: Functional correlations between specific leaf area and specific root length along a regional environmental gradient in Inner

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Sensory and ATP derivative-based indicators for assessing the freshness of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and cod (Gadus morhua)

The sensory analysis (QIM and QDA) was carried out as described earlier at times t = 0, 2, 3, 6, 8 and 10. At the same time intervals, the ATP derivative analysis was performed using two samples from the same fish and the TVC was obtained using four samples (two inner flesh samples and two outer skin swab samples) from the same fish. This constituted one trial, which was then repeated twice more. The equation of best fit and the correlation coefficients (R) of QIM and QDA against TVC (flesh and skin swab), storage time in ice, IMP concentration (mg/g), Hx

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Effect of seed size on soil cover, yield, yield components and nitrogen uptake of two-row malting barley

larger seeds may enable a higher germination can be drawn from the results. Guberac et al. (1998) have shown for oat and Gross (1984) for six monocarpic perennial plants that larger seed size resulted in higher germination (due to the larger endosperm). With increasing seed size, higher soil coverage occurred in the first year, probably due to higher emergence and/or higher early vigor of seedlings and plants emerging from larger seeds. A positive correlation of seedling growth with seed size (and seed N content) has been shown for maize ( Krug, 1969 ). Soil

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Influence of tillage depth of a cultivator on the incorporation of crop residues of winter barley in a chernozem soil

hand, observed no significant correlation between the TD of a cultivator (0.05, 0.10, and 0.15 m) and the degree of soil coverage. Figure 1 shows the marked differences in results with the two methods: The line transect method resulted in a high degree of coverage with all three TD, while the mean values (MV) of the image analysis were significantly lower for all three TD. In the studies of Walther (2009) and Winnige et al. (1998) , the line transect method also resulted in a higher degree of soil coverage compared to image analysis. Pforte (2010) explained

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Water Temperature Influence on Selected Properties of Surface River Water Throughout the Year (River Nitra)


Vanková V., Petluš P.: Water temperature influence on selected properties of surface river water throughout the year (river Nitra). Ekológia (Bratislava), Vol. 33, No. 2, p. 151-159, 2014.

Assessment of chosen surface water properties was realised as a part of broader research on environmental aspects of urban environment. Analyses of selected physical and chemical water properties, oxygen and temperature regime, neutralisation capacity, selected nutrients and measurements of air temperature was done in monthly intervals during 2012 at three localities. Two of the assessed localities are at river Nitra: Nitra Communal Services and housing estate Chrenová I. The third locality is the oxbow lake of Malá Hangócka river at Nitra City Park. We have assessed the volume of oxygen concentration (O2, mg/l) and oxygen regime, phosphates (P-PO4 -3, mg/l), ammoniac nitrogen (N-NH4 +, mg/l), nitrites (N-NO2 -, mg/l), pH and water temperature (°C) from the collected samples. Out of these analyses the values of the above mentioned indicators, their annual fluctuation and water quality of observed localities were obtained. The influence of human activities on water properties and its quality was further assessed. Statistical methods such as two-factor dispersion analysis without replication and correlation coefficient were applied to validate the correlation of selected surface water properties, water and air temperature and to compare observed localities.

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Correlation and Factor Analysis of Grain Yield and Some Important Component Characters in Spring Bread Wheat Genotypes

REFERENCES Akhtar, N., M.A. Chowdhary, 2006 - Estimation of genetic and phenotypic correlation coefficients among grain yield and its components in bread wheat. Int’l. J. Agric. Biol., 8(4): 516-522. Dehghani, D., H. Omidi, N. Sabaghnia, 2008 - Graphic analysis of trait relations of canola ( Brassica napus L.) using biplot method. Agron J., 100:760-764. Deyong, Z., 2011 - Analysis among main agronomic traits of spring wheat ( Triticum aestivum ) in Qinghai Tibet plateau. Bulgarian J. Agric. Sci., 17:615-622. Everitt, B.S., G. Dunn

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Correlation between selected elements of wood macrostructure and maturity of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) growing on post-agricultural land

Wybrane elementy budowy makrostrukturalnej drewna a dojrzałść sosny zwyczajnej (Pinus sylvestris L.) wyrosłej w warunkach gruntów porolnych

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Correlation of domination parameters with physicochemical properties of octane isomers

2 113.5 295.0 27.60 102.39 0.7191 1.3698 217.3 37.75 2233MMMM 2 2 2 106.5 270.8 24.50 93.06 0.8242 1.4612 225.6 42.90 Next, we obtain a cross-correlation matrix of domination parameters, which is shown in Table 2 . Table 2 Cross correlation matrix of domination parameters.   γ c γ t γ t ′ $\begin{array}{} \displaystyle \gamma _t^\prime \end{array}$ γ c 1.000     γ t 0.926 1.000   γ t ′ $\begin{array}{} \displaystyle \gamma _t^\prime \end{array}$ 0

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Seminoma, Sertolioma, and Leydigoma in Dogs: Clinical and Morphological Correlations

, pp. 547-573. 13. Maiolino P., Restucci B., Paparella S., Paciello O., De Vico G.: Correlation of nuclear morphometric features with animal and auman World Health Organization international histological classification of canine spontaneus seminomas. Vet Pathol 2004, 41 , 608-611. 14. Malicka E., Piusiński W., Sendecka H., Kielecki W., Osińska B., Lenartowicz-Kubrat Z.: Tumors in dogs in anatomopathological researches since 1985 to 1993. Medycyna Wet 1996, 52 , 103-106. 15. Masserdotti C., Bonfanti U., De Lorenzi D

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Suitability of MODIS-based NDVI index for forest monitoring and its seasonal applications in Central Europe

’Arrigo, R. D., Paletta, L. F., Tian, H. Q., Jolly, W. M., Myneni, R. B., 2008: Identifying climatic controls on ring width: The timing of correlations between tree rings and NDVI. Earth Interactions, 12:1–14. Koltay, A., 2006: Az erdők egészségi állapotának változásai az erdővédelmi monitoring rendszerek adatai alapján. Tájökológiai lapok, 2:327–337. Kovats, R. S., Valentinim, R., Bouwer, L. M., Georgopoulou, E., Jacob, D., Martin, E. et al., 2014: Europe. In: Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability. Part B: Regional Aspects. Contribution

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