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Photogrammetry at the Warsaw University of Technology – Past and Present

- Integrating TLS and Image Data, Remote Sensing, nr 7(12), 2015, 16963-16985. doi: 10.3390/rs71215869. Ostrowski, W., Bakuła, K., (2016). Towards Efficiency of Oblique Images Orientation. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XL-3/W4, 91-96. doi:10.5194/isprsarchives-XL-3-W4-91-2016 Piegat, T., Piotrowski, W. (2015). Wykonanie trójwymiarowego modelu budynku na poziomie LoD3 z wykorzystaniem integracji wybranych technik. Praca dyplomowa inżynierska, Wydział Geodezji i kartografii

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Processing EEG signals acquired from a consumer grade BCI device

. Liu, Z. Wan and C. Hu, “A noninvasive real-time driving fatigue detection technology based on left prefrontal Attention and Meditation EEG,” 2014 International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Information Integration for Intelligent Systems (MFI), Beijing, 2014, pp. 1-6. [19] J. W. Britton, L.C. Frey, J. L. Hopp et al., authors; E.K St. Louis., L.C. Frey, editors. Electroencephalography (EEG): An Introductory Text and Atlas of Normal and Abnormal Findings in Adults, Children, and Infants [Internet]. Chicago: American Epilepsy Society; 2016. The Available

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Circumventing Cryptographic Deniability with Remote Attestation

ePrint Archive, Report 2017/578, 2017, . [33] B. Schneier, Applied Cryptography . Wiley, 1996. [34], “Personal communication,” May 2018. [35] A. Serhrouchni and I. Hajjeh, “Intégration de la signature numérique au protocole SSL/TLS,” Annales Des Télécommunications , vol. 61, no. 5–6, pp. 522–541, 2006. [36] Y. Swami, “SGX remote attestation is not sufficient,” Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2017/736, 2017, . [37] Twitter. (2018) About direct messages

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Privacy Challenges in the Quantified Self Movement – An EU Perspective

SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI ’04, pages 471-478, New York, NY, USA, 2004. ACM. [22] C. Jensen, C. Potts, and C. Jensen. Privacy practices of internet users: Self-reports versus observed behavior. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 63(1-2):203-227, 2005. {HCI} research in privacy and security. [23] J. Kahn. RunKeeper, Withings, Strava, & iHealth plan HealthKit integration, excited for medical industry tie-in. Webpage, June 2014.

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Fuzzy Similarity and Fuzzy Inclusion Measures in Polyline Matching: A Case Study of Potential Streams Identification for Archaeological Modelling in GIS

application to analyses of the vegetation on Danish commons. Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab, 5(4), 1-34. Tang, X., Fang, Y. & Kainz, W. (2006). Fuzzy Topological Relations between Fuzzy Spatial Objects. In: Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, Proceedings, vol. 4223, 324-333. doi: 10.1007/11881599_37. Toomanian, A., Harrie, L., Mansourian, A. & Pilesjö, P. (2013). Automatic integration of spatial data in viewing services. Journal of Spatial Information Science, 6, 43-58. doi: 10.5311/JOSIS.2013.6.87. Van Leusen, M

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Linking Health Records for Federated Query Processing

References [1] N. Adam, T. White, B. Shafiq, J. Vaidya, and X. He. Privacy preserving integration of health care data. In AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings, pages 1-5, 2007. [2] N. Adly. Efficient record linkage using a double embedding scheme. In International Conference on Data Mining, pages [3] R. Agrawal, A. Evfimievski, and R. Srikant. Information sharing across private databases. In ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, pages 86-97, 2003. [4] H. Brenner. Application of

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“Because... I was told... so much”: Linguistic Indicators of Mental Health Status on Twitter

–47, Stroudsburg, PA, USA, 2011. Association for Computational Linguistics. [16] Su Golder, Shahd Ahmed, Gill Norman, and Andrew Booth. Attitudes toward the ethics of research using social media: A systematic review, June 2017. [17] Sharath Chandra Guntuku, David B. Yaden, Margaret L. Kern, Lyle H. Ungar, and Johannes C. Eichstaedt. Detecting depression and mental illness on social media: an integrative review, 2017. [18] Seda Gurses, Rebekah Overdorf, and Ero Balsa. POTs: The revolution will not be optimized? 11th Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies

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Towards a Model on the Factors Influencing Social App Users’ Valuation of Interdependent Privacy

. Schoorman. An integrative model of organizational trust. Academy of Management Review, 20(3):709-734, 1995. [79] M. Metzger. Privacy, trust, and disclosure: Exploring barriers to electronic commerce. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 9(4), 2004. [80] H. Nissenbaum. Privacy in context: Technology, policy, and the integrity of social life. Stanford University Press, 2009. [81] G. Nowak and J. Phelps. Understanding privacy concerns: An assessment of consumers’ information-related knowledge and beliefs. Journal of

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Feature Selection for Website Fingerprinting

References [1] Markus Feilner. OpenVPN: Building and integrating virtual private networks . Packt Publishing Ltd, 2006. [2] Girish Venkatachalam. The openssh protocol under the hood. Linux Journal , 156, 2007. [3] Tor metrics-user. . [4] Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited. . [5] Qixiang Sun, Daniel R Simon, Yi-Min Wang, Wilf Russell, Venkata N Padmanabhan, and Lili Qiu. Statistical identification of

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“Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?” Examining COPPA Compliance at Scale

, 2017. [79] Upsight. COPPA., 2017. Accessed: November 30, 2017. [80] U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. Oracle USA, Inc. v. Rimini Street, Inc. Accessed: March 24, 2018. [81] U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Coppa safe harbor program. Accessed: September 28, 2017. [82] U.S. Federal Trade Commission. FTC Approves Modifications to

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