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Investment in Research and Development - A Factor of Adjustment of Montenegro to the EU Economy

, Ecoforum Journal, 3(2), 69-76. 25. Lucas R. E. (1988). On the mechanics of economic development, Journal of Monetary Economics, 22, 3-42. 26. Mincer, J. (1974). Schooling, Experience and Earnings, NBER Press, New York, SAD 27. National program for integration of Montenegro into the EU (NPI) for the period 2008 – 2012, (2008), available on:

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A Brief Introduction to the World of Macroprudential Policy

Twelfth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference. July. 5. Bernanke, B. and M. Gertler. (2001). Should Central Banks Respond to Movements in Asset Prices?, The American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings of the Hundred Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association, 91(2), 253 - 257. 6. Bini Smaghi, L. (2011). Speech at the OeNB Annual Economic Conference on The Future of European Integration: Some Economic Perspectives. Vienna. May. 7. Bank for International Settlements. (2012). Models and tools for

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Examination of Satisfaction Level of Bank Service Customers Using Servqual Model

perceived value: an integrative model“, Journal of Marketing Management , Vol. 20, No. 7/8, pp. 897-917 Veljković, J. (2008), „Finsnsijska industrija prema ISO standardima“, master rad , Univerzitet Singidunum Vukosavljević, D., Radulović, M., Vukosavljević, D. (2011), „Faktori koji utiču na neophodnost marketinške usmerenosti banaka“, Ekonomija: teorija i praksa , Vol. 4, No. 4, pp. 27-39

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Who put the Holes in the Swiss Cheese? Currency Crisis Under Appreciation Pressure

. & Gluzmann, P. (2013): Fear of Appreciation. Journal of Development Economics, 101(1), 233 - 247. 27. McKinnon, R. and Pill, H. (1996). Credible Liberalizations and International Capital Flows: The ’Overborrowing Syndrome’, Financial Deregulation and Integration in East Asia, NBER-EASE, 5, 7 - 50. 28. Mirkov, N., Pozdeev, I., & Söderlind, P. (2016). Toward Removal of the Swiss Franc Cap: Market Expectations and Verbal Interventions, Swiss National Bank, SNB Working Papers 2016 - 10. 29. N.N. (2015). UBS-Präsident stärkt

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Obtaining a Generalized Index of Bank Competitiveness Using a Fuzzy Approach

). Multivariate analysis of socioeconomic systems [ Bahatovymirnyy analiz sotsialʹno-ekonomichnykh system ]. KhNUE, Kharkiv, 384 p. 30. Rezaei, M. & Ketabi, S. (2016). Ranking the Banks through Performance Evaluation by Integrating Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS Methods. International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences , 6( 3), 19-30. 31. Rothstein, A. (1999). Intelligent identification technology: fuzzy sets, genetic algorithms, neural networks [ Intellektual’nyye tekhnologi identifikatsii: nechetkiye mnozhestva, geneticheskiye

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A Cultural Fit in Cooperation – Recognition of the Cultural Facet of Game Developers

Bibliography Barney J.B., 1986, Organizational culture: can it be a source of sustained competitive advantage?, Academy of Management Review, 11(3), pp. 656-665. Bauer F., Matzler K., 2014, Antecedents of M&A success: the role of strategic complementarity, cultural fit, and degree and speed of integration , Strategic Management Journal, 35(2), pp. 269-291. Bedyńska S., Książek M., 2012, Statystyczny drogowskaz: praktyczny przewodnik wykorzystania modeli regresji oraz równań strukturalnych , Wydawnictwo Akademickie Sedno, Warszawa

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Comparative Analysis of Results of Online and Offline Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Surveys in Banking Services in Montenegro

Journal of Operations & Production Management , 24 (11), 1149-1174. 24. Yang, Z., & Peterson, R. T. (2004). Customer perceived value, satisfaction, and loyalty: The role of switching costs. Psychology & Marketing , 21 (10), 799-822. 25. Yu, C. M. J., Wu, L. Y., Chiao, Y. C., & Tai, H. S. (2005). Perceived quality, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty: The case of Lexus in Taiwan. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence , 16 (6), 707-719. 26. Zeithaml, V. A., Bitner, M. J., & Gremler, D. D. (2006). Services marketing: Integrating

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Tourism and valorisation of cultural heritage: The case of the Castle of Lanhoso

uniqueness to its visitors (tourists and residents), as well as to analyse the impact of the promotion and preservation of this monument on the resident community. The paper is divided in three main sections. In the first section, a review of the literature is made on themes such as heritage, community identity, cultural tourism, creative tourism and community integration. In the second section, the municipality of Póvoa de Lanhoso is addressed through the analysis of social and economic characteristics of the municipality, tourism characteristics, tourism demand and

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in Tékhne
Solutions Supporting The Strategy Implementation – Model Proposal

. Johnson G., Scholes K., Whittington R., 2008, Exploring Corporate Strategy , FT Prentice Hall, . Jonk J., Ungerath M., 2006, Mergers and acquisitions: Not so fast – companies need to pace themselves during the integration process , Financier Worldwide. Kaleta A., 2013, Realizacja strategii , Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne, Warszawa. Kaplan R.S., Norton D.P., 2005, The Office of Strategy Management , Harvard Business Review, 83(10), pp. 72-80. Kaplan R.S., Norton D.P., 2010, Wdrażanie strategii

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Temporary Employees’ Assessment of Onboarding

., Griffin M.A., 2004, Integrating expectations, experiences, and psychological contract violations: a longitudinal study of new professionals , Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, vol. 77, pp. 493-514. Van Dyne L., Pierce J.L., 2004, Psychological ownership and feelings of possession: three field studies predicting employee attitudes and organizational citizenship behavior , Journal of Organizational Behavior, vol. 25, is. 4, pp. 439-459. Van Maanen J., Schein E.H., 1979, Toward a theory of organizational socialization , Research in

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