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Cooperation Between The Republic Of Serbia And European Union In The Period Of Opening Negotiations On Accession

) „Improving Policy Instruments through Impact Assessment“, Sigma Papers, No.31 OECD (2001) „The Management of EU Affairs in Candidate member States: Inventory of the Current State of Affairs“, Sigma Papers, No.23 OECD, (2007) „Enlargement of the European Union: an Analysis of the negotitations for Countries of the Wester Balkans“, Sigma Papers, No.37 Panke, D. (2010) „Good Instructions in No Time? Domestic Coordination of EU Policies in 19 Small States“, West European Politics , 33 (4): 770-790 Peters, B.G. Wright, V. (2001) The National Co

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Regional Convergence in the European Union, new Member States and Croatia

Inequality and Development. Oxford University Press. López-Bazo, E., Valcarce, E. V. , Corral, A. J. M. and Caralt, J. S. 1997. Regional economic dynamics and convergence in the European Union. 62 p. Maleković, S., Puljiz, J. and Tišma, S. 2011 New Opportunities for Regional and Local Actors in Croatia in Supporting Socio- Economic Development Source: Southeastern Europe. 35(2): 168-190. Mankiw, N.G. 1995. The Growth of Nations. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity

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Legal Aspects of the Implementation of European Union’s Common Commercial Policy: Lithuanian Experience and Practice

Hauptzollamt Frankfurt am Main, 2015 EU:C:2015:783. Case C-442/08 Commission v Germany, 2010 E.C.R. I-0000. Case C-472/12 Panasonic Italia SpA, Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH, Scerni Logistics Srl v Agenzia delle Dogane di Milano, 2014 EU:C:2014:2082. Case C-97/95 Pascoal & Filhos Ld. v Fazenda Pública, 1997 E.C.R. I-04209. Case T-412/13 Chin Haur Indonesia, PT v Council of the European Union, 2015 EU:T:2015:163. Commission Regulation No. 1101948/200914 on the tariff and statistical nomenclature

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New Concepts for Rural Development in the Strategies and Policies of the European Union

Rady na rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich (EFRROW) i uchylenie Rozporządzenia Rady (UE) Nr 1698/2005 Dziennik Urzędowy Unii Europejskiej z 20.12.2013. 24. Rozporządzenie Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady UE Nr 1303/2013 z dnia 17 grudnia 2013 r. w sprawie ustanawiając wspolne przepisy dotyczące funduszy europejskich- uchylając rozporządzenie 1083/2006, Dziennik Urzędowy Unii Europejskiej z 20.12.2013. 25. Rural Development in the European Union-Statistical and Economic infromation, Raport 2006-2013. 26. Russel, P. (2012). Ewolucja wieloletnich ram

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Great Potential But Little Impact: The European Union’s Protection Policies for the Baltic Sea

Environmental Policy, Report, March. Kern, K. and Löffelsend, T. 2008. Governance beyond the Nation State: Transnationalization and Europeanization of the Baltic Sea Region. In: Joas, Marko et al. (eds.). Governing a Common Sea: Environmental Policies in the Baltic Sea Region . London: Earthscan, pp. 115–141. Knill, Ch. and Liefferink, D. 2007. Environmental politics in the European Union: policy-making, implementation and patterns of multi-level governance. Manchester: University Press. Larsson, M. and Granstedt, A.2010. Sustainable governance of the

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Reforming the financing of the EU budget: Outlook

References • Becker Peter, 2012, Lost in Stagnation: The EU’s Next Multiannual Financial Framework (2014–2020) and the Power of the Status Quo , Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin. • Begg Iain et al., 2008, Financing of the European Union budget , Report to the European Commission. • Benedetto Giacomo, 2013, ‘The EU budget after Lisbon: rigidity and reduced spending?’, Journal of Public Policy , XXXIII(3): 345-369. • Benedetto Giacomo et al. (eds), 2012, European Union Budget Reform , Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke

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Geographical context of energy prices in the European Union Member States with special emphasis on the Slovak Republic

. and Nartova, O., 2010: Third Country Relations in EU Unbundling of Natural Gas Markets: The “Gazprom Clause” of Directive 2009/73 EC and WTO Law. Working Paper No 2010/06. World Trade Institute, NCCR Trade Regulation, University of Bern, available at:, DoA: 12.11.2013. European Commission, 2007: Gas and electricity market statistics. Eurostat, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, available at: http

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Austerity on the loose in Portugal: European judicial restraint in times of crisis

repartição de competência do Tribunal de Justiça da União Europeia’, Revista do Ministério Público , no. 133: 11-74. • Piçarra Nuno and Francisco Pereira Coutinho, 2012, ‘The Europeanization of Portuguese Courts’, Silesian Journal of Legal Studies , IV: 73-88. • Ruffert Matthias, 2011, ‘The European Debt Crisis and the European Union Law’, Common Market Law Review , XLVIII(6): 1777-1806. • Siegel Deborah E., 2002, ‘Legal Aspects of the IMF/WTO Relationship: the fund’s articles of agreement and the WTO agreements’, American Journal of International Law

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Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Brexit Referendum and Post-Referendum Events on Selected Stock Exchange Indexes

. Brexit as a Challenge for the European Union. Horyzonty Polityki, 20, 57-76. Price, R. and A. Payne. 2017. MPs will get a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal in a major defeat for May’s government. Business Insider UK, December 13. Available at: Accessed December 26, 2017. Quaye, I., Yinping, M., Abudu, B. and R. Agyare. 2016. Review of Stock Markets’ Reaction to New Events: Evidence from Brexit. Journal of Financial Risk Management, 5, 281

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Fiscal Constraints In The European Union – When More Is Less?

.02.005 Ferrero, A., 2009. Fiscal and monetary rules for a currency union. Journal of International Economics, 77(1), 1-10. DOI: Garcia, C. J., Restrepo, J. E., and Tanner, E., 2011. Fiscal rules in a volatile world: A welfare-based approach. Journal of Policy Modeling, 33(4), 649-676. DOI: Hallerberg, M., Strauch, R., and Von Hagen, J., 2007. The design of fiscal rules and forms of governance in European Union countries. European Journal of Political

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