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The Knowledge of Medical Professionals from Selected Hospitals in the Lubelskie Province about Diagnosis-Related Groups Systems

Global Business Services. Business Analytics and Optimization Executive Report. MIT Sloan Management Review. Retrieved from McKenzie, K., Walker, S., & Lewis, M. (2003). Building the Bridge to E-Coding. In Proceedings Health Information Management Association of Australia Conference 2003, Sydney. Retrived from Minich-Pourshadi, K. (2011). ICD-10 Puts revenue at risk. HealthLeaders Media Intelligence. Retrieved from http

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Virtual Commissioning of a Robotic Cell Prior to its Implementation Into a Real Flexible Production System.
Generation of the Robot Offline Programming (OLP) and Validation of the PLC Code.

, S.C. 2013. A concurrent design methodology of a production system for virtual commissioning. Con. Eng.: Res. and App., 21 (2), pp. 129–140. 21. KO, M., PARK, S.C. 2014. Template-based modelling methodology of a virtual plant for virtual commissioning. Con. Eng.: Res. and App., 22 (3), pp. 197–205. 22. HOFFMANN, P., MAKSOUD, T.M.A. 2010. Virtual Commissioning of Manufacturing Systems - A Review and New Approaches to Simplification. Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS 2010) , pp. 175-181. 23. HOLUBEK

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Numerical Estimation of the Pile Toe and Shaft Unit Resistances During the Installation Process in Sands

References [1] DONEA J., HUERTA A., PONTHOT J.P., RODRÍGUEZ-FERRAN A., Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian methods, Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics, 2004, DOI: 10.1002/ 0470091355.ecm009. [2] NOH W.F., CEL: a time-dependent, two-space-dimensional, coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian code, [in:] B. Adler, S. Fernbach, M. Rotenberg (eds.), Methods in Computional Physics, Volume 3. Fundamental Methods in Hydrodynamics, AcademicPress, New York, 1964, 117-179. [3] GINGOLD R.A., MONAGHAN J.J., Smoothed particle

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Influence of Entrance Exams Results on Foreign Students in Economics Studies at University of Economics, Prague

.1080/03057925.2016.1153410 Kuncova, M., & Wasserbauer, P. (2007). Discrete event simulation - Helpdesk model in SIMPROCESS. In I. Zelinka, Z. Oplatkova, & A. Orsoni. (Eds.), 21st European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, ECMS 2007, 105-109 . Dudweiler: Digitaldruck Pirrot. Ling, L., & Ling, P. (2001). Methods and Paradigms in Education Research . IGI Global. Retrieved September 17, 2017 from Lukes, M., Zouhar, J., Jakl, M., & Ocko, P. (2013). Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Entry: Early

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Construction of Waveform Library in Cognitive Radar

. Suvorova, SD. Howard, B. Moran.: Waveform Libraries. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, No 1, Vol 26, 2009, p. 12-21 5. X. Li, M.M. Fan.: Research Advance on Cognitive Radar and Its Key Technology. ACTA ELECTRONICA SINICA, No 9, Vol 40, 2012, p. 1863-1870 6. H.E. Xia.: Adaptive Waveform Selection Techniques for Target Tracking. ChangSha, 2010. 7. D.B. Yu, Y.H. Wu, W.G. Zhu: Research on Selection Methods of Target Tracking Waveforms Based on a Waveform Library. RADAR & ECM, No 2, Vol 33, 2013, p.35-42 8. A

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Dynamically Positioned Ship Steering Making Use of Backstepping Method and Artificial Neural Networks

: Customized crossover in evolutionary sets of safe ship trajectories, International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. 22 2012. 21. Tannuri, E.A., A.C. Agostinho, H.M. Morishita, L. Moratelli: Dynamic positioning systems: An experimental analysis of sliding mode control, Control Engineering Practice. 18, 2010 pp. 1121-1132. 22. Witkowska, A.: Control design for slow speed positioning, Proceedings - 27th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, ECMS 2013 pp. 198-204. 23. Witkowska, A., R. Smierzchalski

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Initial effects of inflammation-related cytokines and signaling pathways on the pathogenesis of post-traumatic osteoarthritis

1 Introduction Post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA) is a common disease involving various tissues such as articular cartilage, subchondral bone, and synovium. It is a result of biodegradation and an imbalance in the synthesis of chondrocytes, extracellular matrix (ECM), and subchondral bone under the combined action of mechanical and biological factors. The typical pathological changes in PTOA are articular cartilage destruction and secondary bone hyperplasia, which are the consequences of the comprehensive effect of various factors. Studies have confirmed

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Application of Conceptual Rainfall-Runoff Model METQ for Simulation of Daily Runoff and Water Level: The case of the Lake Burtnieks Watershed

of the runoff for the Lake Burtnieks and Lake Lubāns watersheds]. Ģeogrāfiski raksti (Follia Geographica), Rīga , 9, 11-19 (in Latvian). Ziverts, A., Apsite, E. (2005). Simulation of daily runoff and water level for the Lake Burtnieks. In Proceedings of the 19th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation ECMS 2005, Simulation in Wider Europe , 1-4 June (pp. 633-637). Merkuryev, Y., Zobel, R., Kerckhoffs, E. (eds.). Riga. Jansons, V., Vagstad, N., Sudars, R., Deelstra, J., Dzalbe, I., Kirsteina D. (2002

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Influence of Integrated Application of Nano-Chelated Trace Elements and Sulfur on Desi Chickpea in the Short-Season Mediterranean-Type Environment

(3): 53. J ez J. (ed.), 2008: Sulfur: A Missing Link between Soils, Crops, and Nutrition, 50. – Madison. K umar R., P andey P., 2014: Nanotechnology for Better Fertilizer Use. – In: P andey S.T., N egi M. S., K umar R., B hatnagar A., C haturvedi S. (eds), Efficiency Centric Management (ECM) in Agriculture. Proceedings of National Symposium (October, 2014): 108–123. L al M., M athur A.K., P urohit H.S., S harma M., J ain H.K., K harol S., 2014: Effect of phosphorus and sulphur on content and uptake of micronutrients by chickpea ( Cicer

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Optimal Shakedown of the Thin-Wall Metal Structures Under Strength and Stiffness Constraints

.1007/978-3-7091-2558-8. 31. Weichert D, Ponter A, eds. Limit States of Materials and Structures . 1st ed. Springer Netherlands; 2009. doi:10.1007/978-1-4020-9634-1. 32. Zouain N. Shakedown and Safety Assessment. In: Stein E, de Borst R, Hughes TJR, eds. Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics . Vol 2. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd; 2004:291-334. doi:10.1002/0470091355.ecm031.

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