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Specifics of soil temperature under winter oilseed rape canopy

., Streda T., 2013: Specifics of soil temperature under winter wheat canopy. Contrib. Geophys. Geod., 43, 3, 209-223. Krédl Z., Středa T., Pokorný R., Kmoch M., Brotan J., 2012: Microclimate in the ver- tical profile of wheat, rape and maize canopies. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis, 60, 1, 79-90. Matějka F., Huzulák J., 1987: Canopy microclimate analysis. Bratislava, Veda, 228 p. (in Slovak). Matheron M. E., Porchas M., 2005: Influence of soil temperature and moisture on eruptive

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Validation of sensitivity and reliability of GPR and microgravity detection of underground cavities in complex urban settings: Test case of a cellar

–1108. Grapher, Version 9, 2012, Golden Software, Colorado, USA. SIR System – 3000 Manual, 2011, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc, New Hampshire, USA. Jol H. M., 2009: Ground Penetrating Radar: Theory and Applications. Elsevier Science Amsterdam, First edition 2009, p. 508. Long L. T., Kaufmann R. D., 2013: Acquisition and Analysis of Terrestrial Gravity Data. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK, p. 171. Marušiak I., Mikuška J., 2013: Toposk – software for terrain corrections evaluation. Manual, G-trend Ltd., Bratislava, manuscript, 1–12 (in Slovak

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The results of integration measurements of indoor radon activity concentration in houses in Ružomberok town (Northern Slovakia)

. Vičanová M., 2003: Utilisation of solid state nuclear track detectors in the solution of radon problems (Využitie detektorov stôp v pevnej fáze pri riešení radónovej problematiky). Ph.D. Thesis, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University of Bratislava, 82 p. (in Slovak). Maps of natural radioactivity of the Slovak Republic territory. State Geological Institute of Dionýz štúr. en.

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Specifics of soil temperature under winter wheat canopy

University in Brno, Czech Republic, 2013, 94-98. Kurpelova M., Coufal L., Culık J., 1975: Agroklimaticke podmienky CSSR. Hydrometeorologick y ustav, Bratislava, 270 p. (in Slovak) Licht M. A., Al-Kaisi M., 2005: Strip-tillage effect on seedbed soil temperature and other soil physical properties. Soil and Tillage Research, 80, 233-249. Luo Y., Loomis R. S., Hsiao T. C., 1992: Simulation of soil temperature in crops. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 61, 23-38. Matejka F., Huzul´ak J., 1987: Canopy

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Automatic 1D integrated geophysical modelling of lithospheric discontinuities: a case study from Carpathian-Pannonian Basin region

-dimensional integrated interpretation of the gravity field based on international project CELEBRATION, 2000 data. Ph.D. thesis, Comenius University, Bratislava, 154 p. (in Slovak). Dererová J., Zeyen H., Bielik M., Salman K., 2006: Application of integrated geophysical modeling for determination of the continental lithospheric thermal structure in the eastern Carpathians. Tectonics, 25, 3, TC3009. Fullea J., Fernàndez M., Zeyen H., 2005: Lithospheric structure in the Atlantic-Mediterranean transition zone: joint inversion of elevation and geoid

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The deepest Moho in the Western Carpathians and its respective crustal density model (CEL12 section)

, Bratislava, 155 (in Slovak). Csontos L., Nagymarosy A., Horváth F., Kováč M., 1992: Tertiary evolution of the Intra-Carpathian area: a model. Tectonophysics, 208 , 221–241. Dérerová J., Zeyen H., Bielik M., Salman K., 2006. Application of integrated geophysical modeling for determination of the continental lithospheric thermal structure in the eastern Carpathians. Tectonics, 25 , 3, 1–12. TC3009, doi: 10.1029/2005TC001883. Gemmer L., Houseman G. A., 2007: Convergence and extension driven by lithospheric gravitational instability: evolution of the Alpine

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Inclusion of historical information in flood frequency analysis using a Bayesian MCMC technique: a case study for the power dam Orlík, Czech Republic

., 2002: Bayesian POT modeling for historical data. Journal of Hydrology, 274, 95-108. Pekárová P., 2009: Flood regime of rivers in the Danube River basin (Režim povodní v povodí rieky Dunaj). Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics, 57 , 2, 142-150 (in Slovak). Podolinská J., Šipikalová H., Škoda P., Blaškovičová L., Demeterová B., 2005: N-year maximum discharges on the Slovakia rivers. Conference ‘Hydrological days’, Bratislava. Rao A. R., Hamed K. H., 1999: Flood frequency analysis. CRC

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The quasigeoid modelling in New Zealand using the boundary element method

: Direct BEM for high-resolution global gravity field modelling. Stud. Geoph. Geod., 54 , 219-238. Čunderlík R., Mikula K., Mojzeš M., 2008: Numerical solution of the linearized fixed gravimetric boundary-value problem. J. Geod., 82 , 15-29. Fašková Z., 2008: Numerical Methods for Solving Geodetic Boundary Value Problems, PhD Thesis, Svf STU Bratislava, Slovakia. Fašková Z., Čunderlík R., Mikula K., 2009: Finite element method for solving geodetic boundary value problems. J. Geod., 84 , 135

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Generalized geoidal estimators for deterministic modifications of spherical Stokes' function

(in Slovak). Šprlák M., 2008b: Numerical testing of procedures for the determination of the quasi-geoid. PhD. thesis, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia (in Slovak). Vaníček P., Featherstone W. E., 1998: Performance of three types of Stokes' kernel in the combined solution for the geoid. Journal of Geodesy, 72 , 684-697. Vaníček P., Kleusberg A., 1987: The Canadian geoid - Stokesian approach. Manuscripta Geodaetica, 12 , 86

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Analysis of evaporation from water surface measured automatically by the EWM evaporimeter at the weather station in Ústí nad Orlicí between 2001 and 2014

, 30 , 6, 168–174, ISSN 0026-1173. Lipina P., Kain I., Židek D., 2014: Methodological guide of CHMI (Návod pro pozorovatele automatizovaných meteorologických stanic). Metodický předpis, 13a, verze 2. Praha, ČHMÚ, ISBN 978-80-87577-34-9 (in Czech). Novák V., 1995: Evaporation of water in nature and methods of its determination (Vyparovanie vody v prírode a metódy jeho určovania). Bratislava, SAV, 260 p. (in Slovak). Penman H. L., 1948: Natural evaporation from open water, bare soil and grass. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, 193

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