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V. Křivý, K. Kreislová, V. Urban and K. Vavrušová

References 1. P. Albrecht, T.T. Hall: Atmospheric corrosion resistance of structural steels, Journal of Materials in Engineering 2003, 15, pp. 2-24. 2. D.M. Buck: Copper in Steel - The Infl uence on Corrosion, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry 1913, 5 (6), pp. 447-452. 3. G.B. Godfrey: The use of weathering steels in composite bridges 1988, London: Imperial College of Science and Technology, UK. 4. R.L. Nickerson: Performance of weathering steel in highway bridges A third Phase Report 1995, Washington: American Iron and Steel

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V. Jayanthi and C. Umarani

Construction in Structural Steel and Concrete. 11. IS 10262:2009 Indian Standard Concrete Mix Proportioning - Guidelines (First Revision). 12. IS 383-1970 (Reaffirmed 2002), Indian Standard Specification for Coarse and Fine aggregates from Natural sources for Concrete (Second Revision).

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J. Dworecka, E. Jezierska, J. Rębiś, K. Rożniatowski and W. Świątnicki


The aim of this study was to analyse and to identify the phases which formed in 100CrMnSi6-4 bearing steel after the nanostructuring heat treatment. Especially designed thermal treatment parameters were applied in order to obtain a nanobainitic structure. Two different microscopic techniques were used for the precise examination of the microstructures obtained: transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Both analyses confirm that the examined steel has a nanocrystalline structure. However, it was discovered that the selected analysis methods affected the results of the plate thickness measurements.

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E. Tasak, A. Ziewiec, A. Zielińska-Lipiec and K. Ziewiec

REFERENCES 1. Marshall A. W., Farrar J. C. M., Welding of ferritic and martensitic 11–14%Cr steels. Welding in the World, 45 (2001) 32–55. 2. Tuz L., Evaluation of microstructure and selected mechanical properties of laser beam welded S690QL high-strength steel. Advances in Materials Science, 18(3) (2018) 34–42. 3. Rakoczy Ł., Grudzień M., Tuz L., Pańcikiewicz K., Zielińska-Lipiec A., Microstructure and properties of a repair weld in a nickel based superalloy gas turbine component. Advances in Materials Science, 17(2) (2017) 55–63. 4

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Jozef Gocál, Richard Hlinka, Jozef Jošt and František Bahleda

References [1] VIČAN, J. - GOCÁL, J. - JOŠT, J.: Fatigue resistance of typical fatigue prone riveted steel railway bridge structural detail. Communications - Scientific letters of University of Zilina, Vol. 13, No. 3/2011, University of Zilina, EDIS. [2] VIČAN, J. - JOŠT, J. - GOCÁL, J.: Determination of Fatigue Category and Numerical Analysis of the Stringer to Crossbeam Connection of Riveted Steel Railway Bridges. 23rd Czech and Slovak International Conference „Steel structures and bridges 2012“, Podbanské, Slovakia, 26

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R. Włodarczyk and A. Wronska

Proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) are numbered among low-temperature cells. Their operating temperature reaches 120°C, whereas their efficiency amounts to ca. 40%. These cells are most often used for the batteries for portable devices, low and high power generators, stationary power plants and car drives. The PEMFCs are composed of the membrane, electrodes at both sides and bipolar plates, also termed interconnectors. The main aim of the present study was to investigate the sintered stainless steels in simulated environments of a PEM fuel cells for bipolar plates. The ferritic (434L) and austenitic (316L) stainless steels were examined. The corrosion properties were examined in 0.1 mol dm-3 Na2SO4 + 2 ppmF-(pH= 1; 3; 5) at 80°C.

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R. Krawczyk

. Golanski, A. Zielinski, J. Słania, et al. Mechanical properties of VM12 steel after 30 000 hrs of ageing at 600 degrees c temperature, Archives of Metallurgy And Materials 59 , 4, 1351-1354 (2014). [18] T. Węgrzyn, J. Piwnik, D. Hadryś, Acicular ferrite in micro welding technologies, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 59 , 2, (2014).

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M.C. Sundarraja and P. Sriram

. 4. A. SHAAT and A. FAM: ‘Modeling of axially loaded HSS slender steel columns strengthened with CFRP sheets’, Intl. Conf. on Advances in Engg. Structs., Mech. and Construct., 2006. 5. YH. ZHAO, W. GU, J. XU and HT. ZHANG: ‘The strength of concrete-fi lled CFRP steel tubes under axial compression’, ISOPE conference, JSC-313, 2005. 6. Z. TAO, LH. HAN and JP. ZHUANg: ‘Experimental behavior of CFRP strengthened concrete-fi lled steel tubular stub columns’, Advances in Structural Engineering, 2006. 7. J. HAEDIR, M

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J. Szafran and M. Kamiński

and practice in Japan. – Journal of Constructional Steel Research, vol.58, pp.71-97. [5] Fujino Y., Pacheco B.M., Nakamura S.I. and Warnitchai P. (1993): Synchronization of human walking observed during lateral vibration of a congested pedestrian bridge . – Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, vol.22, pp.741-758. [6] Newland D.E. (1993): Radom Vibrations and Spectral Analysis. – Harlow: Longman Group. [7] Bathe K.J. (1996): Finite Element Procedures. Englewood Cliffs. – New York: Prentice Hall. [8] Hughes T.J.R. (2000): The

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Marcin Gryniewicz and Jerzy K. Szlendak

REFERENCES CEN, 2010. EN 1990 Eurocode - Basis of structural design . CEN, 2009. EN 1993-1-3 Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures - Part 1-3: General rules - Supplementary rules for cold-formed members and sheeting . ECCS, 1995. European Recommendations for the Application of Metal Sheeting Acting as a Diaphragm. Stressed Skin Design . No. 88. European Convention for Constructional Steelwork ECCS-TWG 7.5. ECCS, 2009. The Testing of Connections with Mechanical Fasteners in Steel Sheeting and Sections . 2nd ed. ECCS TC7 TWG 7