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Results of acoustic emission tests of corrosion protection degree of ship steel tanks covered by means of protective coatings (Phase I)

. Piero Caridis: Inspection, repair and maintenance of ship structures. Witherby Publishers, London 2001. IACS Unified Requirements W11: Normal and higher strength hull structural steels. Rev. 2004. Guidelines for the inspection and maintenance of double hull tanker structures. TSCF 1995. TÜV Austria: Corrosion testing of ships. CORRSHIP Project of 5 th FPEU, 2003-2006. Vallen Systeme GmbH: AMSY5 Specification. The Acoustic Emission Company. Icking, Germany

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Beam-Column In-Plane Resistance Based on the Concept of Equivalent Geometric Imperfections

flexural and/or torsional buckling due to compression”, Engineering Structures, 96, pp 160-77, 2015. 5. W.E. Ayrton, J. Perry, “On struts”, The Engineer, 62, pp 464-465, 1886. 6. F. Bijlaard, M. Feldmann, J. Naumes, G. Sedlacek, “The “general method” for assessing the out-of-plane stability of structural members and frames and the comparison with alternative rules in EN 1993 – Eurocode 3 – Part 1-1”, Steel Construction, 3 (1), pp 19-33, 2010. 7. A. Boissonnade, J.-P. Jaspart, J.-P. Muzeau, M. Villette, “New interaction formulae for beam-columns in

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Geometric Non-Linear Approach to Stiffness State of Semi–Rigid Structures

-Rigid Connections - A State of the Art Report. Journal of Constructional Steel Research , vol. 3, No. 2, 1983, pp. 1-13. Kim, S.E., and Chen, W.F., 1996. Practical Advanced Analysis for Unbraced Steel Frame Design. Journal of Structural Engineering , vol. 122, no.11, November 1996, pp. 1259-1265. King, Won-Sun, and Chen, Wai-Fah, 1993. LRFD Analysis for Semi-Rigid Frame Design. Engineering Journal , 30, 1993, pp. 130-139. Kishi, N., Chen, W.F., Goto, Y., and Matsuoka, K.G., 1993. Design Aid of Semi-Rigid Connections for Frame Analysis. Engineering Journal

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Method of Maintaining the Required Values of Surface Roughness and Prediction of Technological Conditions for Cold Sheet Rolling

. [4] Szarková, V., Valíček, J., Vlado, M., Harničárová, M., Rokosz, K., Lupták, M., Samardžić, I., Kozak, D., Hloch, S. (2013). Influence of longitudinal cold rolling on the surface topography of low carbon structural steel. Technical Gazette, 20 (4), 705-709. [5] Valíček, J., Müllerová, J., Szarková, V., Rokosz, K., Łukianowicz, C., Kozak, D., Koštial, P., Harničárová, M. (2013). A new procedure for the determination of the main technology parameters of rolling mills. In Design and Analysis of Materials and Engineering Structures. Springer, 15

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Vibration Problems of an Example of Temporary Steel Grandstand under Human-Induced Excitation / Problemy Drgań Przykładowej Tymczasowej Trybuny Stalowej Poddanej Oddziaływaniom Dynamicznym Wywołanym Przez Ludzi

new base isolation system to reduce structural damage during earthquakes, Key Engineering Materials, 569-570, (2013) 143-150. 5. Falborski T., Jankowski R., Kwiecień A.: Experimental study on polymer mass used to repair damaged structures, Key Engineering Materials, 488-489, (2012) 347-350. 6. Lasowicz N., Jankowski R.: Numerical analysis of a temporary steel grandstand, In: Shell Structures: Theory and Applications - Proc. of the X SSTA Conference, CRC/Balkema, Leiden, Netherlands, 3, (2014) 543-546. 7. Lasowicz N

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Quality Management in the Process of Selection of Material for Dump Truck Elements

. Materials Today-Proceedings (3)4. pp. 1060-1063. Available at: [Accessed 11 Feb. 2018]. Schaeffler, DJ. (2017). The Importance of Lubrication in Sheet Metal Selection for Automotive Body Construction The Drive to Lightweight Materials. Tribology & Lubrication Technology (73)11. pp.48-50. Ulewicz, R. and Mazur, M. (2013). Fatigue testing structural steel as a factor of safety of technical facilities maintenance. Production Engineering Archives, 1/1, pp.32-34. [online] Available at: http

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Influence of pitting corrosion on strength of steel ships and offshore structures

References Jakubowski M.: Influence of pitting corrosion on fatigue and corrosion fatigue of ship structures. Part I: Mechanism and modeling of pitting corrosion of ship structures. To be published in Polish Maritime Research Jakubowski M.: Influence of pitting corrosion on fatigue and corrosion fatigue of ship structures. Part II: Loading - pitting - cracking interaction. To be published in Polish Maritime Research Melchers R. E.: Pitting corrosion of mild steel in marine

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Effects of Surrounding Earth on Shell During the Construction of Flexible Bridge Structures

restraining the soil in the structure under construction. This means that the shell takes over the earth pressure, similar to a retaining (but flexible) wall. Only when surrounded with backfill, the shell interacting with the soil surcharge becomes an effective structural member, where by the structure can carry considerable external loads, as in Fig. 1 . [ 1 , 3 ] Figure 1 Loads occurring during the construction of soil-steel structure. The shell made of corrugated plates is highly rigid, but only as a member of the structure embedded in soil (this is the case

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Investigation of Fatigue Damage in General, Prestress, and Concrete Beam Reinforced with FRP Sheets and Concrete Beam Influenced By Mix Beam Under Periodic Load in Linear and Nonlinear Phase

, Y. C., Song, J. W., Zhang, N. S., & Lee, G. C. (2015). Cyclic loading test of unbonded and bonded posttensioned precast segmental bridge columns with circular section. Journal of Bridge Engineering , 21(2), 04015043. Dai, L., Wang, L., Zhang, J., & Zhang, X., 2016. A global model for corrosion-induced cracking in prestressed concrete structures. Engineering Failure Analysis , 62, 263-275. Dewit, N. (2012). A Composite Structural Steel and Prestressed Concrete Beam for Building Floor Systems. Di Ludovico, M., Nanni, A., Prota, A., & Cosenza, E

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Modal Analysis of a Steel Radial Gate Exposed to Different Water Levels

References Anami K., Ishii N., Knisely C. (2012) Added mass and wave radiation damping for flow-induced rotational vibrations of skinplates of hydraulic gates, Journal of Fluids and Structures, 35, 213-228. Boretti Z. (1968) Steel Structures in Water Engineering, Warszawa, Arkady (in Polish). Cai YQ., Zhang K. (2011) Study of Modal Parameter Identification from Ambient Vibration on a Deep Radial Gate, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 105-107, 511-517. Chmielewski T., Zembaty Z. (1998

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