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Ireneusz Wyczałek, Artur Plichta and Michał Wyczałek

, A., Share, P., Durrheim, R., Naoi, M., Nakatani, M., Yabe, Y. & Ogasawara, H., (2013). Joint interpretation of high-precision tilt data and mining induced seismic events recorded underground in deep level gold mine in South Africa. EGU General Assembly 2013 , held 7-12 April, 2013 in Vienna, Austria, p. 663. Rohrmann, R. G., Thöns, S. & Rücker, W., (2010). Integrated monitoring of offshore wind turbines - requirements, concepts and experiences. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering , 6(5), pp. 575-591. Sherman, C. S., Magliocco

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Aleksander Cianciara

Acoustic Emissions . EGU. Dubiński J., 1995. Metody obliczania energii sejsmicznej wstrząsów górniczych, „Wstrząsy górnicze – mechanizm, lokalizacja i energia” . Szkoła Eksploatacji Podziemnej, Seria wykłady nr 8. Hardy H.R., Jr., 2003. Acoustic Emission/Microseismic Activity: Volume 1: Principles, Techniques, and Geotechnical Applications , Balkem Publishers. Lasocki S., 1993. Weibull distribution as a model for sequense of seismic events induced by mining . Acta Geophys., Pol. 41, no 2. Lehmann E.L., 1991. Teoria estymacji punktowej . PWN

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Zbigniew Szczerbowski

., Kwiatek, G. (2009). A study of the interaction among mining-induced seismic events in the Legnica-Głogów Copper District, Poland. Acta Geophysica, Vol. 57, No. 2, pp. 413-434. DOI: 10.2478/s11600-008-0085-z. Pilecka E. (2007). Statistical analysis of the relation between locations of high energy epicenter tremors and lineaments in areas of the Upper Silesian Basin. Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi, Vol. 23, No. 4. PAN IGSMiE, Kraków, pp. 101-109. [In Polish]. Pilecka E. (2008). An

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Valerio Cozzani

References ANTONIONI, Giacomo, SPADONI, Gigliola, COZZANI, Valerio (2007). A methodology for the quantitative risk assessment of major accidents triggered by seismic events. Journal of Hazardous Materials . 2007, Vol. 147, No. 1-2, pp. 48-59. ISSN 0304-3894. ANTONIONI, Giacomo, BONVICINI, Sarah, SPADONI, Gigliola, COZZANI, Valerio (2009). Development of a general framework for the risk assessment of Na-Tech accidents. Reliability Engineering System Safety . 2009, Vol. 94, No. 9, pp. 1442-1450. ISSN 0951

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Serkan Üner

-sediment deformation structures in the Proterozoic Bhander Limestone, central India. Geologos 20, 89-103. Scott, B. & Price, S., 1988. Earthquake-induced structures in young sediments. Tectonophysics 147, 165-170. Seed, H.B. & Idriss, I.M., 1982. Ground motions and soil liquefaction during earthquakes. Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (Berkeley), 134 pp. Seilacher, A., 1969. Fault-graded beds interpreted as seismites. Sedimentology 13, 155-159. Seilacher, A., 1984. Sedimentary structures tentatively attributed to seismic events. Marine Geology 55, 1-12. Sims

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Girish Kothyari, P. Pant, Moulishree Joshi, Khayingshing Luirei and Javed Malik

.1029/1999JB900292. Macfarlane AM, 1993. Chronology of tectonic events in the crystalline core of the Himalaya, Langtang National Park, central Nepal. Tectonics 12(4): 1004-1025, DOI 10.1029/93TC00916. Malik JN and Nakata T, 2003. Active faults and related Late Quaternary deformation along the Northwestern Himalayan Frontal Zone, India. Annals of Geophysics 46(5): 917-936. Markland JT, 1972. A useful technique for estimating the stability of rock slopes when the rigid wedge sliding type of

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A.J. (Tom) Van Loon

, P.K., 2014. Seismic and non-seismic soft-sediment deformation structures in the Proterozoic Bhander Limestone, central India. Geologos 20, 89-103. Seilacher, A., 1969. Fault-graded beds interpreted as seis-mites. Sedimentology 13, 15-159. Seilacher, A., 1984. Sedimentary structures tentatively attributed to seismic events. Marine Geology 55, 1-12. Shinn, G., 2013. Bootstrap geologist - my life in science. University Press of Florida (Gainesville), 298 pp. Sims, J.D., 1973. Earthquake-induced structures in sediments of Van Norman Lake, San Fernando

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Józef Kabiesz, Adam Lurka and Jan Drzewiecki

. Drzewiecki J., 2004. Effect of longwall face advance rate on carboniferous rock strata dynamics and destruction. Prace Naukowe GIG, (Scientific Works of GIG), Nr 860, Katowice, (in Polish). Drzewiecki J., 2004a. Metanowość ścian a postęp eksploatacji (Longwall methane content and mining advance). Arch. Min. Sci., Vol. 49, p. 271-284. Drzewiecki J., 2015. Determination of the value of the elastic modulus of the large-size rock mass Esrm disturbed by longwall operation on the basis of seismic energy events. Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia

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P. Martynowicz

References [1] I. Enevoldsen and K.J. Mork, “Effects of vibration mass damper in a wind turbine tower”, Mech. Struct. & Mach. 24 (2), 155-187 (1996). [2] P. Jain, Wind Energy Engineering, McGRAW-HILL (2011). [3] U.A. Butt and T. Ishihara, “Seismic load evaluation of wind turbine support structures considering low structural damping and soil structure interaction”, European Wind Energy Association Annual Event, Copenhagen (2012). [4] M.H. Hansen, P. Fuglsang, K. Thomsen, and T. Knudsen, “Two

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Antek Tokarski, Ania Świerczewska, Witold Zuchiewicz, Dušan Starek and László Fodor

and Eastern Orava. Dionýz Štúr Inst. Geol. , Bratislava, 1-319 (in Slovak). Guterch B. 2006: Seismic events in the Orava-Nowy Targ Basin, Western Carpathians. November 30, 2004-December 2005. Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia 3, 3 (143), 85-95. Guterch B. 2009: Seismicity of Poland in the light of historical records. Przegl. Geol. 57, 513-520 (in Polish, English summary). Hinsch R. & Decker K. 2011: Seismic slip rates, potential subsurface rupture areas and seismic potential of the