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K. Śmiecińska, J. Denaburski and W. Sobotka

pigs. J Anim Sci 70: 492-498. Guignot F, Touraille C, Ouali A, Renerre M, Monin G ( 1994 ) Relationship between post-mortem pH changes and some traits of sensory quality in veal. Meat Sci 37: 315-325. Harris PA (1993) Comparative aspects of exertional myopathy. Adv Vet Sci 4: 115-138. Honikel KO ( 1998 ) Reference methods for the assessment of physical characteristics of meat. Meat Sci 49: 447-457. Kennedy C, Buckley DJ, Kerry JP ( 2004 ) Display life of sheep

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Wen Chao Liu and In Ho Kim

.H. (2002). Prevalence of the metabolic syndrome among US adults: findings from the third national health and nutrition examination survey. JAMA, 287: 356-359. Guillevic M., Kouba M., Mourot J. (2009). Effect ofalinseed diet orasunflower diet on performances, fatty acid composition, lipogenic enzyme activities and stearoyl-Co A-desaturase activity in the pig. Livest. Sci., 124: 288-294. Honikel K.O. (1998). Reference methods for the assessment of physical characteristics of meat. Meat Sci., 49: 447-457. Huang F.R., Zhan Z

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T. Daszkiewicz, J. Kondratowicz and M. Koba-Kowalczyk

the European Communities L61, 18.3.95, pp 1-40. Fernández J, Pérez-Álvarez JA, Fernández-Lopez JA ( 1997 ) Thiobarbituric acid test for monitoring lipid oxidation in meat. Food Chem 59: 345-353. Fernández-López J, Sayas-Barberá E, Muñoz T, Sendra E, Navarro C, Pérez-Alvarez JA ( 2008 ) Effect of packaging conditions on shelf-life of ostrich steaks. Meat Sci 78: 143-152. George P, Stratmann CJ ( 1952 ) The oxidation of metmyoglobin by oxygen; II: the relation between the first order rate

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Roman Aleksiewicz, Krzysztof Lutnicki, Marcin Bojarski, Ilona Al-Mutari and Aneta Bocheńska

.U.: Continuous measurements of renal perfusion in pigs by means of intravascular Doppler. Kidney Int 2001, 59, 1439–1447. 18. Naqvi J., Yap K.H., Ahmad G., Ghosh J.: Transcranial Doppler ultrasound: a review of the physical principles and major applications in critical care. Int J Vasc Med 2013, 6, 1–13. 19. Ozel D., Ozel B.D., Ozkan F., Kutlu R.: Evalution of renal involvement in patients with Behçet disease: Need to be aware about potential hypertension in long term follow up? Pol J Radiol 2016, 81, 5–9. 20. Pope J.C., Hernanz-Schulman M., Showalter P

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Agnieszka Noszczyk-Nowak, Marcin Michałek, Adrian Janiszewski, Agnieszka Kurosad, Agnieszka Sławuta, Alicja Cepiel and Urszula Pasławska

cell parameters. Material and Methods Fourteen privately-owned dogs admitted to the Cardiology Unit of the Department of Internal Medicine and Clinic of Horses, Dogs, and Cats of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland, were enrolled into the study. They were dogs which had undergone complete physical, echo- and electrocardiographic examinations and been diagnosed with lone atrial fibrillation and none to minimal left atrial enlargement (LA/Ao <1.7). The dogs were mostly males (10/14), of mean age 5

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Joanna Obrzut, Józefa Krawczyk, Jolanta Calik, Sylwester Świątkiewicz, Mariusz Pietras and Katarzyna Utnik-Banaś

References Adamski M., Kuźniacka J., Banaszak M. (2016). The effects of strain and caponisation on carcass and meat traits of cockerels aged twenty weeks. Ann. Anim. Sci., 16: 1227-1239. AOAC (1997). Official methods of analysis. Association of Official Analytical Chemists. 15th Edition, Washington, DC. Baryłko-Pikielna N., Matuszewska I. (2009). Sensory testing of food (in Polish). Wyd. Nauk. PTTŻ, 367 pp. Batorska M., Michalczuk M., Damaziak K., Siennicka A., Łojek A. (2016). Meat selection

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Małgorzata Świątkiewicz, Ewa Hanczakowska and Anna Olszewska

solubles in diets for growing-finishing pigs: Acooperative study. J. Anim. Sci., 89: 2801-2811. Cromwell G.L., Herkelman K.L., Stahly T.S. (1993). Physical, chemical, and nutritional characteristics of distillers dried grains with solubles for chicks and pigs. J. Anim. Sci., 71: 679-686. Danielsen V., Vestergaard E.M. (1999). Dietary fibre for pregnant sows - effect on performance and behaviour. Conference Materials of 50th Annual Meeting of EAAP, Zurich., pp. 1-7. Emiola I.A., Opapeju F.O., Slominski B.A., Nyachoti C

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Jędrzej M. Jaśkowski, Marek Gehrke, Magdalena Herudzińska, Bartłomiej M. Jaśkowski and Klaus-Peter Brüssow

. 13. Gajewski Z., Melo de Sousa N., Konopka A.: Determination of PAG in the milk and blood in cow’s in comparison to other examination methods for pregnancy diagnosis. Procedings XXV WBC, Budapest 2008, pp. 92–97. 14. Galvão K.N., Santos J.E.: Factors affecting synchronization and conception rate after the Ovsynch protocol in lactating Holstein cows. Reprod Domest Anim 2010, 45, 439–446. 15. Giordano J.O., Fricke P.M., Cabrera V.E.: Economics of resynchronization strategies including chemical tests to identify non-pregnant cows. J. Dairy Sci 2013, 96

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Ali Hajimohammadi, Khalil Badiei, Parviz Kheibari, Meherdad Pourjafar and Aliasghar Chalmeh

.5 kg, were randomly selected for the project. All sheep had normal physical examination results and fibrinogen concentrations and complete blood count (CBC) results. Four weeks before the start of the experiments, each sheep was treated orally with albendazole (15 mg/kg; Dieverm 600, Razak Pharmaceutical Co, Iran) and subcutaneously with ivermectin (0.2 mg/kg; 1% Erfamectin, Erfan Pharmaceutical Co, Iran) to control probable internal and external parasites. All sheep were maintained in open-shed barns with free access to water, food, and shade. The ration included

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Youbao Zhong, Xianlai Zhang, Xiaofen Hu and Yong Li

), lymphocytes (LYM), neutrophils (GRAN), lymphocyte percentage (LYM%), neutrophil percentage (GRAN%), haemoglobin (HGB), red blood cells (RBC), and blood platelets (PLT), were examined. Statistical analysis . SPSS13.0 software (IBM Corporation, USA) was used to perform one-way analysis of variance, and intergroup differences were analysed. All experimental data were tested by analysis of variance with significant differences between means determined by Duncan post-hoc tests. Results Effects of repeated LPS treatment on the growth performance of SD rats . When SD rats