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Breaks in primary schools and their influence on maintaining and promoting physical fitness and wellness at the level of middle schools

-based fitness assessment in young people: the ALPHA health-related fitness , Br. J. Sports Med.,45(6), 518-24. 15. Dragan C., Tamara P., Sergej O. (2013). Assessment of physical fitness in children and adolescents , Physical Education and Sport, 11(2), 135 - 145. 16. Ruiz J.R., España-Romero V., Castro-Piñero J., Castillo M.J., et. al. (2017). ALPHA-fitness test battery: health-related field-based fitness tests assessment in children and adolescents , Nutr. Hosp., 1210-1214. 17. Zerf M., Atouti N., Ben Farouk A. (2017). Abdominal obesity and their

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Relationships between Physical Fitness Components among Slovak High School Students

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Inter-individual Variability in Soccer Players of Different Age Groups Playing Different Positions

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Effects of Aquatic and Dry Land Resistance Training Devices on Body Composition and Physical Capacity in Postmenopausal Women

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A new physical performance classification system for elite handball players: cluster analysis

performance capacity. This information could be of vital importance to measure the physical state of a player before a training program compared with the rest of the players. A further use of a physical performance test is the identification of young talent. This line of research has generated many studies in different sports such as soccer ( Unnithan et al., 2012 ; Votteler and Höner, 2013 ; William and Reilly, 2000 ), handball ( Baker et al., 2013 ; Lidor et al., 2005 ; Mohamed et al., 2009 ), basketball ( Hoare, 2000 ) or rugby ( Gabbett, 2006 , 2011 ) in which the

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Improving secondary school curricula through the development of agility

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Physical and Physiological Characteristics of Elite Male Handball Players from Teams with a Different Ranking

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Nordic Walking Training and Physical Fitness in Elderly Women

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General Anthropometric and Specific Physical Fitness Profile of High-Level Junior Water Polo Players

Positions. Journal of Human Kinetics , 2011;27: 31-44. Frenkl R, Meszaros J, Soliman YA, Mohacsi J. Body composition and peak aerobic power in male international level Hungarian athletes. ActaPhysiologicaHungarica , 2001;88(3-4): 251-258. Gurd B, Klentrou P. Physical and pubertal development in young male gymnasts. Journal of Applied Physiology , 2003;95(3): 1011-1015. Holloway KM, Meir RA, Brooks LO, Phillips CJ. The triple-120 meter shuttle test: a sport-specific test for assessing

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Physical Activity Levels of the Young Adults in an Economically Developing Country: The Turkish Sample

-619. Whaley M.H., Kaminsky L.A. Epidemiology of physical activity, physical fitness, and selected chronic diseases In J.L Roitman (Ed.), ACSM'S Resource Manual for Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription (pp 17-33). Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Philedelphia 2001.

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