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Responsibility to Protect and Human Security: Doctrines Destroying or Strengthening the Sovereignty?

: From the Perspective of Non-Derogable Rights’. European Journal of International Law , 2001, vol. 12, no. 6 MAMDANI, Mahmood. Responsibility to Protect or Right to Punish?. Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding , 2010, No 4 NIEMELÄ, Pekka, The Politics of Responsibility to Protect: Problems and Prospects, Helsinki: Eric Castrèn Institute of International Law and Human Rights, 2008 NYE, Joseph S., Understanding International Conflicts: An Introduction to Theory and History , New York: Pearson-Longman, 2005 ONFORD, Anne, International

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The Piano’s Sound Apperception in Havasi Balázs’s Compositions, with Some Remarks from Alfred Whitehead and Theodore Ziolkowski

) An Introduction to Metaphysics , translated by Ralph Manheim, M.B. Publishers Private Limited, Delhi, 1999, 2005. (2) Introducere în metafizică , Romanian edition, translation by Gabriel Liiceanu and Thomas Kleininger, Humanitas Publishing, București, 2011. Heidegger, Martin, Being and Time , translated by Joan Stambaugh, State University of New York Press, New York, 1996. Huray, Peter le; Day, James, Music and the Aesthetics in the Eighteenth and Early-Nineteenth Century , Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1981 [1988]. Kant, Immanuel

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Perceived Organizational Support, Stress Coping Behaviors and Mediating Role of Psychological Capital: Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers

-38. doi: Seligman, M. E. P., 1998. What is “good life”. Monitor on Psychology, 29 (10), 1-3. Selmer, J., 2000. Adjustment of Western business expatriates in Hong Kong versus the Chinese mainland. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 17 (3), 519-538. doi: Selmer, J., and Leung, A. S., 2007. Symptom and problem focused coping strategies of business women expatriates and their socio-cultural adjustment in Hong Kong. Women in Management Review, 22 (7), 588-605. doi

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Relationships Between Perception of Illness, Social Support and Hemodialysis Adequacy

perceptions, treatment adherence, and clinical outcomes in patients on maintenance hemodialysis. Nephrol Nurs J. 2010;37(3):271-80. 5. Chilcot J, Norton S, Wellsted D, Farrington K. The factor structure of the Revised Illness Perception Questionnaire (IPQ-R) in end-stage renal disease patients. Psychol Health Med. 2012;17(5):578-88. 6. Tasmoc A1, Hogas S, Covic A. A longitudinal study on illness perceptions in hemodialysis patients: changes over time. Arch Med Sci. 2013;9(5):831-6. 7. van Dijk S, Scharloo M, Kaptein AA, et al. NECOSAD Study Group. Patients

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Influence of Gender, Age and Location on Students Perceived Link of Population Growth and Climate Change

:// . Kidanu, A, Ravin, K. & Hardee, K. (2009). “Linking Population, Fertility and Family Planning to Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change: Views from Ethiopia.” Addis Abab, Miz-Hasab and Washington, DC: PAI. Ndambiri H.K., Ritho C, Mbogoh S.G, Nganga S.I., Muiruri E.J., Nyangmeso. P.M., Kipsat. M, Omboto. J., Agada J.O, Kefa. C, Kubowon, P & Cherotwo, F.H. (2012). Analysis of farmers’ perceptions of the effects of climate change in Kenya: The case of Kyuso district. Journal of Environment and Earth Science 2(10) 74

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What is - really - in a dataset?

(Announcement from the Department of Justice) Johnson, R. B. & Onwuegbuzie, A. J. (2004): Mixed Methods Research; A Research Paradigm Whose Time Has Come. Educational Researcher 33 (7): 14-26 Jöhncke, S. (2008): Treatment Trouble. On the Politics of Methadone and Anthropology. PhD thesis. Copenhagen: University of Copenhagen Kreiner, S. (1999): Statistisk problemløsning. Præmisser, teknik og analyse (Problem solving in statistics. Preconditions, techniques and analyses). Copenhagen: Juristog

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The perception and attitude of the resident and tourists regarding the local public administration and the tourism phenomenon

References [1] Ahmed, F., Moodley, V., Sookrajh, R. (2008). The environmental impacts of beach sport tourism events: a case study of the Mr Price Pro Surfing Event, Durban, South Africa. Africa insight, 38(3). Pp. 73-85 . [2] Alessa, L., Bennett, S.M., Kliskey, A.D. (2003). Effects of knowledge, personal attribution and perception of ecosystem health on depreciative behaviours in the intertidal zone of Pacific National Park and Reserve. Journal of environmental management, 68(2). pp.207-218 . [3] Ap, J. (1992). Residents’ perceptions on

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Territorial Identity of Countryside Residents in the Suburban Areas of Łódź, Poland

: Problemy ewolucji układów osadniczych na tle procesów urbanizacyjnych w Polsce . PWN, Warszawa: 45-66. Golachowski S. & Goldzamt E. (ed.), 1971. Problemy osadnictwa robotniczego na wsi (Problems of worker settlements in rural areas). Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Planowania Przestrzennego Politechniki Warszawskiej, Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Warszawa. Halfacree K., 1993. Locality and social representation: Space, discourse, and alternative definitions of the rural. Journal of Rural Studies , 9: 23-37. Halfacree K

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Internet of Things in Marketing: Opportunities and Security Issues

References [1] D. Evans. (2011) The internet of things. How the next evolution of the internet is changing everything [Online]. Available: [2] J. Gregory. The Internet of Things: Revolutionizing the Retail Industry [Online]. Available: [3] M. Henze, L. Hermerschmidt, D. Kerpen et al. „A

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Thinking, Experiencing and Rethinking Mereological Interdependence

References Albertazzi, L. (2015). A science of qualities. Biological Theory , 10 , 188–199. Anjum, R., & Mumford, S. (2017) Emergence and Demergence. In: M. Paoletti & F. Orilia (Eds.) Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives on Downward Causation (pp. 92–109). New York, London: Routledge. Arnheim, R. (1974). Art and visual perception: A psychology of the creative eye . Berkeley: University of California Press. Ash, M. G. (1985). Gestalt psychology: Origins in Germany and reception in the United States . In: C. E. Buxton (Ed

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