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Maciej Skrzypek and R. Laskowski

References 1. Kiełkiewicz, M. (1987). Jądrowe reaktory energetyczne. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Naukowo-Techniczne. 2. Pairot, F. (2011). Nuclear design. The pre-construction safety report (PCSR) (Chapter 4.3). 3. Scientech, Inc. (1998). RELAP5/MOD3 code manual. Volume I: code structure, system models and solution methods. Rockville, Maryland, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 4. Framatome ANP, Inc. (2005). EPR design description. Lynchburg. 5. U.S. NRC. (2013). EPR fi nal safety report (Chapter 4

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Tomasz Bury, Jan Składzień and Adam Fic

References [1] IAEA: Power Reactor Information System - PRIS - access on 12.01.2012. [2] IAEA: Development and Application of Level 1. Probabilistic Safety Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants . Specific Safety Guide No. SSG-3, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna 2010. [3] IAEA: Development and Application of Level 2. Probabilistic Safety Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants Specific Safety Guide No. SSG-4, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna 2010

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Maciej Zaorski and Krzysztof Rogowski

:// , [10.12.2014]. PELLOWSKI Witalis (2013). Radiation protection with the elements of radiometry. Higher Land Forces Military Academy of General Tadeusz Kosciuszko's name. Wrocław 2013. 160 p. ISBN 978-83-63900-24-3. Polish NPP, 2010; The Polish Nuclear Power Program in September 2010. Issued by the Ministry of Economy of Poland. Polish Nuclear Power Program elaborated by the Ministry of Economy, , [30.09.2013]. Regulation of the Council of Ministers dated 27 April 2004. On intervention levels for particular types

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Longfei Kang, Lei Zhao, Jiawen Zhou and Qi An

References [1] Zheng, C., Xiao, Z,G., Xu, H.S. et al. (2007). Hadron Physics Programs at HIRFL-CSRm: Plan and Status. High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics , 31(12): 1177-1180. [2] Xia, J.W., Zhan, W.L., Wei, B.W. et al. (2002). The Heavy Ion Cooler-Storage-Ring Project (HIRFL- CSR) at Lanzhou. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A , 488: 11.25. [3] Jia, L.K., Mao, Z.P., Li, W.D., et al. (2010). Study of Low Momentum Track Reconstruction for BESIII Main Drift Chamber. Chinese

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Bohumil Frantál, Jiří Malý, Martin Ouředníček and Jiří Nemeškal

References: BAROCH, P. (2010): Obec Temelín nevzkvétá. I když ČEZ vydělává miliardy [online]. [cit. 10.10.2015] Available at: BAZILE, F. (2012): Social impacts and public perception of nuclear power. In Alonso, A. [ed.]: Infrastructure and Methodologies for the Justification of Nuclear Power Programmes. A Volume in Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy, 549–566. BEZDEK, R. H., WENDLING, R. M. (2006): The impacts of nuclear facilities on

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Mikołaj Oettingen and Przemysław Stanisz

References 1. International Atomic Energy Agency. (2012). Role of thorium to supplement fuel cycles of future nuclear energy systems . Vienna: IAEA. (Nuclear Energy Series No. NF-T-2.4). 2. Serfontein, D. E., & Mulder, E. J. (2014). Thorium-based fuel cycles: Reassessment of fuel economics and proliferation risk. Nucl. Eng. Des ., 271 , 106–113. 3. Vijayan, P., Shivakumar, V., Basu, S., & Sinha, R. (2017). Role of thorium in the Indian nuclear power programme. Prog. Nucl. Energy , 101 (Pt A), 43–52. 4. Abdel-Khalik, S. I., Haldy, P. A

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Dominik Kryzia and Lidia Gawlik

model of the US uranium market. Materials and Society 8, pp. 137–152. Owen, A.D. 1985. The Economics of Uranium . Praeger, New York. Patterson, J.A. 1970. World Uranium Supply and Demand . IAEA publishing, Paris, France. PPEJ 2014. Program of the Polish Nuclear Energy (Program polskiej energetyki jądrowej). Accepted by Ministers Council on 24.06.2014. Warszaw ( in Polish ). [Online] Available at: ( ) [Accessed: 3.03.2016]. Strategic… 2010 – Strategic Environmental

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Rajkumar Singh

References Abrahamian, E. (1991). “Khomeini : Fundamentalist or Populist”. New Left Review , No. 186, March-April. 102-119. Ahmad, A. (1967). Islamic Modernism in India and Pakistan . London: Oxford University Press. Beg, G. M. A. (1996). “Pakistan’s Nuclear Programme: A National Security Perspective”. Jorn Gjelstad and Olav Njolstad (eds.), Nuclear Rivalry and International Order , London. Belokrenitsky, V. Y. (2004). “Islamic Radicalism in Pakistan: Evolution and Regional Role”. Mahavir Singh (ed.), International Terrorism and

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Nicolai Todorov Dolchinkov and Nicolai Bonev Nichev

References Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency. (2016). Annual report of 2015, Sofia: Bulgarian nuclear regulatory agency, available at: The Council of Ministers. (2011). National programme on disaster the 2014 -2018, Sofia: the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers. (2013). National report on the status and protection of the environment in Bulgaria in 2012 of the EEA, Sofia: The Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers

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Maja Remic, Gašper Žerovnik and Janez Žerovnik

-227. Zhang, G, Cai, X, Wong, C. K. (2000), "Lineartimeapproximation algorithms for bin packing", Operations Research Letters, Vol. 26, No. 5, pp. 217222. Železnik, N, et al. (2004), "Program razgradnje NEK in odlaganja NSRAO in IJG" ("Program of NPP Krško Decommissioning and SF & LILW Disposal"), Study, No. T-1123-03, Agency for Radwaste Management, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Agency for Hazardous Waste, Zagreb, Croatia. Žerovnik, G, Snoj, L, Ravnik, M. (2009), "Optimization of Spent Nuclear Fuel Filling in Canisters for