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Potential geo-ecological impacts of the proposed Danube–Oder–Elbe Canal on alluvial landscapes in the Czech Republic

. Proceedings from 5 th World Congresss of IALE (pp. 103–111). Snowmass Village, Colorado, University of Guelph. PENKA, M., VYSKOT, M., KLIMO, E., VAŠÍČEK, F. (1985): Floodplain Forest Ecosystem I. Before Water Management Measures. Praha, Academia. PENKA, M., VYSKOT, M., KLIMO, E., VAŠÍČEK, F. (1991): Floodplain Forest Ecosystem II. After Water Management Measures. Praha, Academia. PETRÁŠOVÁ, T., MACHALÍKOVÁ, P. (2013): A Rich Network of Waterways as the ′Panacea′ of the Cislethanian Society? In: 32 nd Symposium on the Issue of the 19 th Plzeň Century (pp

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Tourism destination: The networking approach

. Tourism Management, 30(3): 429–440. D’ANGELLA F., SAINAGHI R. (2004): Building competitive advantage of district firms: the role of the network and the company. In: Keller P., Bieger, T. [eds.]: The future of small and medium sized enterprises in tourism (pp. 35–53). St. Gallen, AIEST. DA CUNHA, S. K., DA CUNHA, J. C. (2005): Tourism cluster competitiveness and sustainability: proposal for systematic model to measure the impact of tourism local development. Brazilian Administration Review, 2(2): 47–62. DARWENT, D. F. (1969): Growth poles and growth

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The Environmental and Economic Substantiation of Investments in Green Buildings

. (2013). Measuring Land-Use Efficiency in Land Management. Advanced Materials Research, 804, 205-210. Bahadir, M., Parlar, H., & Spiteller, M. (Eds.). (2000). Springer-Umweltlexikon (2nd ed.). Berlin Heidelberg New York: Springer-Verlag. ISBN 3-540-63561-0. p. 1455. Baulinks. (2015). Top-10-Länder bei LEED-Zertifizierungen: Deutschland an sechster Stelle [Top 10 countries with LEED certificates - Germany on 6th place]. Retrieved from http

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Anytime? Anywhere? The seasonality of flight offers in Central Europe

References: ALDERIGHI, M., CENTO, A., NIJKAMP, P., RIETVELD, P. (2005): Network competition - the coexistence of hub-and-spoke and point-to-point systems. Journal of Air Transport Management, 11(5): 328–334. BLÁHA, J. D., NOVÁČEK, A. (2016): The Perception and Delimitation of Central Europe in the Mental Maps of Individuals from Selected European Countries. Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Geographischen Gesellschaft. Band 158, in print. BUTTON, K., HAYNES, K., STOUGH, R. (1998): Flying into the future: air transport policy in the European

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Comparison of the current state of non-forest woody vegetation in two contrasted case study areas in Central Europe

References BARR, C. J., GILLESPIE, M. K. (2000): Estimating hedgerow length and pattern characteristics in Great Britain using Countryside Survey data. Journal of Environmental Management, 60: 23-32. BAUDRY, J., BUNCE, R. G. H., BUREL, F. (2000): Hedgerows: An international perspective on their origin, function and management. Journal of Environmental Management, 60: 7-22. BELLEFONTAINE, R., PETIT, S., PAIN-ORCET, M., DELEPORTE, P., BERTAULT, J. G. (2002): Trees outside forests: Towards a better awareness. FAO

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Measurement of the Logistic Customer Service Level in Commercial Cargo Motor Transport Companies

assessment based on psychometric and diagnostic criteria,” in Journal of Marketing, No. 70 (3), 1994, pp. 201-230. 21. A. R. Meybodi, “Measuring service quality using Servqual model: A case study of brokerage ofices in Iran,“ in International Journal for Quality Research, No. 6(1), 2012, p.55-61. 22. F. Pakdil, and O. Aydin, “Expectations and perceptions in airline services: An analysis using weighted SERVQUAL scores,” in Journal of Air Transport Management, No. 13, 2007, p. 229-237. 23. C. Rafele, “Logistic service

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Are there differences in the attractiveness of shopping centres? Experiences from the Czech and Slovak Republics

References: ABRATT, R, FOURIE, J. L., PITT, L. F. (1985): Tenant mix: the key to a successful shopping centre. Quarterly Review of Marketing, 15: 19–27. ALZUBAIDI, H., VIGNALI, C., DAVIES, B. J., SCHMIDT, R. A. (1997): Town centre versus out-of-town shopping: a consumer perspective. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 25(2): 78–89. ARENTZE, T. A., TIMMERMANS, H. J. P. (2001): Deriving performance indicators from models of multipurpose shopping behavior. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 8(6): 325

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Additive Allometric Models of Single-Tree Biomass of Betula Sp. as a Basis of Regional Taxation Standards for Eurasia

References [1] BASKERVILLE, G. L.: Use of logarithmic regression in the estimation of plant biomass. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Vol. 2, 1972, pp. 49 - 53. [2] BI, H. – MURPHY, S. – VOLKOVA, L. – WESTON, CH. – FAIRMAN, T. – LI, Y. – LAW, R. – NORRIS, J. - LEI X. – CACCAMO, G.: Additive biomass equations based on complete weighing of sample trees for open eucalypt forest species in south-eastern Australia. Forest Ecology and Management, Vol. 349, 2015, pp. 106 - 121, . [3] BI, H. – TURNER

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Geographical Perspectives on Agritourism in The Czech Republic

between tourism offer and tourism demand in the case of farm tourism in Slovenia. European Countryside, Vol. 5, No. 4, p. 339-355. CLARKE, J., DENMAN, R., HICKMAN, G., SLOVÁK, J. (2001): Rural tourism in Roznava Okres: a Slovak case study. Tourism Management, Vol. 22, No. 2, p. 193-202. CHROMÝ, P., JANČÁK, V., MARADA, M., HAVLÍČEK, T. (2011): Venkov - žitý prostor: regionální diferenciace percepce venkova představiteli venkovských obcí v Česku. Geografie, Vol. 116, No. 1, p. 23-45. CSO (2011): Agrocensus, regions - Farm Structure Survey and Survey on Agricultural

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Assessment and Comparison of Tourism Vocabulary Skills in ESL Learners

References ASHWORTH, G., PAGE, S. J. (2011), “Urban Tourism Research: Recent Progress and Current Paradoxes”. Tourism Management, Vol. 32, Elsevier COUCH, C., FRASER, C., PERCY, S. (2003), Urban Regeneration in Europe. Blackwell Science Ltd. COUNCIL OF EUROPE (2011), The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Cambridge University Press CRYSTAL, D. (2003), English as a Global Language. Cambridge University Press DOUGHERTY STAHL, K. A., BRAVO, M. A. (2010

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