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Framework of performance measurement practices in construction companies in Egypt

L iterature Abd Elhamid, M., & Ghareeb, S. (2011). Measuring Performance in Egyptian Construction Firms Applying Quality Management Systems. Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management , 1 (2), 18-27. Ahmad, S., Svalestuen, F., Andersen, B., & Torp, O. (2016). A Review of Performance Measurement for Successful Concurrent Construction. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences , 226 , 447-454. Aho, M. (2009). A Capability Maturity Model for Corporate Performance Management. An Empirical Study in Large Finnish Manufacturing

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Linking a performance management system and competencies: Qualitative research

authority for measuring and evaluating business performance according to attributes of the Z-MESOT method. The application of the responsibility and authority as a necessary element of competences in the management process enables to interlink the organisation’s requirements and the employee’s opportunities in a way that permits their development in mutual harmony and to ensure the organisation’s competitiveness (Königová & Hron, 2012; Szczepańska-Woszczyna et al., 2015 ). The competency-based approach in Performance Management System (PMS) focuses on the behaviour and

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A Model to Measure the Performance of Human Resources in Organisations

-andhow-to/modeling-statistics/regression/how-to/multiple-regression/interpret-theresults/key-results/ [Accessed 11 October 2017]. 12. O'Brien, J. & Marakas, G., 2007. Management information systems. A business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies , Volume McGraw-Hill/Irwin. 13., 2016. Performance Management - Measuring. [Online] Available at: # [Accessed 6 October 2017]. 14. PennState, 2017. The Multiple Linear Regression Model. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 4 October 2017]. 15. Precup, M., 2015. What

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Natural Monopoly in Russia: State Regulation Problems

). “Miracles of efficiency” of Gazprom. Retrieved from (In Russian). Milov, V. (2016). Top-management of state-owned companies: what they are paid for. Retrieved from (In Russian). Sapir, Zh. (2004). Natural monopoly: problems of definition and control. Problems of forecasting, 6, 42-56. Retrieved from (In Russian). The

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Consequences of Fiscal Adjustment and Public Finance Management. The Costs of Limiting the Fiscal Imbalance in Eurozone Countries

., Negative Weights for Performance Measures, International Public Management Journal, 12:3, 332-344, 2009 European Commission, European Union Public Finance: New book edition released, Brussels 2015. IMF, Fiscal Monitor, Washington 2012 and 2013. Kelly, J., Rubin, M., Budget and Accounting Reforms. In Ferlie, E., Lynn, L. and Pollitt, C. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Public Management , (pp. 563-590). 2005 New York. Maarten de Jong, Iris van Beek and Rense Posthumus, Introducing accountable budgeting: lessons from a decade of performance

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The models evaluating courier and messenger companies in Poland

), 4 (23). doi: 10.4156/AISS Mentzer, J. T., DeWitt, W., Keebler, J. S., Soonhoong, M., Nix, N. W., Smith, C. D., & Zacharia, Z. G. (2001). Defining Supply Chain Management. Journal of Business Logistics , 22 (2), 1-25. doi: 10.1002/j.2158-1592.2001.tb00001.x Min, H., & Joo, S. J. (2006). Benchmarking the operational efficiency of third party logistics providers using data envelopment analysis. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal , 11 (3), 259-265. Mishra, R. K. (2012). Measuring supply chain efficiency: A DEA approach. Journal of

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The safe road transport system approach

: Transport Safety Organization in Public and Private sectors, 2003 ( ) [7] EU Twinning project for enhancing Road Safety in Egypt, EG08/AA/TP13 [8] The PIARC four strategic themes ( ) [9] The PIARC Guidelines on Road Safety ( ) [10] PIARC Human factors guideline ( ) [11] EU Directive 2008/96/EC on Infrastructure Safety Management 2008 [12] „Road Safety measures implementation of Safety” Audit System for Romania, Europe Aid/114414/D/SV/RO [13] „Technical Assistant for

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Residential Building Management System Features and Underlying Factors

:// Slava, D., Geipele, S. (2012). Legal and Economic Problems of Housing Management in Latvia. Economics and Business, 22, 144-153. ISSN 1407-7337, e-ISSN 2255-8756. Savickas, R., Savickiene, R., Bielskus, J. (2015). Technical measures to decrease heat energy consumption of final customer in multi - apartment buildings according to energy efficiency directive. Science - Future of Lithuania / Mokslas - Lietuvos Ateitis, 7(4), ISSN 2029-2341, eISSN 2029-2252.

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Identification of Delay Causing Actor in the Indian Real Estate Project: an AHP-Based Approach

References Aitken, A., & Paton, R. A. (2017). The “T-Shaped Buyer”: A transactional perspective on supply chain relationships. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 23(4), 280-289. Akintoye, A., & Main, J. (2007). Collaborative relationships in construction: the UK contractors’ perception. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 14(6), 597-617. Ali Kazmi, S. (2017). Impact of Natural, Man-made Risks and

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Comparing two distance measures in the spatial mapping of food deserts: The case of Petržalka, Slovakia

References ANDREYEVA, T., BLUMENTHAL, D. M., SCHWARTZ, M. B., LONG, M. W., BROWNELL, K. D. (2008): Availability and prices of foods across stores and neighbourhoods: the case of New Haven, Connecticut. Health Affairs, 27(5): 1381–1388. APPARICIO, P., ABDELMAJID, M., RIVA, M., SHEARMUR, R. (2008): Comparing alternative approaches to measuring the geographical accessibility of urban health services: Distance types and aggregation-error issues. International Journal of Health Geographics, 7(1): 7. APPARICIO, P., CLOUTIER, M. S., SHEARMUR, R. (2007

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