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IT Reliability and Innovation in SMEs: Empirical Research

References Chen, Y., Wang, Y., Nevo, S., Benitez-Amado, J. and Kou, G. (2015). IT capabilities and product innovation performance: The roles of corporate entrepreneurship and competitive intensity. Information & Management , 52 (6), 643–657. Davila, T., Epstein, M.J. and Shelton R. (2006). Making innovation work: How to manage it, measure it, and profit from it? Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Davis, F.D. (1985). A technology acceptance model for empirically testing new end-user information systems: Theory and results (doctoral

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Rigour and Relevance: A PhD Student’s Perspective

-6486.2012.01070.x Augier, M. and March, J.G. (2007). The Pursuit of Relevance in Management Education. California Management Review, 49(3): 129-146, Augier, M. and March, J.G. (2011). The Roots, Rituals, and Rhetorics of Change: North American Business Schools After the Second World War. Stanford: Stanford University Press, Brady, C. (2009). Theory and practice in equal measure. Financial Times, June 1. Burell, G. and

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Effect of Dimensions of Service Quality on the Brand Equity in the Fast Food Industry

6. Reference Aaker, D. (1996). Measuring brand equity across products and markets, California Management Review , Vol. 38, No. 3, pp. 102-20. Aaker, D. (1991). Managing Brand Equity: Capitalizing on the Value of Brand Name . New York, NY: The Free press. Aaker, D., & Joachimsthaler, E. (2000). Brand Leadership . London: free press. Bailey, R., & Ball, S. (2006). An exploration of the meaning of hotel brand equity. The Services Industries Journal , Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 15-38. Berry, L. (2000). Cultivating service brand equity

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Validating an instrument for measuring brand equity of CSR driven organizations in Malaysia

References Aaker, D.A. (1996), “Measuring brand equity across products and markets”, California Management Review, Vol. 38, No. 3, pp. 102-120. Aaker, D.A. (1991), Managing brand equity: Capitalizing on the value of a brand name. New York: Free Press. Abraham, M. (2001), “Top of mind awareness in industrial markets: Why you need to get and keep it!”. Retrieved March 18, 2012 from . Bhattacharya, C.B. and Sen, S. (2003), “Consumer-company identification: A framework for understanding

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Organizational network management — new quality in strategic management of research-development units

). - Partycypacyjna platforma badań sieci organizacyjnych. Nauki o zarządzaniu Management Sciences, 1 (18), 100-110. 5. Bilecka, J., (2016) Po co liderowi R&D wiedza o relacjach w organizacji. R&D Magazyn, Nr II, grudzień 2016, 44-47. 6. Bilecka, J., Mikołajuk, Ł. i Zbieg, A., (2016). Czy wiesz jaką masz strukturę organizacyjną w firmie?, Personel i Zarządzanie, 1, 44-45, 2, 43-45 (27.10.2017). 7. Libert, B., Beck, M. i Wind, J. (2016). The Network Imperative: How to Survive and Grow in the Age of Digital Business

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Enhancing the organizational citizenship behavior for the environment: the roles of green training and organizational culture

change management, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 214-234. Hatch, M. J. (1993), “The dynamics of organizational culture”, Academy of management review, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 657-693. Islam, S., Karia, N., Fauzi, F. B. A., & Soliman, M. (2017), “A review on green supply chain aspects and practices”, Management & Marketing, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 12-36. Jabbour, C. J. C., Jugend, D., de Sousa Jabbour, A. B. L., Gunasekaran, A., & Latan, H. (2015), “Green product development and performance of Brazilian firms: measuring the role of human and technical aspects”, Journal

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Measures of Competitive Intensity – Analysis Based on Literature Review

Type on the Use of Customer Satisfaction Measures in Executive Annual Bonus Contracts. The Accounting Review, 90(1): 229-263, Chen, M.-J. (1996). Competitor Analysis Toward a Rivalry: and Interfirm Integration Theoretical. The Academy of Management Review, 21(1): 100-134. Chen, Y. et al. (2015). IT capabilities and product innovation performance: The roles of corporate entrepreneurship and competitive intensity. Information & Management, Chien

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Business Sustainable Competitiveness a Synergistic, Long-Run Approach of a Company's Resources and Results

, C. E., & Morris, J. R. (1997). Financial consequences of employmentchange decisions in major US corporations. Academy of management Journal, 40(5), 1175-1189. Cerin, P., & Dobers, P. (2001). What does the performance of the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index tell us?. Eco Management and Auditing, 8(3), 123-133. Cetindamar, D., & Kilitcioglu, H. (2013). Measuring the competitiveness of a firm for an award system. Competitiveness Review: An International Business Journal, 23(1), 7-22. Chaharbaghi, K., & Lynch, R

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The Assesment of Intellectual Capital in Romanian Universities

References Bontis, N. (2001). Assessing knowledge assets: a review of the models used to measure intellectual capital. Intellectual journal of management reviews, 3(1), 41- 60. Chan, M., Cheng, S., & Hwang, Y. (2005.) An empirical investigation of the relationship between intellectual capital and firms market value and financial performance. Journal of Intellectual Capital, 2, 159 - 176. Bornemann M., Wiedenhofer R., Intellectual Capital in education - a value chain perspective, available at http

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The Relationship between Service Quality Dimensions and Brand Equity: Higher Education Students’ Perceptions

:// Farquhar, P. (1989). Managing Brand Equity. Marketing Research : 24–33. Gbadamosi, G. and de Jager, J. (2008). Measuring service quality in South African Higher Education: Developing a Multidimensional Scale . Spain: Global Business and Technology Association: 8–12. He, H. and Li, Y. (2011). Key service drivers for high-tech service brand equity: The mediating role of overall service quality and perceived value. Journal of Marketing Management , 27 (1–2): 77–79. Hemsley-Brown, J. and Goonawardana, S. (2007

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