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Building Information Modeling as a Tool for Enhancing Disaster Resilience of the Construction Industry

of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment, 7(1): 4-25. Chen, L.M., Liu, Y.E., Yang, S.J.S. 2015. Robust supply chain strategies for recovering from unanticipated disasters. Transportation Research Part E, 77: 198-214. Chen, L., Luo, H. 2014. A BIM-based construction quality management model and its applications. Automation in Construction, 46: 64-73. Choi, J., Choi, J., Kim, I. 2014. Development of BIM-based evacuation regulation checking system for high-rise and complex buildings. Automation in Construction, 46

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Problems of the Selection of Construction Technology for Structures in the Centres of Urban Agglomerations

surrounding building vibration” Journal of Vibration and Shock, 2006 17. N. Ibadov, J.Rosłon, “Technology Selection For Construction Project, With The Use Of Fuzzy Preference Relation”, Archives of Civil Engineering, 61, 105-118, 2015 18. A.M. Jarkas „Contractors' Perspective of Construction Project Complexity: Definitions, Principles, and Relevant Contributors” Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, 143, 2017 19. J. Jasiczak “Technologie budowlane II”, Alma Mater, 2003 20. P

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Changes in runoff in two neighbouring catchments in the Bohemian Forest related to climate and land cover changes

of upland afforestation and drainage. Journal of Hydrology, 268, 244–258. Bässler, C., 2008. Climate change - trend of air temperature in the Innerer Bayerischer Wald (Bohemian Forest). Silva Gabreta, 14, 1–18. Bässler, C., Müller, J., Hothorn, T., Kneib, T., Badeck, F., Dziock, F., 2010. Estimation of the extinction risk for high-montane species as a consequence of global warming and assessment of their suitability as cross-taxon indicators. Ecological Indicators, 10, 341–352. Bearup, L.A., Maxwell, R.M., Clow, D.W., McCray, J.E., 2014

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The Study on Effects of Walking on the Thermal Properties of Clothing and Subjective Comfort

. (1990). Resultant clothing insulation: a function of body movement, posture, wind, clothing fit and ensemble thickness. Ergonomics, 33(1), 67-84. [13] Havenith, G. (2002). The interaction of clothing and thermoregulation, Exogenous Dermatology 1(5): 221-230. [14] Morrissey, M. P., Rossi, R. M. (2013). The effect of wind, body movement and garment adjustments on the effective thermal resistance of clothing with low and high air permeability insulation. Textile Research Journal, 84(6), 583–592, DOI:10.1177/0040517513499431. [15] Psikuta, A., Mert, E

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The method of improvement of quality of life of older people as users and maintainers of technical means in Smart City . Data odczytu: 1.02.2008. [Accessed 1 February 2008]. Brodny, J., Tutak, M. (2019). Analysing the Utilisation Efectiveness of Mining Machines Using Independent Data Acquisition Systems: A Case Study. Energies, 12, 13 (2505), pp. 1-15 Brodny, J., Tutak, M. (2018). Analysis of Methane Hazard Conditions in Mine Headings. Published on HRČAK: Tehnički vjesnik – Technical Gazette, 25(1), February 2018, pp. 271-276. Brodny, J., Tutak, M. (2018). Determination of the Zone with a Particularly High Risk of Endogenous Fires in the Goaves of a Longwall with

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Effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication on Surface Roughness and Temperature in Milling of EN31 Steel for Die Making

”, Procedia Engineering 90, 753 – 759, 2014 . DOI: [8] Andris, L., Toms, T. ”The Influence of High-Speed Milling Strategies on 3D Surface Roughness Parameters”, Procedia Engineering 100, pp. 1253 – 1261, 2015 . DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2015.01.491 [9] Jurkovic, J., Korosec, M., Kopac, J. “New approach in tool wear measuring technique using CCD vision system“, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 45 (9), pp. 1023 – 1030, 2005 . [10] Rajesh, Ch., Kumar, H., Garg, R. K. “Analysis and Evaluation

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Simulator for the RS Operator Using Visual Depiction

References [1] Chmieliński M., Haberek R., Kasprzycki O., Efekty zastosowania innowacyjnego rozwiązania systemu szkolno-treningowego do PPZR Grom w AMW Gdynia, ‘Mechanik‘, 2015, No. 7, pp. 111-124 [Implementation Effects of Innovative Solution to Educational and Tutorial System for PPZR Grom Grom in Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia - available in Polish]. [2] Dąbrowski M., Kierunki rozwoju symulacji i treningu wojsk, ‘Szybkobieżne Pojazdy Gąsienicowe‘, 2013, No. 2 (33), [Development Directions of Army Simulation and Tutorial

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