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The Linguistic “Fairness” of the Olympic Charter: Sociolinguistic Analysis of the Solutions Adopted in the Official International Document for Global Sport

directions. Applied Linguistics, 26 (4), 482-502. Dunning, E. (1986). Sport as a male preserve: Notes on the social sources of masculine identity and its transformation. Theory, Culture and Society 3(1), 79-90. Edwards, S.D. (2009). Should Oscar Pistorius be excluded from the 2008 Olympic Games? In E. Jespersen & M. McNamee (Eds.), Ethics, dis/ability and sports (pp. 26-39). London and New York: Routhledge. Giulianotti, R. (2005). Sport: A critical Sociology. Cambridge: Polity Press. Hargreaves, J. (1994

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Determinants of Practising Selected Forms of Physical Activity in a Group of Administrative and Office Workers

. Disability and Rehabilitation 35(19), 1676. 20. Jopkiewicz A., Gawron J. (2015). An assessment of the physical activity of adults residing in the Świętokrzyskie Region. Polish Journal Sport and Tourism 22, 84-93. 21. Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism. (2015). Study of the motivation for undertaking physical activity in elderly people. Report on the implementation of the project. Warszawa: GfK Polonia Sp. z o.o. [in Polish]

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Structure of Achievement Motivation Dispositions in Elite and Non-Elite Track and Field Athletes

.K.J., Biddle, S.J.H. & Elliot, A.J. (2007). The 2x2 achievement goal framework in a physical education context. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 8 , 147-168. DOI: . White, S.A. & Duda, J.L. (1993). Dimensions of goals and beliefs among adolescent athletes with physical disabilities. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 10 , 125-136. Wojdyło, K. & Retowski, S. (2012). Kwestionariusz Celów Związanych z Osiągnięciami (KCO) - konstrukcja i charakterystyka psychometryczna /Achievement Goals Questionnaire (KCO

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Legal Duties and Legal Liabilities of Coaches toward Athletes

abuse to elite child athletes. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 32(4), 407-418. Bringer, J.D., Brackenridge, C.H., Johnston, L.H. (2002). Defining appropriateness in coach-athlete sexual relationships: the voice of coaches. Journal of Sexual Aggression, 8(2), 83-98. Carpenter, L.J. (2008). Legal concepts in sport: a primer, 3rd edn. USA: Sagamore. Coaching Association of Canada. (2005). Coaching athletes with a disability. Retrieved April 14, 2013, from: www

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Health of Adults Through Prism of Physical Activity

-95. 18. NAGY, Z. & A. MÜLLER, 2016a. The role of the pulse measurement in the students’ differentiated education applied in PE. In: Physical Activity, Health and Prevention : International Scientific Conference. B. Bystrica : UMB, pp. 5-14. 19. NAGY, Z. & A. MÜLLER, 2016b. The quantification of derivation in the volleyball thematic unit. In: Trendek és eredmények a biológiai kutatás és oktatás terén . Komárno: Selye János Egyetem Tanárképző Kara, pp. 55-62. 20. NEMČEK, D., 2016. Quality of life of people with disabilities from sport participation point

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Effects of 8-months yoga training on shaping the spine in people over 55

(4): 390-404. 18. Kumar C.S. (2009) Comparative effect of specific yogic exercises and combination of specific yogic exercises with autogenic training on vital capacity of the middle aged men. J. Phys. Edu. Sport/Citius Altius Fortius , 25(4): 45-47. 19. Ostrowska B., K.Rożek-Mróz, C.Giemza (2003) Body posture in elderly, physical active males. The Aging Male , 6: 222-229. 20. Padmini T., S.Chametcha, N.H.Ramarao, R.Nagarathna (2008) Effect of Short-Term Intensive Yoga Program on Pain, Functional Disability and Spinal

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Soccer Practice and Functional and Social Performance of Men With Lower Limb Amputations

physical disabilities, 2009. Available at: Accessed on 31.03.2011 Melo ACR, Lopez RFL. The adapted sport, 2002. Available at: Accessed on 13.08.2009 Monteiro RPA, Pfeifer LI, Soares I, Santos AAS, Sousa N. Validation of the functional and social performance - DSF-84 checklist: preliminary study. Disabil Rehabil, 2013; 35: 1527-1533 Pedretti LW. Early MB. Occupational therapy: practice skills for physical dysfunction. São Paulo, SP

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Outbound Tourism by the Physically Disabled Inhabitants of Kraków: Current Situation and Future Needs

i sport inwalidów w świetle teoretycznych podstaw kultury fizycznej, „Biuletyn Informacyjny Rehabilitacji Zawodowej Inwalidów”, 67. FURMANEK M., 2010, Dostępność oferty krakowskich biur podróży dla osób niepełnosprawnych, [in:] J. Łuczak, S. Bronowicki (eds.), Zdrowotne aspekty aktywności fizycznej, Wielkopolska Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Zarządzania, Poznań, pp. 503-512. FURMANEK M., 2013, Turystyka wyjazdowa niepełnosprawnych ruchowo mieszkańców Krakowa - stan i potrzeby, doctoral thesis written under the direction of Prof. D

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in Turyzm
The Effect of Goal Setting Difficulty on Serving Success in Table Tennis and the Mediating Mechanism of Self-regulation

. Multidimensional fear of failure measurement: The Performance Failure Appraisal Inventory. J Appl Sport Psychol , 2002; 14: 76-90 Cox RH. Sport psychology: Concepts and applications (3rd Ed.). Madison, WI: Brown & Benchmark; 1994 Devereux JM, Hastings RP, Noone SJ, Firth A, Totsika V. Social support and coping as mediators or moderators of the impact of work stressors on burnout in intellectual disability support staff. Res Dev Disabil , 2008; 30: 367-377 Dweck CS. Self-theories: Their role in

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Dispositional Goal Orientation, Beliefs about the Causes of Success and Intrinsic Satisfaction in Young Elite Paddlers

References Ames C. Achievement goals, motivational climate, and motivational processes. In Roberts GC, ed., Motivation in sport and exercise. Champaign, Il: Human Kinetics; 1992, 161-176. Balaguer I, Atienza FL. Principales motivos de los jóvenes para jugar al tenis. Apunts, Educación Física y Deportes. 1994; 31:285-299. Balaguer I. Entrenamiento psicológico del deporte. Valencia: Albatros; 1994. Balaguer I, Atienza FL, Castillo I, Moreno Y, Duda JL

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