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Dual roles of the mineral metabolism disorders biomarkers in prevalent hemodilysis patients: In renal bone disease and in vascular calcification

. However, the time spent on HD, which includes all such events was selected as a significant independent predictor of VC. Nevertheless, it may be assumed that FGF23, as a key regulator of mineral homeostasis, connected with all previous disorders, was singled out here as a variable significantly associated with VC. Many studies reported association between PWV and VC ( 37 , 38 ). We failed to find this relationship but PWV above the cut off value of 12 was detected in only five patients and all of them had the highest VC score of 8. Multivariate linear regression

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Titanium nitride coatings synthesized by IPD method with eliminated current oscillations

voltage V RRM = 1200 V, maximum average forward current I FAVM = 450 A and reverse recovery time t rr = 450 ns. The fast recovery diodes bank was used to cut off the second and the remaining halves of the period of current waveform. Fig. 1 Schematic diagram of the IPD device equipped with diodes bank. The coaxial plasma accelerator was built of two titanium electrodes: the electrically separated central electrode in the form of a rod, and the grounded outer electrode which has the shape of a hollow cylinder. The plasma processes were carried out in a

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Eating Disorders: Problems of Contemporary Civilisation – A Review

., Wojtyła A., Dietary habits and body image perception among Polish adolescents and young adults - a population based study. Ann. Agricult. Environm. Medic., 2012, 19, 299-308. 58. Krabbenborg M.A.M., Danner U.N., Larsen J.K., Van Der Veer N., Van Elburg A.A., De Ridder D.T.D., Evers C., Stice E., Engels R.C.M.E., The eating disorder diagnostic scale: Psychometric features within a clinical population and a cut-off point to differentiate clinical patients from healthy controls. Eur. Eat. Disord. Rev., 2012, 20, 315-320. 59. Kratina K

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The Use of PET-CT in Rheumatology

to the emission data to obtain the attenuation-corrected image. Apart from improving the image quality, this correction process is also essential for quantification that generates standardized uptake values (SUV). Abnormal PET activity should also be interpreted by comparing with background organ activity such as liver. There are slight variations among different centers because of different FDG activity used, different injection time, different size and site of the lesion(s) under investigation [ 2 ]. In general, the cut-off of SUV of >2.5 (g/ml) would be regarded

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Effect of muramyl dipeptide and alum adjuvants on immunization with Filarial multi antigen peptide vaccine in mice model

periodically after immunization and stored at -80 °C and the antibody titer was determined by ELISA, in which 96-well microtiter plates (Immulon2, Dynatech, VA, USA) were coated with 100 ng/well of respective antigen. The plates were blocked with 5 % skimmed milk, after washing with PBST and PBS, a 2 fold serial dilution from 1:500 to 1:64000 were performed using respective antisera. The antibody titer was determined by fixing a cut-off value which was obtained by the mean plus 3SD of the OD value of pre-immune serum. The highest dilution of the antiserum that showed an OD

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Collecting and analyzing soccer-related graffiti with the spatial video technology and GIS: a case study in Krakow, Poland

graffiti as ‘art crimes’. Similarly, K. -J. Lombard (2012 : 261) separates graffiti into two forms, namely graffiti as urban/aerosol art ‘which is legal and commissioned by property owners’, and graffiti as vandalism ‘which is a crime committed mainly by young people’. G. Vanderveen & G. Van Eijk (2015 : 108) agree, but also believe that ‘there is no clear-cut distinction between graffiti and street art’. In the context of this article, the application of graffiti is viewed to be illegal. We follow the definition of the Oxford Dictionary, which states that graffiti

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Historical metallurgical activities and environment pollution at the substratum level of the Main Market Square in Krakow

along the town streets and other communication routes. A special role was played here by gutters and waste water troughs — which enabled horizontal transportation of pollutants — and also other structures (e.g. walls) that cut through layers made from compact loam and organic formations, which facilitated the seeping of pollutants into the ground. Pollutant migration could take place both at the time the pollutants were created (generally speaking, when the metals were produced, worked with and traded), and in later centuries, when metal particles were deposited in

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Clinical outcomes of 130 patients with primary and secondary lung tumors treated with Cyberknife robotic stereotactic body radiotherapy

reported comparable results (3-year LC rate of 80%) in a large cohort study of central and peripheral metastases of 87 pts (189 lesions). Although the distribition of patient numbers at the different dose-levels was particularly inbalanced in our cohort, analysis was performed on effect of BED 10Gy on LC. A clear correlation between the applied dose and the actuarial local control rates were found with a cut-off at BED 10Gy of 112.5 Gy, where lower doses were associated with higher rates of local recurrence. Local control rates at 1, 2, and 3 years were 93% vs 73

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The influence of the gait-related arm swing on elevation gain measured by sport watches

typical cut-off point between good and moderate accuracy was made at 5% of measurement error ( Coutts and Duffield, 2010 ; Duthie et al., 2003 ; Roberts et al., 2006 ). Taking the literature of Scarf (2007) into account and the assertion that 125 m (men) and 100 m (women) of climb, respectively, equal the exercise duration of 1,000 m of horizontal travel, the impact of EIEs on the total workload for men would be < 5% in the GF and the PRS in both positions and in the SA only when worn on the hip (hip / wrist: 1.3 / 4.1%, 2.6 / 3.7%, 4.6 / 5.7 % in the GF, the PRS

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Justices as “Sacred Symbols”: Antonin Scalia and the Cultural Life of the Law

morning hours of February 13, 2016. Reactions to his death were resoundingly, even if begrudgingly, laudatory; either way you cut it, Scalia was a giant in terms of his impact on American law. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of Scalia’s closest friends on the Court—but also an ideological sparring partner—said, “‘We are different, we are one’, different in our interpretation of written texts, one in our reverence for the Constitution and the institution we serve.” NPR Staff, All Things Considered: Ginsburg and Scalia : “ Best Buddies ,” NPR (Feb. 15, 2016), http

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