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Sukomal Mandal, Subba Rao, Harish N. and Lokesha

, Technical Report NC-TR-98-030, Royal Holloway College, University of London, UK. Subba Rao, Pramod, C.H. and Rao, B.K., 2004. Stability of berm breakwater with reduced armor stone weight. J. Ocean Engineering, 31(11-12), pp.1577-1589. Subba Rao, Subrahmanya, K., Rao, B.K. and Chandramohan, V.R., 2008. Stability aspects of nonreshaped berm breakwaters with reduced armour weight. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, 134(2), pp.81-87. Tørum, A., Franziska, K. and Andreas Menze., 2003. On berm breakwaters

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T. Klekiel and R. Będziński


The paper presents the analysis of the load of lower limbs of occupants in the armoured military vehicle, which has been destroyed by detonation of the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) charge under the vehicle. A simplified model of the human lower limb focused on upper ankle joint was developed in order to determine the reaction forces in joints and load in particular segments during the blast load. The model of upper ankle joint, include a tibia and an ankle bone with corresponding articular cartilage, has been developed. An analysis of the stress distribution under the influence of forces applied at different angles to the biomechanical axis of a limb has been performed. We analyzed the case of the lower limb of a sitting man leaning his feet on the floor. It has been shown that during a foot pronation induced by a knee outward deviation, the axial load on the foot causes significantly greater tension in the tibia. At the same time it has been shown that within the medial malleolus, tensile stresses occur on the surface of the bone which may lead to fracture of the medial malleolus. It is a common case of injuries caused by loads on foot of passengers in armored vehicles during a mine or IED load under the vehicle. It was shown that the outward deviation of the knee increases the risk of the foot injury within the ankle joint.

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Ioan Virca

. Virca, I., & Badea, D. (2016). Armored wheeled fighting vehicle using a variant of modular construction model. Revista Academiei Forţelor Terestre, no. 4 (84).

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W. Ćwikła-Bundyra

. Wen, Y. Yeom, E. Weitz, W. Sachtler, Catal. Today , 96, 1 (2004) J. N. Armor, Catal. Today , 26, 147 (1995). A. Kubacka, J. Janas, B. Sulikowski, Appl. Catal. B: Environ ., 69, 43 (2006). I. Sobczak, M. Ziółek, Chem. Messages , 56, 177 (2002). J. Dedecek, O. Bortnovsky, A. Vondrowa, B. Wichterowa, J. Catal. , 1, 60 (2001). J. Barcicki, Basis of heterogeneous catalysis , Publishing house UMCS, Lublin, (1998

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Yong Liao, Zhen-Nan Fan, Li Han and Li-Dan Xie

References [1] Chao-Yang Li, The Application of Bulb-type Hydro-Generator Set at Low Head Hydropower Station. Developing 9: 145-146 (2006). [2] Jing-Bin Guo, Analysis of Damaged Damping Winding and Magnetic Pole in Bulb Type Generator. Chinese Power 34(7): 63-67 (2001). [3] Armor A.F., Chari M.V.K., Heat Flow in the Stator Core of Large Turbine Generators by the Method of Three-Dimensional Finite Elements. IEEE Trans. on PAS. 95(5): 1648-1668 (1976). [4] Armor A.F., Transient

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Jaromir Mares, Petr Krizek and Daniel Zlatnik

://> [10] MOD. Normative notification of the Ministry of Defense No. 5 from January 2018. - Operation of ground military equipment in the Ministry of Defense. Prague, 201. [11] LEGÁT, Václav. Logistics of spare parts and materials (NDM). Technical Faculty CU [online]. [cit. 2015-06-28]. Available from: < Servisni_Logistika/../14%20Logistika%20ND.ppt> [12] MOD. Catalog - normative of spare parts for repairs of infantry combat vehicle „KBVPAnd armored armored transporters of all modifications carried out by troop means

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Andrzej Morka, Piotr Kedzierski and Roman Gieleta

. [4] Hallquist J.O.: LS-DYNA. Keyword User’s Manual, V971 R4 Beta, LSTC Co., CA, USA, 2009. [5] Borvik T., Dey S., Clausen A.H.: Perforation resistance of five different high-strength steel plates subjected to small-arms projectiles. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 2009, Vol. 36, pp. 948-964. [6] Adams B.: Simulation of ballistic impacts on armored civil vehicles. Eindhoven, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2003. Master Thesis. [7] Kury J.W., Breithaupt R.D., Tarver C.M.: Detonation waves in

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Elżbieta Podsiadło and Anna Mazurkiewicz

References Borchsenius N. S. 1966. A catalogue of the armoured scale insects (Diaspidoidea) of the world. Akademia Nauk SSSR. Zoologicheskij Institut, 449 pp. [in Russian]. Howell J. O., Tippins H. H. 1977. Descriptions of first instars of nominal type-species of eight diaspidid tribes. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 70 (1): 119-135. Howell J. O., Tippins H. H. 1990. The immatures stages. [In:] Rosen D. (ed.). Armored scale insects, their biology, natural enemies

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Paweł Dobrzyński, Stanisław Lipski, Bogdan Machowski, Rafał Miętkiewicz and Tomasz Olszewski

1 Multi Launch Rocket System. REFERENCES [1] Dobrzyński P., Lipski S., Machowski B., Głowica kumulacyjno-odłamkowa przeciw śmigłowcom i pojazdom opancerzonym , [in:] Wyzwania i rozwój obrony powietrznej Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej — obronność RP XXI wieku , Publ. Akademia Sztuki Wojennej (in print) [ Cumulative and fragmentation head against helicopters and armored vehicles , in: Challenges and development of the air defense of the Republic of Poland — defense of the 21st century Poland — available in Polish]. [2] Dobrzyński P., Lipski S

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J. Vickers

developing coaches. In R. Vanfraechem-Raway & Vanden Auweele (Eds.), Proceedings of the Ninth European Congress on Sport (pp. 401-408). Brussels: Free University of Brussels. Bloom, G. A., Durand-Bush, N., & Salmela, J. H. (1997). Pre- and Postcompetition Routines of Expert Coaches of Team Sports. The Sport Psychologist, 11 , 127-141. Cushion, J. C., Armour, K. M., & Jones, R. L. (2003). Coach Education and Continuing Professional Development: Experience and Learning to Coach. Quest, 55 , 215