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, Baccarini S, et al. HIV protease inhibitors are potent antiangiogenic molecules and promote regression of Kaposi sarcoma. Nat Med 2002; 3: 225-32. 5. Chow WA, Guo S, Valdes-Albini F. Nelfinavir induces liposarcoma apoptosis and cell cycle arrest by up-regulating sterol regulatory element binding protein-1. Anticancer Drug 2006; 17: 891-903. 6. Pajonk F, Himmelsbach J, Riess K, Sommer A, McBride WH. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 protease inhibitor saquinavir inhibits proteasome function and causes apoptosis and radiosensitization

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The Most Important Transcriptional Factors of Osteoblastogenesis

homeodomain transcriptional network. J Biol Chem 2006; 281: 40515-40526. [17] HASSAN MQ, TARE R, LEE SH, MANDEVILLE M, WEINER B, MONTECINO M, VAN WIJNEN AJ, STEIN JL, STEIN GS, LIAN JB. HOXA10 controls osteoblastogenesis by directly activating bone regulatory and phenotypic genes. Mol Cell Biol 2007; 27: 3337-3352. [18] HASSAN MQ, SAINI S, GORDON JA, VAN WIJNEN AJ, MONTECINO M, STEIN JL, STEIN GS, LIAN JB. Molecular switches involving homeodomain proteins, HOXA10 and RUNX2 regulate osteoblastogenesis. Cells Tissues Organs 2009; 189: 122

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The effect of antimicrobials on verocytotoxin bacteriophage transduction under bovine rumen fluid and broth conditions

treatments), a bacterial regulatory genetic repair mechanism is triggered (also referred to as the SOS response), which is located in a part of the genome that contains the phage genes encoding the lytic phase ( Kimmitt et al ., 2000 ; Janion, 2001 ; Schmidt, 2001 ). Once activated, hundreds of bacteriophages are produced, which are then released into the environment when the bacterial cell lyses ( Kohler et al ., 2000 ; Colon et al ., 2016 ). These phage particles are then free to infect other E . coli , resulting in the transfer of the vtx genes and the

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Assessment of selected exercise-induced CD3+ cell subsets and cell death parameters among soccer players

+ and CD8 + T-cells as compared to participants with lower VO 2 max values. Our study showed that increases in naïve Th (CD4 + ) cells took place in recovery only at the period 1 (the beginning of the competition round), while naïve Tc (CD8 + ) cells increased in recovery in both periods (compared to post-exercise values). This may suggest that exhaustive effort performed at the end of the competition round did not induce regulatory pathways related to Th-cells. On the other hand, it also might suggest that cumulative effects of intense physical activity during the

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Soluble sPD-L1 and serum amyloid A1 as potential biomarkers for lung cancer

97671 82 5 Okuma Y, Hosomi Y, Nakahara Y, et al. High plasma levels of soluble programmed cell death ligand 1 are prognostic for reduced survival in advanced lung cancer. Lung Cancer 2017;104:1–6. 10.1016/j.lungcan.2016.11.023 Okuma Y Hosomi Y Nakahara Y High plasma levels of soluble programmed cell death ligand 1 are prognostic for reduced survival in advanced lung cancer Lung Cancer 2017 104 1 6 6 Park HJ, Park JS, Jeong YH, et al. Correction: PD-1 Upregulated on Regulatory T Cells during Chronic Virus Infection Enhances the Suppression of CD8

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“Cell cycle process”, “cell division” and “cell proliferation” belong to ontology groups highly regulated during long–term culture of porcine oviductal epithelial cells

al. Analysis of fructose and mannose – regulatory peptides signaling pathway in porcine epithelial oviductal cells (OECs) primary cultured long-term in vitro. Adv Cell Biol. 2017;5(2):129–35; DOI: 10.1515/acb-2017-0011. 4. Huang DW, Sherman BT, Tan Q, Kir J, Liu D, Bryant D, et al. DAVID Bioinformatics Resources: expanded annotation database and novel algorithms to better extract biology from large gene lists. Nucleic Acids Res. 2007;35(Web Server issue):W169-75; DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkm415. 5. Walter W, Sánchez-Cabo F, Ricote M. GOplot: An R package for

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Functions of circular RNAs involved in animal skeletal muscle development – a review

. Mol. Cell., 56: 55–66. Bassel-Duby, R., and Olson, E. N. (2006). Signaling pathways in skeletal muscle remodeling. Annu. Rev. Biochem.,75: 19–37. Chen, L. L., and Yang, L. (2015). Regulation of circRNA biogenesis. RNA Biol.12, 381–388 Du, W. W., Yang, W., Liu, E., Yang, Z., Dhaliwal, P., and Yang, B. B. (2016). Foxo3 circular RNA retards cell cycle progression via forming ternary complexes with p21 and CDK2. Nucleic Acids Res., 44: 2846–2858. Ivanov, A., Memczak, S., Wyler, E., Torti, F., Porath, H. T., Orejuela, M. R., Piechotta, M., Levanon

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The Features of the Structural Organization of Spinal Ganglia in a Subphylum of Vertebtates

References Vorobyova, E. I. 1986. Evolutionary morphology and evolution theory. Morphology and evolution of animals . Nauka, Moscow, 5–29 [In Russian]. Gainisman, Yu.Ya. 1974. Structural and metabolic manifestations of neuron function . Nauka, Moscow, 1–207 [In Russian]. Goralskiy, L. P., Khomich, V. T., Kononskiy O. I. 2011. T he basis of the istological technic and morphofunctional methods of dosage in the rate and under the pathology: study guide, publ. 2nd . Polissya, Zhytomyr, 1–288 [In Ukrainian]. Goralskiy, L. P., Khomich, V. T

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Mechanism and Functions of Identified miRNAs in Poultry Skeletal Muscle Development – A Review

References Accili D., Arden K.C. (2004). FoxOs at the crossroads of cellular review metabolism, differentiation, and transformation. Cell, 117: 421–426. Andreote A.P.D., Rosario M.F., Ledur M.C., Jorge E.C., Sonstegard T.S., Matukumalli L., Coutinho L.L. (2014). Identification and characterization of microRNAs expressed in chicken skeletal muscle. Genet. Mol. Res., 13: 1465–1479; . Baquero-Perez B., Kuchipudi S.V., Nelli R.K., Chang K.C. (2012). A simplified but robust method for the isolation of avian and

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Temperature-dependent chlorophyll accumulation and photosystem II assembly during etioplast to chloroplast transition in sunflower cotyledons

. Planta 184, 226-234. Bolhàr-Nordenkampf, H. R., Long, S. P., Baker, N. R., Öquist, G., Schreiber, U., Lechner, E. G., 1989: Chlorophyll fl uorescence as a probe of the photosynthetic competence of leaves in the fi eld: a review of current instrumentation. Functional Ecology 3, 497-514. Fey, V., Wagner, R., Bräutigam, K., Pfannschmidt, T., 2005: Photosynthetic redox control of nuclear gene expression. Journal of Experimental Botany 56, 1491-1498. Giardi, M. T., Masojídek, J., G odde, D., 1997: Effects of abiotic stresses

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