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Rüdiger Wink

several studies on regional levels. For example, the German Pestel Institute looked for resilience indicators on a regional level representing social security, housing, transport, energy, economy and land use ( Pestel Institut 2010 ). Strikingly, most areas in economically lagging parts of East Germany reached high scores of resilience within this study. In the United Kingdom, Experian designed a resilience indicator scheme referring to business, people, place and community ( Experian 2012 ). Similar studies have been designed in the United Kingdom for single regions

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Franziska Ganesch

clearly more unfavorable scores. The large area South stands out against the German average in a positive way. The situation of the large area North widely corresponds to the German average. The differences between the scores remain comparatively stable over time. It is merely the unemployment rate in Eastern Germany that has dropped slightly since 2005 compared to the other large areas. Figure 2 shows the unemployment situation on the level of the spatial planning regions using 2010 as an example. For the preceding years (2000-2009), a similar picture emerges, in

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Peter Haug

(3),391–424. 10.1023/A:1027308001925 Simar L. 2003 Detecting Outliers in Frontier Models: A Simple Approach Journal of Productivity Analysis 20 3 391 424 Simar, L.; Wilson, P. (1998): Sensitivity Analysis of Efficiency Scores: How to Bootstrap in Nonparametric Frontier Models. In: Management Science 44(1),49–61. 10.1287/mnsc.44.1.49 Simar L. Wilson P. 1998 Sensitivity Analysis of Efficiency Scores: How to Bootstrap in Nonparametric Frontier Models Management Science 44 1 49 61 Simar, L.; Wilson, P. (2002): Non-parametric Tests of Returns to Scale

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Stefan Fina, Angelika Krehl, Stefan Siedentop, Hannes Taubenböck and Michael Wurm

Zentren. Nachbarschaft wird hier als „queen contiguity of second order“ modelliert, das heißt, auch Nachbarn, die sich nur in einem Punkt berühren, sowie die ersten Nachbarn der Nachbarn werden berücksichtigt. Mithilfe iterativer Zufallsverteilungen der vorkommenden Werte werden die Abweichungen der tatsächlichen Werteverteilung von der Zufallsverteilung gemessen und als Index-Wert inklusive z - Score und p - Value für jeden Datenpunkt ausgegeben. Als signifikant werden solche Werte bezeichnet, deren p - Value gemäß der Anwendung der False Discovery Rate (FDR

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Hervé Marchal, Jean-Marc Stébé and Florian Weber

façon." High-end land in the inner city cannot compete on this score. So it is scarcely surprising that the gentrifiers in our survey were radically opposed to any idea of redrawing subdivisions in order to increase the density of housing. If peri-urban gentrifiers have chosen to live in developments with large plots, it is certainly not so that they can see their neighbours arriving right next to their home. 4.2.4 The impact of rising real estate and land prices on exclusiveness The nine peri-urban communes of Nancy in our qualitative corpus that are part of

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Michael Nadler, Florian Spieß and Georg Müller

operationalisiert, wenn ihm ein oder mehrere Attribute zugeordnet werden, anhand deren Ausprägungen die Zielerreichung überprüft werden kann: „It is here, where the decision maker’s needs and desires enter, that we can speak of objectives“ ( Zeleny 1982 : 15). vorgenommen. Bei einer Vielzahl von Bewertungskriterien liegen diese üblicherweise in verschiedenen Skalenniveaus vor. Damit diese miteinander verglichen werden können, bedarf es der Standardisierung auf das Intervall [0,1]. Ein gebräuchliches Verfahren zur Standardisierung („value scaling“) ist die Ableitung von Scores

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Mohammad Ishtiaque and Abu Hurera


Madarsa education is very common among the Muslims in India. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim children acquire their primary, and perhaps the only, formal education in these madarsas with a cursory knowledge of modern education. As a result they are lagging behind in science education and their representation and participation in the scientific activity of the country is woefully low. As such they are unable to earn sufficiently to lead a comfortable life and provide proper leadership to their community to face the challenges of the modern world. The purpose of the present study is to analyse whether madarsa education becomes a barrier in promoting modern and higher education and secondly how far these institutions helped improve socio-economic conditions of madarsa trained persons in the District of Mewat (Haryana). In the absence of secondary data, the present study is based on the primary data collected through both extensive and intensive field work. A total of 2,350 households were surveyed and information regarding demographic, socio-economic and environmental conditions of these households was collected. Such a varied nature of data was assigned weightage according to their importance and finally the composite score was calculated to find out the levels of the socio-economic conditions of madarsa trained persons.

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Zbigniew Głąbiński

-361. Pluye, P., Gagnon, M-P., Griffiths, F. and Johnson-Laf-leur, J. , 2009: A scoring system for appraising mixed methods research, and concomitantly appraising qualitative, quantitative and mixed primary studies in Mixed Studies Reviews. In: International Journal of Nursing Studies 46. pp. 529-546. DOI: http://dx.doi. org/10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2009.01.009 Podemski, K. and Isański, J. , 2008: Niektóre proble-my metodologiczne badań turystów i instytucji tury-stycznych (Some methodological problems of tourism research and tourist institutions - in Polish). In: Mły

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Desire Greenberg and Jayne M. Rogerson

.M., 2018: Walk Score and Tourist Accommodation. In: International Journal of Tourist Cities: DOI: . Raza, M.A., Siddiquei, A.N., Awan, H.M. and Bukhari, K., 2012: Relationship Between Service Quality, Perceived Value, Satisfaction and Revisit Intention in Hotel Industry. In: Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business , 4(8): 788-804. Rogerson, C.M., 2015a: Unpacking Business Tourism Mobilities in sub-Saharan Africa. In: Current Issues in Tourism, 18(1): 44-56. Rogerson, C.M., 2015b

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Iwona Murawska, Beata Przyborowska, Violetta Kopińska and Piotr Błajet

are divided into the types indicated in Table 2 . (3) Table 1 Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship. Education compared to place of residence Village City Education % % Higher 8.8 18.6 Secondary and vocational 24.6 35.2 Source: (2017.09.05) Table 2 School type based on the EVA index School type Description Neutral schools Average scores + average effectiveness Supportive schools Low scores + high effectiveness Successful schools High