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References BIEDA A., BYDŁOSZ J., DAWID L., DAWIDOWICZ A., GLANOWSKA A., GÓŹDŹ K., PRZEWIĘŹLIKOWSKA A., STUPEN M., RATATULA R., ŹRÓBEK, R., 2015, Kierunki rozwoju katastru nieruchomości, (Trends in the Development of the Real Estate Cadastre), Monografia, Bieda A., (red.), Rzeszow: WSIE. DAWIDOWICZ A., RADZEWICZ A., RENIGIER-BIŁOZOR M., 2014, Algorithm for Purposes of Determining Real Estate Markets Efficiency with Help of Land Administration System, Survey Review, Vol. 46 (336), 189-204. Directive 2007/2/EC of

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Socio-economic Development and its Impact on Health Personnel in Regions of Visegrad Group Plus Countries

References AKINCI, D. A, MATOUSEK, R., RADIĆ, N. & STEWARD, CH. (2013). Monetary policy and the banking sector in Turkey. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money , 27, pp. 269-285. DOI: 10.1016/j.intfin.2013.08.001. ANAND, S. & BÄRNIGHAUSEN, T. (2004). Human resources and health outcomes: cross-country econometric study. The Lancet , 364(9445), pp. 1603-1609. DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(04)17313-3. ARELLANO, M. & BOND, S. (1991). Some tests of specification for panel data: Monte Carlo evidence and an application to

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Customers’ Perception regarding Assurance of Bancassurance Channel

. Proceedings of 20 th International Business Research Conference 4–5 April 2013 , Dubai, UAE . 1–13. Slattery, T. (1989). Special report: Nichols: we’ve forgotten the consumer. National Underwriter 48(November): 11. Singh, J.; Kaur, G. (2011). Determinants of customer satisfaction: an empirical study of select Indian (universal) banks. Journal of Bank Management 10(1): 31–45. Siddiqui, M. H.; Sharma, T. G. (2010). Analyzing customer satisfaction with service quality in life insurance services. Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for

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The Location Premises Of FDI In Poland. The Case Of The Lodz Province / Przesłanki Lokalizacji Biz w Polsce. Przykład Regionu Łódzkiego

References Antràs P., Yeaple S. R. (2013), Multinational Firms and the Structure of International Trade, NBER Working Paper 18775, Asiedu E. (2001), On the Determinants of FDI to Developing Countries: Is Africa Different, ‘World Development’, 30(1). Azémar C., Desbordes R. (2010), Short-run Strategies for Attracting Foreign Direct Investment, ‘World Economy’ 33 (7), pp. 928-957. Bartels F. L., Napolitano F., Tissi, N. E. (2014), FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa: A

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Active Ageing –The EU’s Response To The Demographic Challenge

References Ilmarinen J., Support for Active Ageing in the Workplace , J. Ilmarinen, JIC Ltd, Centre for Gerontological Studies , University of Jyväskylä, Finnish Institute of Work Medicine (1970-2008), European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, promoting-active-ageing-in-the-workplace; p. 1 ( Titles are translated from Polish ) Carone G., Costello D., Diez Guardia N., Mourre G., Przywara B., Salomäki A., The economic impact of ageing populations in the EU25 Member States ; http

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Application of Qualimetric Methods for Evaluation of Urbanized Space Quality for Analyses of the Local Real Property Market

References BIŁOZOR A., 2013, Development of a Decision-Making Algorithm for Determination of the Optimal Land Use Function , Real Estate Management and Valuation, No. 21(3), pp: 15–24. BORYS T., 1991, Kwalimetria. Teoria i zastosowanie , Wydawnictwo Akademia ekonomiczna w Krakowie – Instytut Towaroznawstwa, Kraków. CANTOR N., NOREM J.K., NIEDENTHAL P.M., LANGSTON C.A., 1987, Life Tasks, Self-Concept Ideals, and Cognitive. Strategies in a Life Transition , Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, No. 53(6), pp:1178-1191. CIEŚLAK I

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A Study on Activities Related to Habitation (Indwelling) and Their Meanings

References Buckenberger C., Meanings of housing qualities in suburbia: empirical evidence from Auckland, New Zealand, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment Vol. 27 (2012), s. 72. Heijs W., van Deurser A., Leussink M., Smeets J., Re-searching the labyrinth of life-styles, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment Vol. 26 (2011), s. 412-413. Jansen S. J. T., Coolen H.C.C.H, Goetgeluk R.W., The Measurement and Analysis of Housing Preference and Choice. Springer, Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York 2011

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Project management and presentation of information in financial statements - company performance measurement or project performance measurement

References Accounting Act Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 76, poz. 694 Badiru A. B. (1996), Project management in Manufacturing and High Technology Operations , John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York Dixon M. (2000), APM Project Management. The Body of Knowledge - BOK , Association for Project Management Henk J. M. van der Veeken, Wouters M. J. F. (2002), Using accounting information systems by operations managers in a project company , 'Management Accounting Research

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The Concept of Sustainable Development and Its Impact on the Shaping of Modern International Relations through Global Agreements

References Berdo J. (2006), Zrównoważony rozwój w stronę życia w harmonii z przyrodą [ Sustainable development leading to a life of harmony with nature] , Earth Conservation, Sopot Ciechanowicz J. (1999), Międzynarodowe Prawo Ochrony Środowiska [International environmental protection law] , PWN Legal Press, Warsaw Collados C. and Duane T. (1999), Natural Capital and Land Quality of Life , ‘Ecological Economics’, no. 30 Daly H. (2002), Sustainable

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Study of Customer Satisfaction with Living Conditions in New Apartment Buildings

A fida I snaini J anipha , F aridah I smail , 2013, Conceptualisation of Quality Issues in Malaysian Construction Environment . Quality of Life in the Built and Natural Environment. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 101 (2013), pp. 53 – 61. J iboye A. D., 2009, Evaluating Tenants’ Satisfaction with Public Housing in Lagos, Nigeria . Urbanistika ir architektūra, 33(4), pp. 239-247. K ärnä S., 2004, Analysing Customer Satisfaction and Quality in Construction – the Case of Public and Private Customers . Nordic Journal of Surveying and

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