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Religiousness and cognitive emotion regulation strategies in adolescence

. (1988). The use of religion and other emotion-regulating coping strategies among older adults. The Gerontologist , 28 (3), 303-310. Krok, D. (2009). Religijność a jakość życia w perspektywie mediatorów psychospołecznych [Religiousness and the quality of life from the perspective of psychosocial mediators]. Opole: Redakcja Wydawnictw Wydziału Teologicznego Uniwersytetu Opolskiego. Krok, D. (2011). Skala Religijnego Systemu Znaczeń (SRSZ) [The Religious Meaning System Scale]. In M. Jarosz (Ed.), Psychologiczny pomiar religijności [Psychological

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Religiosity as a source of comfort and struggle in members of religious movements: a comparative analysis of the Neocatechumenal Way and the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

their lot. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 35 , 351–363. Coe, J. H. (2000). Musings on the dark night of the soul: Insights from St. John of the Cross on a developmental spirituality. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 28 , 293–307. Elliott, M., Hayward, R. D. (2007). Religion and the search for meaning in life. Journal of Counseling Psychology , 53, 80–93. Emmons, R. A. (2003). Emotion and Religion. In R. F. Paloutzian, C. L. Park (Ed.), Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (pp. 235–252). New York: The Guilford

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Self-efficacy beliefs of youth entering the labour market

. Psychologiczne metody i strategie pomocy bezrobotnym. Poznań: PrintB. Bańka, A. (2010). Psychologia doradztwa kariery . Poznań: SPiA. Bańka, A. (2011). Psychologia pracy i organizacji w dobie ponowoczesności. In: B. Rożnowski, M. Łaguna. (Eds.), Człowiek w pracy i organizacji (pp. 10-40). Lublin: Wyd. KUL. Bassi, M., Steca, P.,·Fave, A., Caprara, G. V. (2007). Academic Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Quality of Experience in Learning, Journal of Youth Adolescence, 36 , 301-312. Baumeister, R. F. (1990). Suicide as

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Understanding Student Motivation: A Key to Retention in Higher Education

from high school to college: ProQuest. DeShields, O., Kara, A., and Kaynak, E., 2005. Determinants of business student satisfaction and retention in higher education: Applying Herzberg's two-factor theory. International Journal of Educational Management, 19(2), 128-139. doi: DeWitz, S., Woolsey, M., and Walsh, W., 2009. College student retention: An exploration of the relationship between self-efficacy beliefs and purpose in life among college students. Journal of College Student Development

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Relationship Between Mission Statement and Company Performance

References [1] Amato, C.H., Amato, L.H., 2002. Corporate Commitment to Quality of Life: Evidence from Company Mission Statements. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice , 10(4), pp.69-87. [2] Bart, C.K., 1997. Industrial Firms and the Power of Mission. Industrial Marketing Management , 26(4), pp. 371-383. [3] Bart, C.K., Baetz, M.C., 1998. The Relationship between Mission Statements and Firm Performance: an exploratory study. Journal of Management Studies , 36(6), pp.823-853. [4

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The Application of Classical and Neural Regression Models for the Valuation of Residential Real Estate

References Aczel, A.D. (2000). Statystyka w zarządzaniu. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. Batóg, B., Foryś, I. (2011). Modele logitowe w analizie transakcji na warszawskim rynku mieszkaniowym. Studia i Materiały Towarzystwa Naukowego Nieruchomości, 3, 34-48. Brockett, P.L., Golden, L.L., Jang, J., Yang, Ch. (2006). A Comparison of Neural Network, Statistical Methods, and Variable Choice for Life Insurers’ Financial Distress Prediction. The Journal of Risk and Insurance, 73 (3), 397-419. DOI: 10.1111/j.1539

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Real Estate for the Ageing Society – the Perspective of a New Market

8. References A dena , M., M yck M., 2014, Poverty and Transitions in Health in Later Life , Social Science & Medicine, 116, 202-210. A lbuquerque A. P. A., B orges -S ilva F., D a S ilva B orges E. G., P ereira A. P., D antas E. H. M., 2017, Physical Activity: Relationship to Quality of Life and Memory in Older People , Science & Sports. A llerton L., E merson E., 2012, British Adults with Chronic Health Conditions or Impairments Face Significant Barriers to Accessing Health Services , Public Health, 126, pp. 920-927. A nghel

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Overcoming Post-War Traumas and Confl icts through Dialogue in Distributed Cognition

Cambridge handbook of situated cognition (s. 236-263). New York, NY, US: Cambridge University Press. Bartky, S.L. (1996). The pedagogy of shame. w: C. Luke (red.), Feminisms and pedagogies of everyday life (s. 225-241). Albany: State University of New York. Benet-Martinez, V., Leu J., Lee F., Morris M. W. (2002). Negotiating Biculturalism. Cultural Frame Switching in Biculturals with Oppositional Versus Compatible Cultural Identities. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Vol. 33, No. 5, 92-156. Bernard, M.M., Gebauer, J

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Family And Economic Growth In Poland

Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu. Sztaudynger, J.J. & Zatoń, W. (2010). Kryzys gospodarczy a kryzys rodziny – analizy symulacyjne. Prakseologia , 150, 109–128. Śliwerski, B. (2011). Współczesny spór o istotę i zakres wychowania personalistycznego w Polsce. Annales. Etyka w życiu gospodarczym , 14 (1). The Economist Intelligence Unit’s quality-of-life index. The World in 2005. The Economist. Retrieved January 18, 2015, from . Tyszka, Z. (1980). Socjologiczny punkt widzenia w badaniach nad

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Real Estate Management in Malaysian Public Schools: Determination of Success Factors

. Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 6-11. LOW, G.T., 1999, Preparation of aspiring principals in Singapore: a partnership model, paper presented at the Conference on Professional Development of School Leaders, Centre for Educational Leadership, Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong. LYONS, M., 2004, Towards Better Management of Public Sector Assets: A Report to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Crown. Norwich. Dec. 2004. MABEL, C. C. C., 2002, Quality Property Management and Your Daily Life, First Regional Conference on Private Building

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