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A ‘second youth’ for the EU Speakers’ Conference? A critical appraisal of its ‘quasi-constitutional’ role

-130. • Cannizzaro Enzo, 2009, ‘Il ruolo dei Parlamenti nazionali nel processo di integrazione europea: in margine ad uno scritto inedito di Leopoldo Elia’, Il diritto dell’Unione europea , XIV(2): 457-464. • Cooper Ian, 2014, ‘Parliamentary oversight of the EU after the crisis: on the creation of the «Article 13» interparliamentary Conference’, LUISS SOG Working Papers, 21/2014. • Cooper Ian, 2016, ‘The Interparliamentary Conference on Stability, Economic Coordination and Governance in the European Union (the “Article 13 Conference”)’, in Lupo Nicola and Fasone

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An Internationally Intelligible Principle: Comparing the Nondelegation Doctrine in the United States and European Union

References • Ankersmit Laurens, 2014, ‘The Legal Limits to ‘Agencification’ in the EU? Case C-270/12 UK v Parliament and Council’, European Law Blog , 27 January 2014, . • Bergin Amee, 2001, ‘Does Application of the APA's “Committed to Agency Discretion” Exception Violate the Nondelegation Doctrine?’, Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review , XXVIII(2&3): 363-98. • Bermann George, 2004, ‘Marbury v. Madison and European Union “Constitutional” Review’, George Washington International Law Review , XXXVI

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Socialisation and legitimacy intermediation in the Council of the European Union

References · Aus Jonathan P., 2010, ‘The Mechanisms of Consensus: Coming to Agreement on Community Asylum Policy’, in Daniel Naurin and Helen Wallace (eds), Unveiling the Council of the European Union. Games Governments Play in Brussels, Palgrave, Basingstoke, 99-118. · Beyers Jan, 2010, ‘Conceptual and Methodological Challenges in the Study of European Socialization’, Journal of European Public Policy, XVII(6): 909-920. · Beyers Jan and Dierickx Guido, 1998, ‘The working groups of the Council of the European

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Limitation of Claims in Polish and Ukrainian Civil Code Against the Background of the Principles of European Contract Law and the German Civil Code

). European Union. URL: (date of access: 18 June 2018). 21. The Project of Civil Law Codification Commission (date of access: 2 April 2019). 22. Uchwała Sądu Najwyższego z 18 czerwca 2015 r., III CZP 31/15, (6, pozycja 67), Orzecznictwo Sądu Najwyższego Izba Cywilna”, (2016); Piotr Zakrzewski Komentarz do uchwały Sądu Najwyższego z 18 czerwca 2015 r., III CZP 31/15, Rocznik orzecznictwa i piśmiennictwa z zakresu prawa

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Austerity on the loose in Portugal: European judicial restraint in times of crisis

Values in Europe’s Bailouts’, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies , XXXV(2): 325-353. • Koukiadaki Aristea, 2014, ‘Can the Austerity Measures be Challenged in Supranational Courts? The cases of Greece and Portugal’, University of Manchester, Manchester, available at . • López Escudero Manuel, 2015, ‘La Nueva Governanza Económica de la Unión Europea: ¿Una auténtica unión económica en formación?’, Revista de Derecho Comunitario Europeo , no. 50: 361

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Reforming the financing of the EU budget: Outlook

References • Becker Peter, 2012, Lost in Stagnation: The EU’s Next Multiannual Financial Framework (2014–2020) and the Power of the Status Quo , Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin. • Begg Iain et al., 2008, Financing of the European Union budget , Report to the European Commission. • Benedetto Giacomo, 2013, ‘The EU budget after Lisbon: rigidity and reduced spending?’, Journal of Public Policy , XXXIII(3): 345-369. • Benedetto Giacomo et al. (eds), 2012, European Union Budget Reform , Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke

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National parliaments fighting back? Institutional engineering as a successful means to become active actors in EU affairs

Larché on the Project of constitutional law adopted by the National Assembly adding a title to the Constitution: ‘Of the European Communities and the European Union’, Report no. 375 of 27 May 1992. • Fromage Diane, 2014, ‘National Parliaments and Governmental Accountability in the Crisis : Theory and Practice’, Perspectives on Federalism , VI(3): 149-171. • Fuchs Michael, 2003, ‘Der Ausschuss Für Die Angelegenheiten Der Europäischen Union Des Deutschen Bundestages - Kein Ausschuss Wie Jeder Andere!’, Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen , XXXV(1): 3

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Extra-legislative Functions of Second Chambers in Federal Systems

parlamentare d’inchiesta nel diritto comparato’, in Dickmann Renzo (ed), L’inchiesta parlamentare nel diritto comparato, Jovene, Napoli, 175-184. Doria Giancarlo, 2006, The Paradox of Bicameral Federalism, European Diversity and Autonomy Papers, available at European Commission, 2017, Annual report 2016 on subsidiarity and proportionality, COM(2017)600 final. European Union Committee, 2017, Brexit: devolution. Summary of conclusions and recommendations, available at https

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The implementation of EU law by national administrations: Executive federalism and the principle of sincere cooperation

of European Administrative Law, V(2): 17-45. · De Witte Bruno, 1995, ‘Interpreting the EC Treaty like a Constitution: the role of the European Court of Justice in comparative perspective’, in Bakker R.C.L. et al. (eds), Judicial control: comparative essays on judicial review, Maklu, Antwerp, 133-152. · De Witte Bruno, 2000, ‘The role of institutional principles in the judicial development of the European Union legal order’, in Snyder Francis (ed), The Europeanisation of Law - The Legal Effects of European Integration, Hart, Oxford

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Eurocrisis and the myths of European redistribution: illegitimate, unsustainable, inefficient?

References Agné Hans, 2007, ‘The Myth of International Delegation: limits and suggestions for Democratic Theory in the context of the European Union’, Government and Opposition, XLII(1): 18-45. Alt James, Lassen David Drayer and Wehner Joachim, 2012, ‘Moral Hazard in an Economic Union: Politics, Economics, and Fiscal Gimmickry in Europe’, Political Science and Political Economy Working Paper, No. 05/2012, London School of Economics, Department of Government. Basu Kaushik and Stiglitz Joseph, 2013, ‘International

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