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The Flying Dutch Job. Jobs that Migrate from the Netherlands to Romania

:// 28 April/2015 Sassen, Saskia (1988). The Mobility of Capital and Labor: A Study in International Investment and Labor Flow. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Sweet, Stephan and Meiksins, Peter (2013), Changing Contours of Work: Jobs and Opportunities in the New Economy. Sage Publications Inc. Taylor, Phil, Mulvey, Gareth, Hyman, Jeff and Bain, Peter. (2002). Work Organization, Control and the Experience of Work in Call Centres . Work Employment Society The European Trade Union Institute. Benchmarking Working Europe 2015

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Student Assessment of Professors in Revolutionary Context. Case-Study: The History Faculty of the University of Bucharest (1989-1990)

Lavinia (2009) Transitional justice in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union: reckoning with the communist past, Routledge. Interview 1 – former History Faculty Student in 1989-1990. Ioniță Gh. (2007) O viață, un destin. Istorii știute și neștiute , București, Cartea Universitară. Iscru Gh. D. (1995a) Formarea națiunii române . București: Editura „Nicolae Bălcescu”. Iscru, Gh. D. (1995b) Geto-dacii, națiunea-matcă din spațiul carpatodanubo-balcanic . București: Editura „Nicolae Bălcescu”. Iscru, Gh. D. (1997) Națiune, nationalism

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Partner Choices of the Second Generation of Turkish and Former Yugoslav Origin in Switzerland: A Comparative Analysis

. Gokalp, Catherine. 1978. Le réseau familial. Population 33(6): 1077-1094. Gonzalez-Ferrer, Amparo. 2006. Who Do Immigrants Marry? Partner Choice among Single Immigrants in Germany. European Sociological Review 22(2): 171-185. Hamel, Christelle, Doreen Huschek, Nadja Milewski, and Helga de Valk. 2012. Union Formation and Partner Choice. Pp. 225-284 in The European Second Generation Compared. Does the Integration Context Matter? edited by Maurice Crul, Jens Schneider, and Frans Lelie. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press

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Educational Sorting in Mixed Marriages in Switzerland

the Context Through Multilevel Modelling. European Journal of Population / Revue Européenne de Démographie 14(2): 117–155. Maffioli, Dionisia, Anna Paterno, and Giuseppe Gabrielli. 2014. International Married and Unmarried Unions in Italy: Criteria of Mate Selection. International Migration 52(3): 160–176. Mare, Robert D. 1991. Five Decades of Educational Assortative Mating. American Sociological Review 56(1): 15–32. Merton, Robert K. 1941. Intermarriage and the Social Structure: Fact and Theory. Psychiatry 4(3): 361–374. Muttarak

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Being a Small State: Discussion on the Role of Size

politika 2004-2014 . Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla. NPR, 2014. Lithuania Seeks U.S. Support Against Russian Aggression. NPR, [online] 6 October 2014. Available at: < > (accessed 15 March 2016). Maass, M., 2009. The elusive definition of the small state. International politics, [e-jounal] 46(1). Thorhalsson, B. and Wivel, A., 2006. Small States in the European Union: What Do We Know and What Would We Like to Know? Cambridge Review of

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Innovation Policy as a New Development Driver of the Regions in Slovakia: Does Activity of Regional Self-government Matter?

) ‘Funkčné mestské regióny v sídelnom systéme Slovenska’. Geografický časopis , 42(1):57-73. Bezák, T. (2001) ‘Oregionálnych trhoch práce, nových krajoch a tokoch nezamestnanosti’. Geografický časopis , 53(4):295-305. Bojnec, Š. and I. Fertő (2011) ‘Impacts of research and development on manufacturing trade’. Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci , 29(1):65-88. Buček, J. (2002) ‘Regionalization in the Slovak Republic—from Administrative to Political Regions’ In Marcou, G. (ed.) Regionalization for Development and Accession to the European Union

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Geographical mobility among retired US migrants living in the Northwestern region of Mexico bordering California, US

Sociological Review, Vol. 57(4), pp. 608-625. DOI: Coates, K.S., Healy, R. and Morrison, W.R., 2002: Tracking the snowbirds: seasonal migration from Canada to the U.S.A. and Mexico. In: American Review of Canadian Studies, Vol. 32(3), pp. 433-450. DOI: Dibble, S., 2010: Mexican health care for Americans studied. In: San Diego Union-Tribune, 21 April 2010. Available at:

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Social and Spatial Continuities and Differentiations among Portuguese Ciganos: Regional Profiles

Inclusão dos Ciganos . European Parliament resolution on the EU strategy for Roma integration (2010/2276, INI). Brussels: European Parliament. (Accessed: 20.10.2015). European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) (2012). The situation of Roma in 11 EU Member States Survey results at a glance . Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. (Accessed: 20

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Employee Participation in Practice: Works Councils in the Tissue of Social Partnership in Switzerland

industriellen Beziehungen. 2. Aufl. München und Mering: Hampp. Nordmann, Daniel. 1994. Das Schweizerische Mitwirkungsgesetz. Bern: Schweizerischer Gewerkschaftsbund Oesch, Daniel. 2011. Swiss Trade Unions and Industrial Relations After 1990. A History of Decline and Renewal. S. 82–102 in Switzerland in Europe. Continuity and Change in the Swiss Political Economy, hrsg. von Christine Trampusch und André Mach. Abingdon und New York: Routledge. Rogers, Joel und Wolfgang Streeck (Hrsg.). 1995. Works Councils. Consultation, Representation and Cooperation in

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Investigating social support patterns of single mothers from a social network perspective

-277. New York: Oxford University Press. Eurostat (2013). Household composition, poverty and hardship across Europe . Statistical working papers. Publications Office of the European Union. Eurostat (2015). People at risk of Poverty and Social Exclusion [Data file]. Retrieved from . Fouarge, D., and Layte, R. (2005) ʻWelfare regimes and poverty dynamics: the duration and recurrence of poverty spells in Europeʼ. Journal of Social Policy, 34(3): 407-426. Gambardella, D., and Morlicchio, E. (2005

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