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Explaining Cross-National Variations in the Prevalence and Character of Undeclared Employment in the European Union

. (1989), The Other Path, London: Harper and Row. Dekker , H., Oranje, E., Renooy, P., Rosing, F. and Williams, C. C. (2010), Joining up the Fight against Undeclared Work in the European Union, Brussels: DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. Dibben, P. and Williams, C. C. (2012), ‘Varieties of Capitalism and Employment Relations: Informally Dominated Market Economies’, Industrial Relations: A Review of Economy and Society, 51, pp. 563-582. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (1998), Communication of the Commission on

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Structural Changes in the Industry of Poland Aagainst the Background of Eastern European Union States

: Zioło Z. & Borowiec M. (eds), Problematyka XXV Międzynarodowej Konferencji Naukowej nt. Procesy transformacji przemysłu i usług w regionalnych i krajowych układach przestrzennych. Warszawa-Kraków: 36-37. Gierańczyk W., 2010a. Innovativeness of the European Union against the leading world economies. Problems of Geography , 3-4: 40-47. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia. Gierańczyk W., 2010b. Development of high technologies as an indicator of modern industry in the EU. Bulletin of Geography , 14: 23

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Financial Services in the VAT System in the European Union and Croatia

the Proposal for a Council Directive, COM/2007/747, Impact assessment [online]. Available at: <> at/how_vat_works/vat_insurance/sec%282007%291554_en.pdf [Accessed 5 January 2011]. European Commission, Taxation and Customs Union, 1996. Value Added Tax, A study of Methods of Taxing Financial and Insurance Service. Brussels [online]. Available at: <> at/key_documents/reports_published/methods_taxing.pdf [Accessed 7 March

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The Political Consequences of Brexit for the United Kingdom and the European Union

Macmillan. 5. Bruun, N., Lörcher, K. & Schömann, I., ed. (2012). The Lisbon Treaty and Social Europe. UK: Hart Publishing. 6. Buckle, R., Hewish, T., Hulsman, C., J., Mansfield, I. & Oulds, R. (2015). Brexit: Directions for Britain outside the EU. UK: The Institute of Economic Affairs. 7. Cabral, C., N., Gonçalves, R., J. & Rodrigues, C., N., ed. (2017). After Brexit: Consequences for the European Union. UK: Palgrave Macmillan. 8. Campos, F., N. & Coricelli, F., ed. (2017). The Economics of UK-EU Relations

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Health Inequalities Across The European Union Regions: A Beta-Convergence Approach

., Belcher P., Berkel B. (2002), Polityka zdrowia publicznego w krajach Unii Europejskiej, Warszawa. [Public health policy in European Union countries, Warsaw]. Illsley R, Le Grand J. (1993), Regional inequalities in mortality, ‘Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health’ 47. Jankowiak M. (2010), Konwergencja ochrony zdrowia w krajach Unii Europejskiej, [w:] „Polityka Społeczna”, nr 7(436) 2010, Instytut Pracy i Spraw Socjalnych. [Health protection convergence in the European Union countries, [in:] "Social Policy", no. 7(436) 2010

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Communicating the European Union to Australia: The EU Information Strategy and Its Reception Down Under

Isabelle Brusselmanns, audiovisual advisor of Press Office, Council of the European Union, Brussels, July 2011. Cantone, S. (2011), Interview with Sergio Cantone, editor-in-chief of Euronews, Brussels office, Brussels, July 2011. Castleman, S. (2011), Interview with Shane Castleman, head of ABC News Victoria, ABC News, Melbourne, November 2011. Chaban, N. & Holland, M., eds. (2005), The EU through the Eyes of the Asia-Pacific: Public Perceptions and Media Representations, NCRE Research Series, no. 4. Clark

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European Union Water Policy in Aspect of Rural Areas Development

Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2000 establishing a framework for Community action in the fi eld of water policy (the Water Framework Directive). EC, 2007, Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and to Council addressing the challenge of water scarcity and droughts in the European Union (COM (2007) 414 fi nal of 18 July 2007). EC, 2007, Directive 2007/60/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 October 2007 on the assessment and management of fl ood risks (Flood Directive) (OJ L288, 06

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The Impact of European Economic Integration on Migration in the European Union

. Critical Studies in Media Communication , pp. 410-425. [8] Esses, V. M., Medianu, S., & Lawson, A. S. (2013). Uncertainty, threat, and the role of the media in promoting the dehumanization of immigrants and refugees. Journal of Social Issues , pp. 518-536. [9] Fihel, A. & P. Kaczmarczyk (2009) ‘Migrația: a threat or a Chance? Recent migrația of Poles and its impact on the Polish labour market’, in Burrell, K. (ed.) Polish migrația to the UK in the ‘new’ European Union: after 2004 . England: Ashgate. [10] Galgóczi, B., Leschke, J., & Watt, A. (2009

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Football clubs’ sports performance in the context of their market value and GDP in the European Union regions

annual GDP of at least 200 billion EUR. These regions are located in Spain ( Cataluña ), Italy ( Lombardia ), Germany ( Oberbayern ) and France ( Rhône Alpes and the absolutely richest region of Île de France with an average annual GDP of over 600 billion EUR). Fig. 4 Average annual GDP of European Union NUTS 2 regions in 2007–2016 Source : research results (authorsˈ calculations) In the spatial analysis of the average annual market value of clubs in NUTS 2 regions of the EU, it is possible to identify the dominance of Western Europe over Eastern

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The Challenge Of Asylum To The European Union’s Policy In A Knowledge Based Society

:// [7] Paul Collier, Exodus. How Migration is Changing Our World , Oxford University Press, N.Y. 2013, p.12 [8] (Christopher Booker, Of all the EU failures, its policy on asylum seekers is the worst ) [9] (Peter Sutherland, The Migration Opportunity ) [10] British politician, former Home Secretary (1997-2001) and Foreign Secretary

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