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Disappointment or unexpected gain? A survey-based study of the motives and outcomes of inter-municipal cooperation in Poland

process where motivations and expected distribution of benefits change over time in response to the modification of external context (e.g. incentives provided by central government, increasing demand for the quality and diversity of services or market pressures). Joint undertakings realised within the network structures are difficult to assess. The critics of network governance notice that there are no fixed criteria for such an evaluation ( Mazur 2015 :45). Moreover, flexibility of network governance can change the expectations of the partners (motives of

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Acta Palaeobotanica
The Journal of W. Szafer Institute of Botany of Polish Academy of Sciences
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Lamprophyric rock locations in Greece

]. Altherr, R., & Siebel, W. (2002). I-type plutonism in a continental back-arc setting. Miocene granitoids and monzonites from the central Aegean Sea, Greece. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 143 , 397-415. DOI: 10.1007/s00410-002-0352-y Anonymous (1978). Greek asbestos breaks ground.- Industrial Minerals 129 , 47-49 Arvanitidis N. (2018). Halkidiki, Forged from Land and Sea. Stamoulis Press, Athens, Greece, 176 p Bayat, F., & Torabi, G. (2011). Alkaline lamprophyric province of Central Iran. Island Arc 20, 386-400. DOI: 10.1111/j.1440

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Retrospective mapping of the XVI century Samtskhe-Javakheti viticulture and fruit farming

Introduction Landscape history is often part of landscape analysis, which has become of interest in land use planning due to the European Landscape Convention ( Antonson 2018 ). In some parts of the world, vineyard landscapes play an important role in rural development. Having historical value ( Foronda-Robles 2018 ), ‘sixteen winegrowing regions around the world have been declared Heritage of Humanity cultural landscapes by UNESCO’ ( Petrillo et al. 2015 ). In many countries, winery landscapes have contributed a lot ‘to the formation of local cultures

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Journal of Environmental Geography
The Journal of University of Szeged
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Geophysical and geological interpretation of the Vienna Basin pre-Neogene basement (Slovak part of the Vienna Basin)

–209. Alasonati Tašárová Z., Afonso J.C., Bielik M., Götze H.J. & Hók J. 2009: The lithospheric structure of the Western Carpathian–Pannonian region based on the CELEBRATION 2000 seismic experiment and gravity modeling. Tectonophysics 475, 454–469. Alasonati Tašárová Z., Fullea J., Bielik M. & Środa P. 2016: Lithospheric structure of Central Europe: Puzzle pieces from Pannonian Basin to Trans-European Suture Zone resolved by geophysical–petrological modelling. Tectonics 35, 1–32. Arzmüller G., Buchta Š., Ralbovský E. & Wessely G. 2006: The Vienna Basin. In

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Cadomian protolith ages of exotic mega blocks from Bugaj and Andrychów (Western outer Carpathians, Poland) and their palaeogeographic significance

granitoid rock series using multicationic parameters Chemical Geology 48 43 – 55 10.1016/0009-2541(85)90034-8 Belka Z, Ahrendt H., Franke W and Wemmer K, 2000. The Baltica-Gondwana suture in central Europe: evidence from K/Ar ages of detrital muscovites. In: Franke W, Altherr R., Haak V. and Oncken O., eds., Orogenic processes: Quantification and modelling in the Variscan Belt of central Europe . Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 179: 87–102. Belka Z Ahrendt H. Franke W Wemmer K 2000 The Baltica-Gondwana suture in central

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The Journal of Mineralogical Society of Poland
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Interpretation of soil erosion in a Polish loess area using OSL, 137Cs, 210Pbex, dendrochronology and micromorphology – case study: Biedrzykowice site (s Poland)

, 2003. Land Use and Soil Erosion in northern Bavaria during the last 5000 Years. (In:) Lang A, Hennrich K, and. Dikau R (Eds.):, LNES, Springer-Verlag, 101: 201–229. Dotterweich M 2003 Land Use and Soil Erosion in northern Bavaria during the last 5000 Years Lang A Hennrich K Dikau R LNES Springer-Verlag 101 201 229 Dotterweich M, 2008. The history of soil erosion and fluvial deposits in small catchments of central Europe: Deciphering the long-term interaction between humans and the environment — A review. Geomorphology 101: 192–208, 10

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Review of ascocerid cephalopods from the upper Silurian of the Prague Basin (Central Bohemia) – history of research and palaeobiogeographic relationships

., Torsvik, T. H. (2006): European geography in a global context from the Vendian to the end of the Palaeozoic. – Memoirs of the Geological Society of London, 32: 83–95. Dzik, J. (1984): Phylogeny of the Nautiloidea. – Palaeontologia Polonica, 45: 1–203. Fatka, O., Brocke, R., Wilde, V. (2003): Organic-walled microfossils at the Silurian/Devonian boundary stratotype (Klonk near Suchomasty, Barrandian area, Czech Republic). – INSUGEO, Serie Correlación Geológica, 18: 125–128.

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