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M.S. Soiński, P. Kordas and K. Skurka


The paper presents data concerning the total production of castings over the 2000-2014 period, both on a global scale, and in Poland. The basic types of casting alloys were taken into account. Changes in the production volume and structure over the period of the analysed 15 years were pointed out with respect to countries leading in foundry production. The topmost position in the world foundry industry is held by China for several years (with almost 45% share in the foundry market), the second place is taken by India (with almost 9% share). A distinct reduction in the shares of the once significant producers of castings, such as USA, Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy, or France, was observed over the 2000-2014 period. Poland had a share of 1.16% in 2000, and of 1.02% in 2014. Comparing the detailed data concerning the years 2000 and 2014, one can see that the fractions of castings made of ductile iron, cast steel, aluminium alloys, or magnesium alloys increase on a global scale, while such alloys as grey cast iron or malleable are in decline.

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K.N. Braszczyńska-Malik

References [1] Zhang, J., Yu, P., Fang, D., Tang, D. & Meng, J. (2009). Effect of substituting cerium-rich mischmetal with lanthanum on microstructure and mechanical properties of die-cast Mg-Al-RE alloys. Materials and Design. 30, 2372-2378. [2] Zhang, J., Liu, K., Fang, D., Qiu, X., Tang, D. & Meng, J. (2009). Microstructure, tensile properties, and creep behavior of high-pressure die-cast Mg-4Al-4RE-0.4Mn (RE=La, Ce) alloys. Journal of Material Science. 44, 2046-2054. [3] Srinivasan, A., Swaminathan, J

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M. Kawalec

vanadium carbides VC. Archives of Foundry Engineering. 12(4), 95-100. [12] Kawalec, M. (2013). Modification of the high-alloyed white cast iron microstructure with magnesium master alloy. Archives of Foundry Engineering. 13(2), 71-74.

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B. Płonka, J. Kut, P. Korczak, M. Lech-Grega and M. Rajda

an extruded Mg-Al-Zn alloy into the semisolid state, Scripta Materialia 51 , 405-410 (2004). J. Senderski, M. Lech-Grega, B. Płonka, Studies of advanced technologies used in the manufacture of products from aluminium alloys, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 56 , 475-486 (2011). L. A. Dobrzański, T. Tański, L. Cizek, Z. Brytan, Structure and properties of magnesium cast alloys, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 192-193 , 567-574 (2009). L. Cizek, M. Greger, L. Pawlica, L. A

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R. Przeliorz and J. Piątkowski

References [1] Medved, J., Primoz, C., Mrvar C. & Voncina M. (2009). Oxidation Resistance of Cast Magnesium Alloys. Oxidation Materials. 71, 257-270. [2] Czerwiński, F. (2004). Factors Affecting the Oxidation Nature of Magnesium Alloys. JOM. 29-31. [3] Zhang, Y., Zeng, X., Liu, L., Lu, Ch., Zhou, H., Li, Q. & Zhu Y. (2004). Effects of Yttrium on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hot-extruded Mg92,3Zn5,8Y1,2Zr0,7 Alloys. Materials Science and Engineering. A 373, 320-327. [4] Liu, X

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M. S. Soiński and A. Jakubus

concerning production of hypoeutectic low-aluminium cast iron with compact graphite. Archives of Foundry Engineering . 4(11), 184-189. [9] Soiński, M.S., Susek, P., Hübner, K. & Mierzwa, P. (2008). The low-aluminium cast iron of reduced silicon content treated with cerium mischmetal. Archives of Foundry Engineering . 8(2), 123-128. [10] Nofel, A.A., Felix, N.S. & Rezk, A.S. (1983). Cast Iron Alloyed with 9% Aluminium. In 50th Internat. Foundry Congress. Cairo (10), 1-16. [11] Polish Standard PN-EN ISO 945-1: Microstructure

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A. Kierzek and J. Adamiec

References E. Aghion, B. Bronfin, D. Eliezer, The role of magnesium industry in protecting the environment, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 117 , 381-385 (2001). H.E. Friedrich, B.L. Mordike, Magnesium Technology: metallurgy, design, data, applications, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2006. J. Adamiec, A. Kierzek, Influence of heat treatment on susceptibility to hot cracking of magnesium alloy EN-MCMgRE3Zn2Zr, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 55 , 1 (2010

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R. Mola, T. Bucki and A. Dziadoń

-substrate/Al-powder interface. Surf. Interface Anal . DOI: 10.1002/sia.5579. [15] Mola, R. (2014). The properties of Al/Zn-enriched surface layers on Mg, Archives of Foundry Engineering , Special Issue 1 4(3) , 45-48. [16] Huo, H., Li, Y. & Wang, F. (2007). Improvement on the corrosion resistance of AZ91D magnesium alloy by aluminum diffusion coating. J. Mater. Sci. Technol . 23(3) , 379-382. [17] Zhu, T. & Gao, W. (2009) Formation of intermetallic compound coating on magnesium AZ91 cast alloy, Mater. Sci. Eng. , 4 , 1-6. DOI: 10.10.88/1757-899X/4/1/012024. [18

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J. Smolik, A. Mazurkiewicz, J. Kacprzyńska-Gołacka, M. Rydzewski, M. Szota and J. Mizera

właściwości użytkowych stopów magnezu metodami inżynierii powierzchni, Inżynieria Materiałowa 646 , 6 (2008). [18] M. Richert, A. Mazurkiewicz, J. Smolik, The deposition of WC-Co coatings by EBPVD technique, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 57 (2) 511 (2012). [19] H. Hoche, C. Blawert, E. Broszeit, C. Berger, Galvanic corrosion properties of differently PVD-treated magnesium die cast alloy AZ91, Surface and Coatings Technology 223 , 193 (2005). [20] H. Hoche, C. Rosenkranz, A. Delp, M.M. Lohrengel, E. Broszeit, C. Berger, Investigation of the

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A. Białobrzeski and J. Pezda

., K. N. Braszczyńska-Malik K. N. (2011). Evolution of Mg-5Al-0.4Mn microstructure after rare earth elements addition. Archives of Foundry Engineering. 11 (2), 157-160. Oniszczuk A., Rzadkosz S., Wójcik A., Cieślak W. (2007). Iron presence in the technology of Mg-Al casting. Archives of Foundry Engineering. 7 (2), 19-24. Rzychoń T., Kiełbus A., Szala J. (2007). Microstructure and quantitative analysis of cast ZRE1 magnesium alloy. Archives of Foundry Engineering. 7 (1), 175